Talisman Online M APK Download for Android [New Update]

If you are an ardent fan of fantasy MMORPG get ready for a surprise. We have brought you Talisman Online M APK. This is the mobile version of the same name you enjoyed on your computer.

Fantasy games carry a charm of their own. We all love to play them. Be it with our friends or solo. With the advent of the mobile phone, the computer designed games took a back seat. Due to easy access and handy gadgets that we call phones became common.

So if you are one of the people who want to go to the time when you played cool games on your bulky computer. One of them has arrived for your Android mobile phones and tablets. You can get the APK of the latest version for download from here.

What is Talisman Online M APK?

This as we mentioned earlier is fantasy MMORPG for your mobile phone. If you remember Talisman Online it is the same Chinese game but for Android mobile phones.

The game is based on an ancient Chinese myth. The story revolves around a source of evil force on earth named Master Blood. He was captured and sealed away from humans a long long time ago. But now the events from the vicinity of time and place suggest he has unleashed himself.

The players are given the chance to choose from five different classes. Whatever choice you make, this gives you a set of powerful talismans that will be handy in your fight against the monster.

The major feature of the game includes different levels, quests, and mounts within the gameplay. The players have the option to buy various features by upgrading these include talisman points as well, which you can otherwise earn as you play the game.

APK Details

NameTalisman Online M
Size700.68 MB
DeveloperYunchan Entertainment Ltd.
Package Namecom.nomadgames.talisman
Required Android4.1 and Up

Features of Talisman Online M APK

Here we have detailed all the fantastic features of this amazing game. These, in a combo, make it a must-play for all the fantasy fans.

Character Classes

Select a class from the given five. These include a wizard, monk, fairy, assassin, or tamer. Each class comes with its own set of weapons, powers, advantages, and disadvantages. Chose the one that fits your skills and abilities.

Expansive World

You will find yourself in a huge fantasy world. This world is awaiting your exploration. Take the map and set it into unchartered territory. Find out the enigmatic world of never seen creatures and scenery. The Talisman Online M APK is here to give your imagination a new angle.

Detailed Graphics

As you go through the various parts and stages of the game. You will find each and every aspect and feature of the game given deep and charming details. You will find your sense overwhelmed by the impressive graphics taking you on a tour of ancient China.

Weather System

You will find yourself in a world of constantly changing weather as you go on your quests or explorations. These changes will give you a different experience each time. This includes snow, wind, drizzles, and more.


It can proceed in many different ways. These include alliances with random strangers, setting up a guild to build and grow it together, or spouse system; where you can date with your favorite players which may lead to companionship after going through the wedding ceremony in the crowd of your friends.

Then you can perform any of the tasks you wish to do. Go on a monster extermination mission, try to fulfill the mission tasks, etc. in this way you can make friends, exchange, and earn gifts, tools, silver, material, and most importantly EXP.


In the manor mode you can make tools and other materials these include creating furniture, planting crops, building mansions. Join hands with your friends and get a Chinese version of your favorite house on the platform.

Not just that, you can participate in the unique trading system of the Talisman Online M APK. Put the extra good for sale and earn the precious silver.

Talk to your companions on the game just like you do in the real world. Here you have the option to talk to anyone with voice messages and chat options.

Player versus Player System

The Talisman Online M APK has extensive options in the PVP system. Lay a siege: this is a different form of the siege when compared to other games. The players here can participate in a multi-city competition. Out of the three cities in the option, a guild can select one of them to sign up.

Here you have to make the choice of team members and the enemies. You must earn and learn the knowledge of war strategy to be successful at the end.

The other way is to participate in the cloud arena. Here players can participate in player versus player in a group of three. Gang up with your friends and give your opponents a tough time. It is time to put your friendship through testing scenarios.

Freedom to Create in Talisman Online M APK

Here you have access to two classes of weapons that are easily employable in various combat scenarios and environments. Additionally, the forge system is the best way to improve your collection of goods, mounts, and weapons.

Cultivate a pet and you will be given the most possible benefits by it. These include bonus stats depending upon various stat point allocations. Another option is the mount system, in this mode, you have a chance to select more than one hundred mounts. These you can use as player mobility tools, but also use them to improve your combat power.

However, to benefit from the mount system, you will have to wait for level 8. Here the ways to obtaining and training vary based on the double and single mount modes.

These and countless other features await you once you download and install the Talisman Online M APK on your Android mobile phone or other devices. The method is described in the next section.

How to Download and install Talisman Online M APK

You can easily download and install this awesome game on your smartphone. We have outlined the process here. Follow it in the sequence.

  1. The initial step is to download the APK file for that you will have to click on the button below.
  2. This will start the process within a 10-second duration.
  3. Once the process is finished, locate the APK file and tap on it.
  4. Here you might be prompted to enable the Unknown Sources option from security settings.
  5. Then tap a few more times, and you will be at the end of the procedure for installation.

The Talisman Online M APK has been installed and you can use the icon to access the game now. It is time to explore the exotic arena.

App Screenshots


Talisman Online M APK is a fantasy game all the way from China. You can explore it by downloading the APK from down below. Just click or tap the link given here

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