WifiNanScan App Download Free For Android [Latest]

WifiNanScan App is the best tool for Android developers. You can download and use it for several purposes if you are an Android developer. So, here below is the link for the app.

However, there are some important points or issues with this app. But those cannot overwhelm the best features of WifiNanScan Apk. So, you must try it on compatible devices.

To be honest, this mobile app is only suitable and applicable for the experts only. Therefore, you need to avoid it if you are not aware of it and don’t know about its usage.

What is WifiNanScan App?

WifiNanScan App is a tool that is developed for developers, vendors, and universities. Because it is only used for testing purposes. Furthermore, you can also use it to demonstrate various kinds of projects and products. However, you can also use it if you are an individual and know how to use it.

However, if you are new and don’t know anything about the development, then you must not use or try it. Because it has no use for you. It is majorly used in universities for different kinds of demonstrations. Even there are multiple kinds of other usages that you can perform through this tool.

Users can use it to measure the distance or range of WiFi routers. Moreover, it can be used to determine the location with the precision of 1-2 meters. So, through that feature, you can also scan neighborhood-aware networking that is also called NAN. It is really helpful to find suitable connections.

However, this application works on specific or most advanced devices. Because it requires the latest feature WiFi RTT that is recently added to the IEEE 802.11 Protocol. It is added by the Task Group MC that is also known as TGmc. So, this feature allows devices to measure distance.

So, through that, you can measure the distance of WiFi Routers and their indoor location with the precision of 1 to 2 meters. That is really a helpful application for Android mobile phones and tablets. So, you should download the app from this page and install it on your Android phones.

App Details

NameWifiNanScan App
Size6.43 MB
DeveloperDeveloped with Google
Package Namecom.google.android.apps.location.rtt.wifinanscan
Required Android5.1 and Up

How to Use the App?

I am sure that most of you might be interested to download WifiNanScan App and use it on your Android mobile phones. But before that, you need to learn how to use it or how to install the app. So, for that, you should check out this section of the article and follow the instructions.

First of all, download and install the WifiNanScan Apk on your Android smartphones and tablets. Thereafter, launch that application on your Android devices. There you will be asked to enable or allow some important permissions. So, you need to enable all those important permissions.

Once you will be done with the installation, just click on the app and open or launch that on your phone. There you will be asked to select an option either as a Publisher or Subscriber. Then you can proceed to the next options or levels. Then you can use the tool according to your need.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install WifiNanScan App on Android?

If you are looking for the official and working app, then you can download that from this page. You can have the direct download link right at the end of this page. So, scroll down to the end and click on that link. Once you will click on that, the process will start within a few seconds.

After that, you can install that Apk on your Android smartphones. So, for that, you first need to enable the option of Unknown Sources. Then click on the package file and install that on your phone.

Here are some other similar apps on this page. So, you can simply download and use those for free of cost as well. So, those apps include PLDT WiFi Hacker Apk, PisoWiFi Apk, and a few more.

Final Words

That is all from this review now. I hope you have got enough information from this simple and precise review. So, now you can download the latest version of the WifiNanScan App Apk for your Android mobile phones.

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