How to Open Apk Files on a PC or Windows OS [2023]?

There are so many apps and games on Android mobile phones that every user wants to use them on Windows. A few years ago it was not possible but thanks to technology that has made that simple and possible.

So, you can now use Android apps not only on Windows but also on multiple other devices with different operating systems such as iOs and so on. Further, you can use the iOS apps on Android phones very easily.

In this article, I am going to discuss how How to Open Apk Files on a PC or Windows. This will article will help you to find some interesting tools and tricks to play or use your favorite apps from Android.

How to Open Apk Files on a PC?

Android mobile phones are quite open and provide freedom to their users to play or use whatever they want to. That is the reason why Android OS is considered the best as compared to many other operating systems. Further Androids are rich in specs as well as features.

More importantly, Android gadgets are more accessible and affordable for people. Therefore, there are millions of people who are using Android devices. But along with that people use Windows-supported laptops and PCs for academic as well as official work.

Moreover, Windows offers more options when it comes to official work such as office and video editing. In order to perform high-end tasks such as programming, video editing, and MS Office, you need a PC or a Laptop. So, most of them work on the Windows operating system.

However, along with all these features, people sometimes need to use Android apps on PCs. Because there are so many apps that are quite useful and you can use them more conveniently on PCs or Laptops. Therefore, you need to know How to Open Apk Files on Windows.

Even there are so many people who love playing games on bigger screens such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, COD, and more. So, “to run all these Android apps or games, you need a single tool and that is called Emulator.” In this article, I will discuss how you can use them.


If you want to use multiple kinds of Android games on a PC or laptop, then BlueStacks is the best choice for you. It is one of the oldest yet reliable emulator tools to run such games and apps that are designed for Android mobile phones or tablets. It also supports Play Store.

Image of BlueStacks

Furthermore, it is free and you need to download the Apk file to your phone and along with that, you need to install ES File Explorer in the BlueStacks. You will get that option right in the emulator to install the Explorer. So, you will be able to fetch Apks to install them.


Most people use PC emulators to play games like PUBG mobile or other FPS and racing games. So, therefore, Gameloop can be the best choice for such users who want to try Android games on laptops. This offers multiple features including customization for game controls.

Image of Gameloop.

However, it also allows users to install other apps apart from the games. So, you will have the Play Store installed in the emulator. You can simply visit sign-in and install the games or apps that you want to use on the PC. You can also install the Apks from third-party sources.

How to Open Apk Files on Windows?

In order to install Apk files, you need to install ES Explorer or any other supported File Manager app in the emulator. You will get that from the Play Store. Once you will install the emulator, you need to open the Play Store and sign in there.

You can search for the app and install that right into the emulator. Now you need to download Apk that you want to install from a third-party source. Then simply fetch that file to the ES Explorer or you can directly select the option of Install Apk in the emulator.

Then you will be redirected to the computer and there you need to select the Apk file that you want to install. Then it will take a few seconds and complete the installation process. Later you can follow the same procedure you use to do on Android.

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Final Words

It is quite easy and simple to install Apk files on a PC if you have a perfect and quality emulator. So, I have mentioned two of the best PC emulators to run Android apps and games.

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