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You can master Garena Free Fire, but it takes so much time and hard work. But there are some shortcuts in the shape of Ruok999 Macro FF. You can download the Apk file and install it on your phone for free now.

When it comes to getting ahead of others, there are dozens of options that you can simply utilize on your Android phone. Among all these, the Ruok999 Macro Mod is the best option for FF fans. You will come to know about its features once you will read this article.

In order to try the app, you just need to grab Ruok 999 Macro Apk for your Android phone from here. There is a download link is given right after the first paragraph that you can use to get the package file.

What is Ruok999 Macro?

The game of Garena Free Fire, one of the best battle royale games, is literally on fire. This is because the platform attracts crowds of gamers each day from around the world to their gaming servers. These visitors fall into various categories when it comes to gaming capabilities.

Some are pro-level while others are just noobies. Among them, many want to improve their gaming naturally with practice. But there are some impatient people who are here to find shortcuts to the glory. For people in the latter group, there is a tool that helps gamers win games.

Ruok999 Macro is a new tool for injecting some free hacks in the Garena Free Fire game. You may have used so many hacks or apps to penetrate cheats in the gameplay but this one is quite powerful. In the new version, it has multiple options some legal while some are not allowed to use in the app.

It is up to the users whether they want to try it or not. Well, you can get serious about always using it or you may try it for fun once in a while. This is an excellent tool that will give you a new thrilling experience in the gameplay for sure.

I will try to explain and share each and every hack that you are going to have in this amazing app. This is a free hacking tool where you can customize sensitivity, resolution, and many more. It allows you to manage the sensitivity of each and every weapon that is available in that mobile game.

Why use Ruok999 Macro Mod in Garena Free Fire Games?

As we mentioned before, there is a lot that you can achieve using this single tool as compared to other heavy apps that put extra strain on your device resources and do not deliver much. When you download the Ruok999 Macro Apk file you will feel the difference.

For example, it allows you to change the resolution to make the graphics better for you. It helps you to get the best settings for your devices that suit the specs of your phone and so on.

So, you get better and smoother results in the game. However, there are still some improvements required in the app. There is a reason for it to be among the trending apps.

The best reason among many is the fact that it gives you a lot of options. It delivers what it promises. Find it out with an Android free download link from our website now.

Overall, this application offers some of the best legal options. Most of the cheats do not manipulate the game but can be helpful for smooth gameplay. Therefore, the risk ratio is quite low and you don’t need to worry about getting banned in Free Fire. However, you still have the Anti-Ban option there to help you in case.

However, the game does not support or allow you to use third-party tools whether those are legal or not. Therefore, still, there is little risk for the fans. Therefore, you cannot be careless while using these kinds of apps on your phone.

But to try the tool, the Free Fire players can download the latest version from this page. Don’t forget to use the anti-ban option while you are using it. This will minimize risks and let you use other hacks with peace of mind.

App Details

NameRuok999 Macro
Size1.78 MB
DeveloperRuok999 Macro
Required Android5.0 and Up

Key Features

Ruok999 Macro Apk with amazing features was developed by an independent fan and it was first introduced by a channel called JHESKY FF on YouTube. There are hundreds of such tools on the internet but very few of them work.

This free application is a secure tool that offers some great premium features that really work. So, I have shared all the features here below that you can use completely free. Let’s have a look at the following points that are available in the latest version.

  • This is a free app that you can download and use to customize and manage the sensitivity setting of every weapon better than the illegal hacking scripts.
  • Get access to unlimited weapon skins from the tool for free in your FF game.
  • The Ruok999 Macro FF Apk has multiple other hacks such as damage rate and Anti Ban protection. Thus it helps you avoid a permanent ban.
  • The automatic headshot screen makes your game easy.
  • You can tinker with the sensitivity settings of your weapons with a finger tap. Such as, pick your Desert Eagle and fix the sensitivity with a single tap on your Android device screen.
  • Deploy weapons with faster speeds and greater accuracy. Just move the slider from left to right till the maximum appears below the image.
  • The tool has a simple interface and people even those with no technical knowledge can use it by pressing the install button.
  • It offers a simple user interface with a user-friendly outlay. Thanks to this straightforward user interface, it helps you employ any cheat with ease while you are in the game facing enemies.
  • You can download and use it in the Free Fire game without having any kind of security issue.
  • Unlock skins and impress your partners as well as your foes with the macro version installed on your mobile devices.
  • Here you get all the weapons that are available in the game.
  • It has no third-party plugins and does not bother you with unnecessary ad displays.
  • These and many more amazing features await you once you have completed the download process.

Screenshots of the App

How to download and install Ruok999 Macro Apk?

The users cannot find such apps on Google Play Store. You have to visit our website to get the Macro Apk file. In this section, we will take you through the download and installation process step-by-step.

First, to grab the macro apk file you have to tap the download button given at the top and bottom of this article. This will initiate the process of downloading. Now, head to the security settings and tap unknown sources to allow the installation of third-party apps.

Once the process is complete the next step is to install apk. Just as you do with other third-party applications, locate the downloaded file and press the install button. After you tap it a few more times, the app will be installed on your Android mobile phone.

How to use Ruok999 Macro Apk?

Once the app is successfully downloaded and installed. The next step is very simple. Go to the main screen and you’ll find a simple user-friendly interface that is similar to a screenshot of Ruok999 Macro we have shared above.

Then launch the tool on your Android smartphone or tablet. There you need to select all the settings and then login into the game. That is all, now you will see the effect in the game. As you are here you can toggle various cheats off or On depending on your requirements.

However, you must be careful to not alert the security tool of Free Fire. Once it is alerted you could face a permanent ban. The users may avoid this by not using the hacks too much or in plain sight. Just keep a low profile and don’t play extraordinarily.

Alternatives to Ruok999 Macro FF Free App

When it comes to implementing hacks in the gameplay there are hundreds of tools to choose from. However, not all fulfill the promises they come with. If you are using a security-compromised tool, it can get you banned permanently from the gaming platform.

While some come with below-average cheats, some come with premium features but they are not free to use. Thus we have to deduct many apps in order to reach a few that we can actually install and use in the game.

So here are the best other options or alternatives if you are trying to look for something similar or better than Ruok999 Macro. Ruok FF Auto Headshot and Toll Skin Apk are the best options that you can try on your mobile phones now.

Even there are some other apps or tools that you need to try out. But the mentioned apps are the best ones that we can currently recommend for you. Try them out and tell us about your experience in the comments below.


Is Ruok999 Macro a free tool?

Yes, it is free to download and use for all the Free Fire game users.

Is it safe to use this app?

Since it is a hack tool, there is always a risk of getting caught so it is the user’s choice to implement it in the gameplay.

Can I download Ruok999 Macro Apk from the Google Play Store?

No, it is not available on the App Store. But you can get it for free from our website.

Final Words

There are tons of other similar apps on the internet. But Ruok999 Macro is new and works perfectly. Therefore, you need to try it out. If you have any comments about this hack for FF, do comment below and let us know.

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