How to Download and Use x8 Speeder on iOS [2021]?

Like android users, most iOS users also love to use different hacking tools and apps to improve game performance and also make modifications in different online and offline games. If you are searching for a working hacking tool or app for iOS devices then download and install the latest version “x8 Speeder IOS” on your smartphone and tablet.

As you know thatat iOS operating system has a strong security system as compared to android devices due to which most third-party hacking tools or apps are not available for iOS devices that why most video game players love android devices.

If you are an iOS user and want to hacking tools or apps for iOS devices that help you to make changes in the original game then you are on the right page. because in this article we will give you a complete guide about different iOS hacking tools and apps like x8 auto tapping plugin, x8 sandbox, etc.

This complete guide helps you to hack different famous online and offline games like the Higgs Domino Island game, Mine craft game, and many more. If you want to hack a game using x8 Speeder Api then follow the below-mentioned steps on your iOS device.

What is x8 Speeder API?

This application is the latest hacking tool or app for iOS users who want to make modifications to different online and offline games install on their smartphones and tablets to make the upper hand while play games for free.

Basically, this app is the same as the x8 speeder for android which provides Android users a platform to speed up the speed of different online and offline games for free.

Now iOS users can also use this app to speed up the speed of different iso games and complete all different levels in-game by making few changes in-game settings through this app.

x8 Speeder IOS

This app is most useful for games like mine craft, clash of a clan where users have to wait for hours to harvest different corps, and also completely different buildings in-game.

By using this app, they can speed up the game and build a building and other items in-game in just a few minutes which mist takes hours and days in-game to complete.

As you know that players need money to complete the build in the original game that why this app is also famous with the name Coin Master iOS which saves coins of players which they need to level up in-game.

What special features iOS users get in x8 Speeder for iPhone?

Like android users, iOS users will also get a chance to use below-mentioned features on their iOS smartphones and tablets like,

  • As you know that most hacking tools or apps need registration and login to use their features but this app doesn’t need any registration to use its features. iOS users only need to download and install this on their device to use its services.
User Friendly
  • This app is simple and easy to download and use which easily compatible with all smartphone brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo, Realme, Nokia, Honor, Lexus, iPhone, Blck Berry, and many more.
Speed ​​Settings
  • These special features in x8 speeder Api help users to solve all obstacles in online and offline games by making changes in-game settings and codes for free.
Without Jail Break
  • As you know that most hacking tools or apps need to jailbreak your device to inject cheats and hacks but this app does not need any rooting access or jailbreak to inject speed hack into your game account.
  • As you know that like android iOS games also have strong concerns about hacking tools and apps that why most iOS users have lost their official game accounts using different hacking tools and apps. But this app has built-in anti-ban protection which protects users from banning.

Screenshots of App

What is different between x8 speeder old version and new version?

Basically, both versions are the same but one thing that makes them different that is the old version is only for android users from across the globe. But the new version is available for multiple operating systems like, iOS, Android, and many more.

One thing to keep in your mind that both old and new versions are not available on official app stores like, google play store, Apple Store, and iStore. So, users have downloaded it from any third-party website or directly from their official website too.

Which famous apps and games are supported by x8 Speeder iPhone API?

As mentioned above it supports almost all types of iOS apps and games in which users need to change speed. But this app work properly on the below-mentioned apps and games like,

  • Soul knight
  • Brown dust
  • subway surfer
  • Luck play game
  • Food fantasy
  • Domino island
  • Mine Craft
  • Clash of Clan

If you are using any one of the above app then you must download this new x8speeder app on your smartphone and tablet.

How to download and install x8 Speeder Api on iOS devices?

If you want to change the speed setting of iOS apps and games then download the Api file of the app from any third-party website or directly from their official website for free.

After downloading the API file now allow unintentional source from your device security setting. After activating an unknown source now open the file manager of your device and locate the Api file and then tap on it to install it on your iPhone.

Wait for few seconds and also allow all permissions which are required to install this app on your device. After successfully installed app, you will see App cion on your device screen. Now open the app and follow below-mentioned steps to speed up any game.

How to change speed setting of mine craft game using x8 Speeder for IOS?

To change the speed of the Mine craft game, open the x8speeder app which you have to install on your device, and then choose the mine craft game and download the mine craft game through this app.

Wait for few seconds to complete downloading process and after completing downloading process now tap on the activation button to play this game.

Once you activate the game in-app it will automatically change the game with the new version of the x8 speeder iOS app and now you will see a new game icon on your screen which helps you to play the game with a new speed setting. Repeat the same process for more games and apps.

Final Words,

x8 Speeder IOS Download is the latest iOS app for iPhone users who want to make changes in the speed setting of different online and offline games. If you want to change the speed settings of different iOS apps and games then try this new app and also share this app with your family and friends.

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