EndeavorRx Apk Download Free For Android [Latest 2023]

Here you are going to download “EndeavorRx” where kids can now play games as a treatment for ADHD. This is a gaming app authorized and approved by FDA. You can download it from the below link.

If your child is suffering from that disorder, then you must give it a try to EndeavorRx Game. It can be fruitful for your kid. But first, you should check out this review to know more about the game.

What is EndeavorRx?

EndeavorRx is an app where you are going to find different kinds of games for patients of ADHD. This is a platform that is offering multiple games that can be used to treat patients with that disorder. So, it is a medically approved app that is also authorized by the FDA.

You can download the game from the Play Store and install it directly on your phone. However, if you do not find the game in the Play Store in your region or country, then you should get the Apk. That is quite simple, you just need to click on the download link and install that file later on your phone.

However, if you are healthy and want to use the app for entertainment purposes, then you can do that. But if you are using the app for the treatment then you must take a prescription from the expert. It is highly recommended that people consult their doctors before using the app.

This application is created by professional neuroscientists. You will find the app quite useful and will surely impact the patient. But again I suggest you consult with your doctor and then go for it. Furthermore, there are no charges at all, it is free to download and use.

You can download it on all kinds of Android mobile phones and tablets. There is a whole process of usage that you all need to follow. So, in this review, I will also let you know about that process as well. But here are some other medical apps that you can try if you need such as Sehhaty and CarePlex Vitals.

­App Details

Size707 MB
DeveloperAkili Interactive Labs, Inc.
Package Namecom.akiliinteractive.t01
Required Android9.0 and Up

Major Highlights

I am sure most of you are already aware of the benefits and features of the EndeavorRx Mobile. But if you are not, then you do not need to worry about that. Here I am going to explain some of the most prominent features of the game. You can read the following features here below.

  • It is a free game app for Android mobile phones.
  • You can play multiple kinds of games to play.
  • Normal people can also download and play the games.
  • It is approved and authorized by FDA.
  • It is designed by award-winning neuroscientists.
  • The game is also designed with the collaboration of IT experts.
  • It supports SSME or Selective Stimulus Management Engine.
  • It is a fruitful treatment tool for patients with ADHD.
  • Simple and safe for Android phones.
  • It supports all Android mobile phones.
  • It supports the English language.
  • And many more.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install EndeavorRx Apk?

In this app, there are multiple games that are professionally designed for the above-mentioned patients. So, there are multiple games that you can play and also enjoy in your free time. If you are normal then it is the best choice for you to try out.

However, in order to download the app, you must tap or click on the link that is given at the bottom of this page. Then tap on the EndeavorRx Apk and install that file on your Android phone. Now launch the app and use the prescription that you have received from a consultant or professionals.

You will get an activation code from PhilRx that you are supposed to use in the app for the treatment. So, you must consult with a professional or your own doctor for further help.

Final Words

If you have not tried the game before and want to try it now then you can download EndeavorRx Apk from the below link. However, if you have a patient at home then you must use it on the prescription of the doctor.

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