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Artificial intelligence has revolutionized our lives, allowing us to perform various tasks instantly and easily. Similarly, there is one such Android application called Candy AI that uses the same technology to give you a unique interactive experience. Download the app from the below link to try it.

In the real world, it is quite difficult to find a partner that caters to your thoughts and requirements. However, AI has made that possible, and here is the app that enables you to create a partner of your dreams and interact with it.

What is Candy AI?

Candy AI is a conversational tool that understands the natural language of humans and gives responses. It allows users to create AI girlfriends and makes the process of getting a companion of your dreams easier for you. Also, it gives you complete control over the character you have created.

This app uses machine-learning technology and gradually acts according to your wishes. It will take some time to learn your preferences, what you wish to have, and what way you want. After assessing your fancies, it will generate some characters with your preferred features.

How Does the App Work?

It understands the queries in the natural language of humans and responds. The tool utilizes advanced algorithms and deep learning models to understand the intent behind the prompt users have given to it. Thereafter, it generates responses that mostly cater to the users’ wishes.

What are its Key Functions?

The app is designed to process various types of prompts, such as questions, commands, demands, and normal interactions. However, the primary function of the app is to allow people to create some AI companions. It lets you create companions according to your physical preferences.

Moreover, it allows you to speak on all types of topics that the couples openly discuss and enjoy. Also, its users can demand images and videos of the characters that they have created on the app.

App Details

NameCandy AI
Size26.24 MB
CategoryArt & Design
Required Android5.0 and Up

What are the Key Features of the App?

Here are multiple features in the Candy AI app that the users can benefit from. Let’s explore a few of those significant features right here below.

Ask Questions

Ask any type of question you want to and you will get instant responses right in the chat box. There is no type restriction on the terms and sentences you use in the app.

Audio and Video Calling

Candy AI is just like a dating application. So it allows you to make text conversation with your companion. Also, it lets you make audio and video calls to the character you have created for yourself.

Useful for Boys and Girls

This application is not limited to any specific gender, it can be used by anyone with any physical orientation.

Create AI Characters

It lets you create and customize your AI characters and make them according to your choice. Moreover, you can change the character anytime you want to.

Mature Users Only

Since the app is designed for mature Android users, it lets you enjoy mature conversations. Whether you want to build intimate relationships with your AI girlfriend or want to carry on with random discussions, it is up to you.

Screenshots of the App

How to Use the Candy AI App?

To use the app, you must download and install the app right away on your phone. Once you are done, follow the below steps.

  • Create an AI character according to your orientation or preferences.
  • Now type the prompt.
  • You will get the results according to your prompts.

You can ask your character to send you some images or videos as well.

How to Download and Install the App

To install the app, follow the below steps.

  • Tap on the download link given on the page.
  • Then wait for a while until the downloading process is complete.
  • Open the File Manager and go to the Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the file you have downloaded from this page.
  • Select the install option.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Now open the App and grant all the permissions.
  • Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Candy AI App free to download and use?

It offers both freemium and premium features. However, in the freemium plan, users can have limited options.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is official and there are no viruses in it.

Is it available for the iOS phones?


Final Words

Candy AI is an application for Android phones and its web version is also available. It lets people create their AI companions. Whether you are a girl looking for a boyfriend or a boy who is looking for a girlfriend, it caters to the tastes of everyone. Also, it lets users communicate through text, audio, and video calls.

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