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Participate voluntarily and give your part in stopping COVID-19. Download Smittestopp App for your Android mobile phones. Here below I have shared the direct download link for Android users.

This is application is designed for Android users only. So, if you have an Android phone then you can simply download and install it on your smartphones or tablets.

However, there are some requirements that you need to know about. Along with that you also need to know how it works. So, therefore, you should give a read to this article till the end to know more.

What is Smittestopp App?

Smittestopp App is a platform for those who are willing to volunteer themselves to contain COVID-19. As you know that there is a pandemic situation across the world. Everyone has to put their efforts into overcoming this situation. So, for that, you need to get register on this app to support that.

This is not a campaign only, but it is more than that. As you can register on the app and provide whether you are infected or not. That is how it will make the people in your circle alert. That information will be forward to the authorities with your consent. Then they will perform important measures.

They will not only provide assistance for the affected person but also test the people whom he/she contacted. Apart from that, you can also make other people know that you are infected and they should stay away from you. This is a noble thing that you are going to give to society and your own family.

However, no one is going to force you to use the app. But if you are interested and want to volunteer yourself, then you can join the app. Otherwise, this is not compulsory for everyone. So, it totally depends on the person whether he/she is willing or not. But it is designed for a good cause.

This application is designed by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Therefore, it is authentic and you can simply trust the app. If you are interested and want to participate in the process, then you can download the app from this page. The link is given right at the end of this page.

App Details

NameSmittestopp App
Size293.06 MB
Package Nameno.fhi.smittestopp_exposure_notification
Required Android6.0 and Up

How does it Works?

As I have already mentioned that Smittestopp App is only developed for those who are willing to volunteer themselves. So, no one is forced or compelled to use the app if they are not willing. It is developed for the betterment and to contain the further spread of the Coronavirus.

However, it works in a simple way with the consent of the users. If you interested and want to participate in that campaign then you can download and install the app. Then register yourself while using all the important details required or asked in the app. Then simply submit or tap on the Signup button.

Now if you are infected then you can send all your health details with a health statement. If you are not infected then you can simply send the report. That is how others will receive the information and it will make them alert. However, they will not see your location as well as your name.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download Smittestopp App?

In order to download the app, I have shared a direct link for you. So, once you will tap on that link, it will start the downloading process for you within a few seconds. Just tap on the link given right at the end of this page. Later you can install that package file on your devices.

Final Words

That is all from today’s review. Now you can simply download Smittestopp App for your Android phones.

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