Paisa Kamane Wala App For Android in 2021

Paisa Kamane Wala App is a Hindi term that means earning apps. So, in today’s article, I am going to walk you through some of the top-earning apps for Android mobile phones.

Android phones are cheap which is why there is a huge number of users across the globe. This further allows you to access the internet and many other useful platforms.

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There are so many people looking for opportunities to earn bread. Therefore, in toady’s article, we have brought some of the best and legal apps through which you can earn lots of money.

What Does Paisa Kamane Wala App Means?

Basically, when I say Paisa Kamane Wala App, then it means those apps that allow you to earn money. There are thousands of applications for Android mobile phones as well as for many other devices. So, they ask you to perform different kinds of task and in return, they pay a specific amount of money.

3G and 4G network has made it easier for the people to access the internet and use different kinds of stuff over there. Some people use social media and kill their time while some use it for information and other creative stuff. So, this has also provided the opportunity to earn lots of money by freelancing.

Freelancing is a term that is used for self-employment or for online service providing. Through freelancing, millions of people across the globe are earning thousands of dollars every day. Even there are thousands of apps for mobile phones through which you can also do freelancing.

The type of earning apps differs you can get dozens of ways and types. Some of them are based on betting, sports, freelancing, surveys, Quizzes, ads, and many more. Even there is a huge list of such stuff that makes you able to get some real cash through some simple steps.

However, most of these apps are beneficial for pocket money or kitchen money and not more than that. So, I don’t recommend someone to give his/her whole focus on these apps. Because they cannot give you a better career. But you can generate income to fulfill some of your routine needs.

Top 5 Paisa Kamane Wala Apps In 2021

So, let’s see how many kinds of apps are there through which you can get some real cash. These are the most trusted apps and pays really. That is the reason why I have included them in my list. I hope you will get a better output. But before, that you need to learn how they work.

Basically, these apps require you to provide some specific kinds of services for which they pay. If you complete or provide those services accurately and honestly then you will get success. Otherwise, you will be eliminated or blocked for spamming or using illegal tools to manipulate.

Rozdhan App Image File.

Rozdhan is a video streaming app or it is just like a YouTube where you get thousands of videos to enjoy.

People join this platform and share their own content or clips including short and long videos.

Basically, it is an Indian app so only Indian users are allowed to join and earn through the app.

In order to start earning, you need to join this app or create an account. Then you will get a referral code. So, you need to send that code to your friends and colleagues and ask them to join while using that referral. If they will join that platform by using your referral then you get points.

You get almost 1500 points for each refer which can be redeemed with 25 Indian Rupees. So, you actually get 50 rupees while 25 from refer and 25 from Rozdhan. You can withdraw the amount when it will be 200 in your account. You can use PayTm to withdraw all your cash.

Dream11 App Image File.

Dream11 is again an Indian Android app that allows you to earn money up to 1000 per day.

So, monthly you can make 30,000 if you work on a daily basis. Here you are supposed to play games and earn.

This is quite entertaining as well as beneficial to get some real cash without investment.

Here you are suppose to make your own team for Kabbadi, Cricket and Football during different events. Once they perform well in any match then you can get money. So, the earnings depends on scores and points of your team or players. Therefore, you need to select them carefully.

Download the app, install in on your phones, and create an account there. Now select players and start watching their performance. You can get payments through PayTm and other bank methods.

BaaziNow Image File.

BaaziNow is another app for Android that allows you to participate in the quizzes and win from 20,000 to 50,000 cash amounts.

This application is developed by Time Internet Limited which arranges daily quizzes through this app. So, every night at 8.30 they arrange the program.

The amount is quite huge and it is the best opportunity to win that cash prize. Further, there is no limitation on participation. So, you can join that program every day. It pays the cash through Paytm as well as the Mobikwik Wallet.

Mall91 App Image File.

Mall91 is an app developed by Roviri Innovations that allows you to earn cash or commissions.

So, basically this is a kind of web store where you are supposed to create groups and refer your friends and colleague to join that group.

So, when someone buys a product from that group by using the referral link in the group, you get a commission. The best thing is that it allows you to buy products at cheap prices. Even you can buy those products by yourself or ask you, friends, to buy them.

4FUN App
4FUN App Image File.

4FUN App is a platform where you can mostly find funny videos.

So, you are supposed to share this app with your friends. There you will get a referral link or code.

So, once they will join the platform through your referral link, you will get 5 Indian Rupees on each referral.

If you are new and first time join the app, then you can cash amount of 50 Rupees from the app. So, it is better for you to join as a new member. However, you also get that 50 amount if you are joining it through referral link.


I have shared a list of those top 5 apps through which you can earn pocket money. So, the above are the most reliable Paisa Kamane Wala Apps currently. However, there might more be more but these are currently enough and trusted.

If you are interested to get more apps like these, then let us know in the comment section below. So, we will bring more apps like them. Furthermore, I would appreciate if you share this informative article with your friends and family members.

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