BattleGround Mobile India Apk Download For Android [New]

A new Battle Royale gaming app is going to be launched soon for Indians. I am actually talking about BattleGround Mobile India Apk official for Android mobile phones.

As you know that the official version of the PUBG Mobile is banned in India. Therefore, to fill that space lots of companies trying their best to bring an alternate for the fans.

So, BattleGround Mobile India Official is one of those initiatives. A short video of the game has been released on YouTube to let the fans know about that.

What is BattleGround Mobile India Apk?

KRAFTON is soon going to launch BattleGround Mobile India Apk for Androids, iOS, and many other platforms. However, this has not been released yet. But the news is confirmed that they are working on the game and very soon it will be available for the fans in India to enjoy it.

Since the ban on PUBG Mobile in India, a new battle has been started among different companies to bring an alternative to PUBG. However, there are lots of games that have been released but do not get so much success. But this new Battle Royale game seems quite impressive.

A new logo and some images have been published on the official website of KRAFTON. So, you can watch those by visiting the official website of that company. They have also advertised their product on some of the most famous YouTube Channels in India.

You can also find the reviews on Technical Guruji, Techno Ruhez, and Tech Burner. KRAFTON is the same company that developed PUBG Mobile while the BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA is an Indian company. Now both of the companies came together to launch this new Battle Royale.

But this game will be different from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Even they have not added that name either the name of Tencent. However, you will have to wait for a while to get the official version of the game. Till then you can play a PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta APK.

BattleGround Mobile India Release Date

There are two main things that you are going to witness in the game. First, they have not used the PUBG or Tencent’s name anywhere in the official trailer neither in the game.

This has been officially confirmed that KRAFTON and BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA both are going to launch the game. But the release date has not been mentioned in the official trailer. You can also watch the 10 seconds video on their YouTube channel.

However, during this month or before June it will be available to play. So, you don’t need to wait for long. You can also check out the trailer and other important details on the official website as well as YouTube channel.

How to Download and Install BattleGround Mobile India Apk?

As the title indicates that you are going to download the game from this page. But the BattleGround Mobile India Apk official is not available yet. However, the news is confirmed and within a few weeks, you will get the official game on this page.

But till then, I will put the direct download link for the PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta Apk. This is also the official game that was only launched for Indian fans by KRAFTON. However, once it will launch, we will share the game right here on this page. So, keep visiting the page for updates.

BattleGround Mobile India Official Trailer [YouTube]

Key Features

As it is not officially available to play and share the features of the game with you. But here are some unique points that you are going to have in the game.

As per the official sources, the new gaming platform will depict the Indian culture, traditions, and places. Moreover, User agreements and other security-related policies have been changed.

So, now you are going to have a more secure and know game that will also introduce you to Indian culture. I will share more features with you once I will go through the gameplay.



So, basically, this was a short review on BattleGround Mobile India Apk. But when will be launched officially, I will put the direct download link right here below. For now, you should download the PUBG Mobile 1.4 BETA from the below link.

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