Remote 1 Apk Download Free For Android [FRP Bypass]

For Android users who want to unlock phones without going through the Google Account verification process, simply need to download this amazing app named Remote 1 Apk. This is a tool that you all need to install on your phones.

You might have heard about the FRP Bypass. This is a process where you try to unlock your phones. Even this is an illegal task to do if you are doing that on an unauthorized phone. But it is legal to do it on your authorized ones.

Download Remote 1 FRP for Android devices and enjoy its amazing features. I have shared the latest version of the tool here on this page. There is a direct download link given right at the end of this page for mobile users.

All About Remote 1 Apk

Remote 1 Apk is a tool for FRP Bypass on Android phones or tablets. It is compatible with a few devices or brands for factory reset. Therefore, you cannot use it on all Android devices.

Even though it is a legal app but you should not use it on stolen devices or on unauthorized devices, as it is against the law.

But if you want your own phone to be unlocked, you don’t need to go to the Google Play Store, looking for solutions, as I am here to share a reliable option for you.

When you open your android mobile devices for the first time, you have to enter a Gmail account to access all the google services. The android world is diverse, but when it comes to security, it is not all lax.

There is a device security protocol that ensures minimum privacy of data as well as controls the ability of the user to use the operating system. It would be a problem if one wants to use the same phone with a new account.

This is why there are extra security protocols such as the factory restore section to prevent any illegal activity on your device. Yet, it is not always the case that your phone gets into unwanted hands.

It is quite common for users to forget the password used for security and cannot get access to the smartphone after using the hard reset option. For such a situation, we have options like Remote 1 Apk to help us.

The Essentials of FRP Lock Bypass

FRP stands for Factory Data Reset which means you are going to reset your phones with the help of a tool. After that, you need to verify your Google Account in order to get access to your phones to keep using the Google play services.

In case you forget your account details, then you cannot get access to your phones after resetting them which is not a good thing for regular mobile users. Whether you have multiple google accounts or single, you must look for a way out.

Therefore, you don?t have any other choice except to install new software coming from an expert. In that case, your phone?s warranty will be removed but you can still easily bypass the barrier.

Therefore, it is not the best solution for users. But thanks to the technology that has made that easy for us to Bypass that verification. For this, all you need to have is the updated Apk files of Remote 1 Apk.

So in order to bypass Google verification or FRP, you need to download the tool that I have provided on this page. The key features of this app are many, but the most important is that it is used for device bypasses all over the world.

If you have the same problem, you are in the right place as it is not available on the play store. Even if that is not working, then I have some other tools here on this website.

So, you can also try those as alternatives. But before that, you should try this new amazing option to bypass FRP by downloading the latest version Apk file on your Android phone.

The process is quite tricky and you need to learn how to do that before applying the tool on your Android device. Therefore, you must check out the processor instructions that I have shared with you here.

If that is not enough for you, then you can simply check out any tutorial on YouTube. That will help you. But first, download the app from here for your Android phone.

App Details

NameRemote 1 FRP
Size28.49 MB
Required Android2.3 and Up

How to Use Remote 1 FRP?

In order to use Remote 1 Apk, an amazing hacking tool, you need to keep some important points in your mind. First thing is that you need to download and install the app on that same device where you want to Bypass which is quite difficult.

Then that will give you open access to your Android phone where you can perform some tasks without hindrance using this latest version of the software.

Yet the factory reset protection is not that easy to bypass. But if you are using the factory restore protocols properly, this should be an easy task for all types of Apk users.

The first thing that you are supposed to do after installing the app is to remove the previous account to avoid the existing security protocols.

But for that, you don?t need to worry as it will automatically allow you to add or create a new Google account. You also need to have a stable and faster Internet connection to create a new one.

To perform all the above actions, you need to access your phone?s settings. So, there are some specific gestures or tasks you need to go through.

You can check out that on YouTube while searching for your brand and model name. Then follow those steps and access to settings.

Thereafter, you need to disable all the Google Play Services. For that you need to go to Settings>apps>System apps. This is where the Remote 1 Apk is working the tricks.

Now there you will get those apps so tap on the apps and there you will get the option of disabling them. Now you are supposed to go to accounts and there you can create a new one.

Using this new tool, password removal or FRP bypass is much easy. But most users don’t get the intended results, as this hacking tool is not for all brands and types of smartphones.

Screenshots of the App

Supported Devices

There is no official list issued for the users by the makers of this tool. But there is an OS version mentioned in the above table.

So, devices with more than that OS version can be compatible. With a simple user interface, any app user can download it with ease.

You can try and check out whether it works or not. But if it does not then try some other tools as well such as MSA FRP Bypass Apk or Raposo FRP Apk.

How to Download and install Remote 1 Apk file

 I have provided an Android free download option here. Just tap on any button given at the top and bottom of this article and it should start the process of downloading.

Once the process is complete you can tap the apk files with the exact same file name in your mobile files. Tap on it and this will install the app. Before that don’t forget to enable installation from unknown sources.

Now you can use it following the mechanism I have shared in the sections above.


Does the Remote 1 Apk app work on all android phones?

No, it does not. It may work on some brands and models but not on all.

Is it Illegal to Use this app?

It is illegal to use such tools for unknown devices, but it is safe to use if you are the owner of a smartphone.

Is it safe to use FRP apps like Remote 1 Apk on my mobile?

The Remote 1 Apk file is not a virus but a tool to bypass the security protocols placed to protect your phone. So it is safe if used intentionally.

Final Words

In order to use the app, you need to go through some tutorials. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult for you. However, now you can download the latest Remote 1 Apk for your Android phones. Let us know about any queries in the comment section below.

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