How to Get Free Skins For M1014 In Free Fire 2021?

Like other MOBA games, the Garena Free Fire game has also many different weapons which have their own different special powers and features. Today we will tell you about different skins for the “M1014 Free Fire” shotgun which helps you to increase its performance in-game.

As you know that every weapon player uses in different MOBA games have pros and cons which player must know before using it on the battlefield. Like other weapons, the M1014 gun also has some advantages and disadvantages which FF players must know before use in battle filed.

According to FF official M1014 short gun is a powerful short-range gun that allows players to shoot more than 6 bullets in a single reload. But this gun is not useful for long-range due to which FF players mostly not like this gun.

Today we will tell you about different new M1014 skins which were added by game developers in the recent update which help you to improve performance to this short gun in-game. you can easily change the range and other features of this short gun using these new skins in-game.

What is M1014 in Free Fire?

As mentioned above it is the latest short gun in the free fire game which helps FF players on the battlefield to kill enemies with just a single shoot within its range.

This gun has a limited firing range in which it makes huge damages to enemies’ due to which this gun is only used for short ranges in-game.

M1014 Free Fire

If you are using the original M1014 FF short gun without any latest skins then you will get the below-mentioned features in it like,

  • Damage rate 91% for short range
  • Range 10%
  • Rate of Fire 38%
  • Reload Speed 20%
  • Magazine 6%
  • Accuracy 10%
  • Movement Speed 60%
  • Armor Penetration 0%

Which new M1014 Skins Free Fire Players get in OB27 Server?

As you know that in every new update FF game developers add so many new features to the game to make it more interesting. In this new OB27 FF server game developers have added new and Best Skins for m1014 in free fire like,

M1014 Death’s Eye

  • This new skin is listed among the top short gun skins due to its amazing look and higher firing rate and other features. FF players can easily get this new skin in the Death’s Eye weapon loot crate on the battlefield. While using this new skin ion M1014 Short gun one thing to keep in your mind that it has a slow reload speed as compared to the original skin.

Apocalyptic Green

  • This new skin is listed among one of the rarest and used skin because of its amazing features which help FF players to increases the rate of fire and the range of the short guns on the battlefield. Players can easily find this new skin in the armory shop.
  • After using this new skin, you will able to kill your enemies from long distances on your short gun which has limited range features. It also takes time to reload so you need to cover yourself while reloading the weapon.

Apocalyptic Red

  • This skin is listed among one of the most expensive skins in the FF game which helps FF players increase the rate of fire and reload speed making your M1014 lethal. Players need to exchange 8 evolution stones and 4 blueprints in-game to unlock this expensive skin in-game.

M1014 Cataclysm

  • This skin is listed among the most popular and used skins in FF games because it is cheaper than other skins and also it increases the damage rate and magazine capacity of your short gun. After using this skin players don’t need to make frequent reloads.

How to get free Skins for M1014 in free fire?

As you know that these all the above-mentioned skins are premium skins in FF games that players have to buy from different shops in-game. friendly saying every FF player doesn’t have enough money to buy premium skins that why they need free ways to unlock skins in FF games. There are two types on ways to unlock free skins like,

  • Legal ways
  • Illegal ways
Legal ways
  • To unlock premium skins other features in the Free Fire game players, need to participate in different events organize by game officials in which FF players get different premium items and features as rewards.
  • You can get all these new event lists from the game lobby which is organized according to different festivals and world events. Apart from these festival game officials released weekly and monthly different FF redeems codes which help FF players to win different game items for free.
  • According to an official source, the FF game has started a new event from today based on the upcoming Eid festival. FF players who participate in this FF Eid festival get Eidi in the shape of different premium game items and features.
Illegal Ways
  • These ways mostly used by FF players who want to get access to premium features through shortcuts. These illegal ways are a risk for your game account.
  • In these illegal ways, players use different hacking tools or apps which help them to unlock premium features in FF game. If you want to use an app to unlock premium features then download and install the latest version of Nicoo Apk on your smartphone and tablet.
Final Words,

New M1014 Skin Free Fire for Android are free sources to increase the performance of different weapons in FF games. If you want to increase the performance of short gun M1014 the try any one of the above-mentioned skin for free through above mentioned legal and illegal ways.

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