YouTube Vanced No Root Apk Download [New 2022]

Every internet user has heard of the YouTube video streaming app offered by Google. But not all are aware of YouTube Vanced No Root.

If you are one of them. Do not worry. We have got you covered with all that is important about this new and advanced version of its namesake. Now, you can enjoy all the cool, advanced, amazing, and new features on this one application.

Here we will provide you the free and latest version. You can download it for your Android mobile phone or tablet and enjoy the next-generation version of your favorite video streaming tool.

What is YouTube Vanced No Root?

Basically, it is a YouTube but with all the missing features, which you wished for on the official application. You can say this is the most famous MOD of Google’s official media streaming platform.

Now if it is a MOD. You may ask what it offers. To give you some highlights its features include an Ad-free environment, background playback, dark themes, zoom, toggle, repeat, and much much more.

The YouTube Vanced No root comes with some additional benefits when compared to other mod versions with the same name. And when compared to others of the sort in the market. You will find this one of the best in many aspects which we will discuss in a short while.

Anyways, speaking of the Vanced No Root and its variance from others. Let me tell you that you can view the complete process of installation through a guide, the latest features, and the download links for both the rooted and non-rooted types of Android run smartphones and tablets.

So if you are looking for more and additional features. You are not going to get them anywhere else except here. This mini-app has features that giant over the names, like the official ones.

All these features and the smooth performance that is added by the simple user interface focused on fine user experience will make you forget the original app.

As we have mentioned already that this is the modified form of the common video watching app by Google that is known as YouTube. The best way to differentiate is the fact that it has a built-in feature to block advertisements on the screen while enjoying a video.

This means you can watch whatever you have been on the smartphone without interruption for hours.

Want to use another application with the video running on your phone? Well, you can do it here, unlike the original version. It is safe, fast, and as good as the original. In fact, with the addition of these new features, you can call it the better once, eyes closed.

If you don’t want to miss the action get the YouTube Vanced No Root APK for your device and have a refreshing and amazing app experience on your phone right away.

APK Details

NameYouTube Vanced No Root
Size33.40 MB
DeveloperXDA Developers
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Required Android4.4 and Up

Features of YouTube Vanced No Root

With the Vanced description already given. Let us now talk about what is it that makes this application a cool and must-have application for us. For that purpose, we have detailed the features in these bullet points.

  • Background play
  • Option to block all ads
  • Override the maximal resolution feature
  • Force VP9 or reverse option
  • Pinch to zoom on any mobile model
  • Multiple themes including white, dark, black
  • Casting option
  • Auto-repeat
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) option for Android Oreo
  • Speed and resolution choice
  • Swipe to adjust sound volume and brightness
  • Select old or new windows style

App Screenshots

How to Download YouTube Vanced No Root APK?

To get the latest version of this cool application for free we have laid out the process in detail. You will have to follow these steps in sequence to find your favorite tool on your phone screen.

  1. Find the Download APK button and press it.
  2. This will start the download process
  3. Once it is complete, locate the APK file on your phone.
  4. Tap it to begin the installation.
  5. Allow for the Unknown Devices option from the security settings, if it is toggled off currently.
  6. Tap a few more times and the app is ready for use.

Locate it on your phone under the menu button and explore it to find the similarities and differences with the unmodded version of itself.

YouTube Vanced No Root Devices

Having no root permission on your phone is a great feature. It brings immense benefits and makes the going round the personalization of software tasks easy.

But for this particular application under discussion, we would recommend you to get the MicroG Kit setup. This is particularly important if you want to use it with your account logged into it. Otherwise, you can enjoy any video or clip without logging in.


YouTube Vanced No Root is the unofficial MOD version of its namesake. It brings all the missing features that you wish to have on the official one for free. You can have your copy of the APK just by tapping the link given below.

Download Link

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