Pascal’s Wager Apk Download v1.1.1 [2022] for Android

Atheist or a believer, Pascals Wager APK can be played by all. If you are wondering what we are talking about and what an Android game has to do with the debate of religion or God no God. Stick with us.

Games take us to another world when we immerse ourselves in the gameplay. How successfully they can do that? Well, that is a question of the graphics offered or the strong story behind whatever it is we are running after.

If you want to get lost in the deep cunning and immersive action game story. You have come to the right choice. You can get the latest version of APK for this amazing game without paying a penny from our site.

What is Pascal’s Wager APK?

This is an action game based on the life story of Terrence. The main character in this gameplay has a life that no one in their senses would choose to live. And it revolves around a philosophical proposition.

Blaise Pascal a 17th-century philosopher from France put forward an argument regarding the human belief or nonbelief of God’s existence. The argument says a rational person should believe that God exists. If there is no God, such a person has very little to lose.

If God does exist, the person has a lot of benefits and gains for eternity. Like becoming eligible for heaven and at the same time, saving self from eternal loss i.e. hell.

In the Pascals Wager APK the lead character, who you would be playing has been banished by the church for his transgressions. Now he is going through a phase of doubt.

This game with creating such a background attempts to integrate the Dark Soul’s aesthetics in this Android game.

In the game, you can enjoy some stunning graphics that would trick you into believing as if the gameplay is from the real world. You will see the background as if on an island in a distant place at the time of the chilly winter season. The dim light, mist-shrouded surroundings, and eerie music give the game a mysterious and anxious ambiance.

You live in a world where the people around you lose their minds for no apparent reason. Nobody has succeeded in demystifying the secret behind this strange happening.

But you can attempt to reveal the forces behind this cruel act. Here you will be allowed to choose from multiple characters to play as. In this way, you can be in many people’s shoes. Play and know from different perspectives. Each person has its own set of strengths and flaws. You will realize that as you chose the body to be the soul of in the front of the screen.

APK Details

NamePascal’s Wager
Size71 MB
DeveloperGiant Global
Required Android5.0 and up

What is Pascals Wager APK about?

A long long while ago, some natural phenomena sunk the Sun shining in the sky to the depths of the ocean. Since then, this world has not seen the light. A dark fog is all that the inhabitants have been seeing from that time till the present.

The creatures called Colossi, revered by the people sparkles in this dark and are the only ray of light in this dungeon of the universe. For thousands of years, humans follow these creatures as a beacon, the path showers. But now these are vanishing fast as well.

Terrence has come to know that his estranged wife might have a connection to the recent fall of these shining creatures. He sets on a journey to find her so that the last hope of humanity could be maintained.

Pascal’s Wager APK Features

  • More than 20 hours long story of anguish, mystery, and suspense to immerse in completely.
  • At least four characters to choose from with different sets of skills and abilities.
  • Enemies in multiple forms, surprise battles, and assaults.
  • 3D map with multiple layers.
  • Cinematic performance, dialogues with voice
  • Powerful soundtracks exclusively performed orchestra music.
  • Option to disable the advertisements.
  • More additions in the pipeline.

How to Download Pascal’s Wager APK

Here we will explain how to download and install this thrilling game application from our platform. Just follow the steps in sequence.

  1. First tap on the Download APK button given down below.
  2. This will start the process and once it is complete locate the file.
  3. Now tap on the APK file to initiate the process of installation.
  4. To allow third-party apps tap Settings > Security Setting> Unknown Sources and toggle it to allow.
  5. Now tap on the file again, a few more times and you will be ready.

When the process is complete locate the file and get the icon on your Android device screen. It is time to explore the extensive and timeless gameplay. Don’t waste more time, because the fate of the world hinges on your quest.

App Screenshots


Pascal’s Wager APK is an action game for Android mobile phones and tablets. If you want to enjoy this game on your device just tap on the link given below and enjoy your crusade it.

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