VIP MOD MENU APK Download for Android [Pro]

Are you playing Garena Free Fire Wonderland, and think like you are not a pro to impress your friends? VIP MOD MENU APK is just for you.

This hack lets you play like a pro, even making you more powerful than the best players on the platform. Show your opponents there is no one better than you by downloading this app on your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

In the Free Fire’s battle for ultimate survival, everything is right to do for survival, and playing honestly might not be the best option when fighting against forty-nine opponents.


It is a cheat created for the players of the Garena Free Fire shooting game. In this game 50 players are placed on a remote island where the player has to stay in the safe zone, avoiding other gamers in the arena and neutralizing them.

This nerve crunching game of survival for long 10 minutes seems like a year when surrounded by tens of enemies from all around.

So what to do? One way is to play more and more until you become an expert in playing the game, or, there is another way, that is using shortcuts in the form of hacks and cheats.

There are many hacks available that help you in one way or another but VIP MOD MENU APK is just made for this purpose. To make the application work you have to choose and activate various bots given on the menu.

This cheat enables the player to become a formidable opponent for all the players by giving him multiple powers.

APK Details

Size82.71 MB
Package Namecom.dts.freefireth
Required Android5.0 and Above

Features of VIP MOD Pro

This cheat app provides multiple options to players in a single match. Using it is very simple just you have to get the APK file from our site to start the journey of the indomitable hero. The main features of the VIP Pro APK are given below.

  • AimBot
  • Fire Will AimBot
  • Aim at the Unseen Target
  • Draw Line
  • Draw Line 2
  • Show Weapon on Map
  • Show Items have LV on Map
  • Show other items on the map
  • Count Enemies near You
  • Chams Hack
  • Teleport
  • Ghost Hack (High Ban Rate)

This is not the final list, the developers add more features with the updates, and combining your skills with these hacks you are the ultimate winner for sure.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Use VIP MOD PRO?

Downloading and installing VIP MOD PRO is as easy as taking a sip from your favorite beverage. As a first step download the APK MOD MENU by clicking or tapping on the link given at the end of this article. Once the app is stored on your Android phone tap on it to install.

The next step is to root your mobile so as to prevent detection by the gaming platform. The rooting allows you to use the hack with safety and in case of detection you do not have to lose your original ID, because you would be using a guest ID with the help of this app.

In the next step open your game by clicking on the Free Fire icon and initiate the app from background. In the next step initiate the hack app and selected the hacks from the list that would appear on the interface.

One thing worth mentioning here is the option to further change settings of the options given in the app. This can be done once you tap on a hack option, a cascade will show you the further option, you can continue with the default, or change according to your mood or taste. The choice is all yours.

Then start the game, you will see the hacks being implemented in the gameplay. Now is the time to stun your enemies with amazing power that the VIP MOD Pro APK has just unleashed for you.

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Final Words

VIP MOD MENU APK is an amazing hack for the user of the Garena Free Fire shooting game for Android phones and Tablets. This collection of chests give the player a wide array of options to win the ten-minute ultimate survival game.

You can be the next winner by just installing the APK from the link given below. Good Luck to you and better luck next time to your opponents. Enjoy the game.

Download Link

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