ReVanced Extended Apk Download v18.17.43 Free for Android

‘ReVanced Extended’ is finally available for Android mobile phone users to download free of charge. This is a new YouTube mod that brings numerous features such as Ad-Blocker, Dislike button, download option, swipe controls for volume and brightness, and more.

What is ReVanced Extended?

ReVanced Extended is an altered version app of YouTube which is basically a video streaming platform. This app lets users block sponsors during streaming, enable the classic layout, adjust shorts components, and many others. These attributes collectively elevate the YouTube experience, solely for Android users.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the go-to platform for watching videos across all categories. Whether you are looking for educational, entertainment, political, kids, and many more. Yet, there are some restrictions that definitely bother users. Thus, the new modified edition of the app gives you full freedom to use its features.

Details of Apk

NameReVanced Extended
Official Website
Size92 MB
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Required Android8.0.0 and Up

What Does ReVanced Extended Do?

There are several things that users can accomplish by using this altered version of YT right away on their Android gadgets. If you are new and unaware of its abilities, then I will explain them to you. Read them here below.

Block Sponsors Content

A new and worthwhile feature has been added in the update which is Sponsor Blocker. This actually skips all the content that has been created for promotional purposes. While these can be included intros, reminders, and other sorts of promotions.

Apply Classic Layout

In case, you don’t appreciate the official new layout & options arrangement of the YT app, then there is an option for you to simply enable the classic or old layout. This option can be located right in the ReVanced setting.

Adjust Different Shorts Segments

If you are a content creator and use to produce more shorts, then this feature can help you a lot. This attribute allows you to display or hide different components in the app. While these options include a shorts button, comments and likes, a Remix option, a Subscription button and subscribers quantity, and many more.

Enable the Dislike Button

As you all know YouTube introduced Unlike button a few years ago. But for some reasons, the app has stopped showing the dislike counts. Nevertheless, the good news is that now the users can actually enable that attribute and easily view the count.

microG Services Core

Users need to sign into their Google accounts to fetch data such as history, subscriptions, likes, saved videos or playlists, & others. In short, this feature lets them to login into their YT accounts to import all the said data to the Extended version.

No Advertisements

Say goodbye to excessive and interrupting ads now since the Extended version of the YouTube ReVanced app lets you disable them completely. Users can remove ads not only from videos but also from the homepage of the as well. Thus, you aren’t going to experience any annoying ads.

Download Videos in 4K Video Quality

You cannot only stream videos online, but also you can download them & watch them offline. Besides, the mod Apk allows you to save the videos in HD and 4K Ultra video quality as well. You are supposed to pick any quality & then tap on the download button.

Create A Whitelist of Channels to See Ads

Though people don’t want to get interruption because of ads. But sometimes you wish to support content creators and the channels that you love most. Thus, you can have the option to create a Whitelist of such channels where you can enable ads.

Enable Swipe Controls

Most of the advanced & latest players support swipe controls. Through this feature, users can use swiping gestures on the media player. These controls can be used to enhance or lower the brightness level. While you can also increase and decrease the volume.

What is the Difference Between Normal ReVanced and Extended Edition?

Basically, there is no such huge difference between the YouTube Vanced and Extended versions. But the ReVanced Extended App is the heir that has been modified by inotia00. Anyhow, it brings you some extra attributes to align with the current requirements of the users.

The extended version of Vanced comes with an outstanding addition. Actually, it is microG Services that allows users to retrieve playlists, subscriptions, history, & other types of data. This attribute actually allows users to sign in to their Google accounts and relish the perks of the mod.

In a nutshell, the Extended of ReVanced is pretty much more powerful than the older version. While it is also up-to-date which gives an edge over the older versions.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install ReVanced Extended Apk?

Since you guys have landed on this page to download the Apk so you can install it on your Android mobile devices. Therefore, I will now explain the step-by-step procedure to you.

Download the Apk

There are two main files you need to download on your phone. The first one is microG Apk and the second ReVanced Extended Apk. I have shared the download links on this page. Tap on the links and directly download the files to your phone.

Enable the Third-Party Installation

Now enable the option of unknown sources from the security settings. You can locate that in the main Setting of Android devices.

Open File Manager to Locate Downloaded Files

Go to the file manager app and open the downloads folder. There you can locate both of the files.

Install MicroG Apk

First of all, install the microG file on your Android devices. Just tap on the file, select install, and give it some time to complete the installation.

Install ReVanced Extended Apk

Now tap on the said Apk file and select the install option. The installation process will hardly take a few seconds.

How do you use the App?

Once the installation process will complete, you need to open the first app which is mircoG. Then grant all the required permissions. Later on, Sign in with your YouTube account and then open ReVanced Extended App and use it.

What are the Features of YouTube ReVanced?

  • Watch videos without ads.
  • SponsorBlock.
  • Display Accessibility controls in the player.
  • Swipe controls.
  • Bottom player.
  • Flyout menu.
  • Seekbar.
  • Overlay button.
  • Hide/show shorts shelf, button, and other components.
  • Switch create button and notification button.
  • Free to download and use.
  • Allows you to sign in to your YouTube accounts.
  • Safe to install.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • And many more.


ReVanced Extended is a new & up-to-date version of the vanced YouTube. Further, it brings you dozens of attractive features from ad-blocker to personalized SponsorsBlock, & many more. Besides, it lets you change the new layout and apply the classic one. Download the latest version of the app to explore all its worthwhile attributes from the below link.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How is ReVanced Extended different from the regular YouTube app?

In the official YouTube app, users don’t have so much freedom such as they are compelled to watch ads, can’t change the layout, can’t block sponsor content, and so on. While the extended is a mod version that gives you total freedom to block ads, sponsor content, enable the dislike button, and so.

What does ReVanced Extended do?

It gives you access to diverse mod options in the YouTube app. You can get rid of excessive advertisements, hide unnecessary buttons and options, and so many other features.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe to use.

Can I sign in to my Google Account?

Yes, you can sign in to your accounts.

Can I save videos in HD quality and 4K?


Is it free to download and use?

Yes, it is entirely free to download and use.

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