NetSnake Virtual Apk Download [New 2022] For Android

I am here with an amazing Android application for all kinds of smartphones and tablets that run Android OS. It is NetSnake Virtual Apk for your Android mobile phones and tablets.

If you already know about the application, then you can skip this review and directly download the Apk file. After downloading the file install it on your phones and get all the benefits it is offering.

The best thing for you guys is that I have provided the latest version of the app. To get more updates in the future you must bookmark our site’s URL or visit this website. 

However, I have shared this short and precise review for those people who are not aware of this tool. Furthermore, I am going to share all the basic details to run the app on your phones.

So, I recommend all of you to please give a read to this post and share it with your friends. Further, you need to have a login password for this tool otherwise it will never let you use the app. Therefore, I have shared the Password of this amazing application right in this article. 

What is NetSnake Virtual?

Today’s main topic is NetSnake Virtual Apk which is an application or you can call it a tool for Androids. This application is a very powerful tool that offers you a lot of useful features. Before going to use or download this tool, it is important for you to know what it is and how you can use it.

Basically, it is one of those tools that offer virtual space on your phones. Virtual Space means a special location or storage on your phone. That space allows you to generate some extra and separate space on your phone to use identical applications. For suppose you can run two Facebook Messenger applications on one phone through this app. 

Basically, it is known as cloning which is a biological term or process where experts try to create two identical from the same cell. So, the same way it works on your devices when you create a clone then you can run it separately from the original app. But you can use both according to your choice.

This powerful application is mainly used for PUBG Mobile which is one of the most famous and rapidly growing gaming platforms in the world. PUBG mobile is developed by Tencent which is a Korean company but the game is available in so many different languages. 

App Details

NameNetSnake Virtual
Size21.40 MB
Package Namecom.tencent.igmobilesn
Required Android4.1 and Up
Record Video

It is a multifunctional application that is mainly used for gaming purposes. Apart from providing virtual space it also allows you to record all the activities. If you want to make videos of your PUBG gameplay or any other gaming app then you can do that via NetSnake Virtual Apk.

The reason for the sharing of recording video through this tool is that it works smoother even on low-end Android devices. I have tested this app on my own device as compare to any screen recorder application it works faster.

Further, screen recorder applications lead to creating high ping and lag issues while playing. But you are not going to face such an issue. 


Some of you may don’t know that this is offering you to have customized gamepad right on your Android mobiles. Further, you can connect your device with bigger screen devices like Smart TVs and Laptops while using your smartphone as a gamepad.

However, you will need to give some time to understand its features. Because you may face a little bit difficulty in exploring all its options or to use them. Therefore, try to follow the suggestions which are given within the app. 

Why Use NetSnake Virtual Apk?

As I have said earlier that this is not that kind of app that you can only use for one purpose but there are a lot more you can avail from it. So, this is the first and prominent reason for which I recommend users, particularly gamers to use this app. I have mentioned that this application gives you a custom gamepad.

Custom Gamepad means that you can customize controls or buttons according to your choice. However, the game also allows you to do that but this pad helps you to play the game one bigger screen like Laptops and Smart TVs. So, you only need to use the Chromecast option if your device has that option. 

Further, this platform offers you its own store from where you can download various kinds of gaming apps. This application is mainly designed for the Shooting games like Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and many more. 

Last but not the least feature that it offers to you is the Video Recorder. By using the Video Recorder option, you can do screen recording. It helps you to create videos of funny gaming moments, best shots, and many more. There are a lot of YouTube channels where people share their best gameplay so you can also join them to entertain people. 

ScreenShots of the App

Screenshot of NetSnake Virtual
Screenshot of NetSnake Virtual Apk
Screenshot of NetSnake Virtual App

This is very important for you to get into the app. So, if you have skipped the article then you are unlucky as it does not work without a password. However, I have mentioned the password below and please enter the same passcode in Capital letters otherwise it will not work for you. 


After reading this article if you think this can help you to achieve what you were searching for then get the Apk file and install it on your phones.

However, I have not mentioned its usage process in this post because it is quite simple as you only need to enter the password that it asks for when you will open.

So, to download the latest version of NetSnake Virtual Apk for Android please click or tap on the below download button.

Direct Download Link

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  1. I Love this Application Sir. Thanks for providing. Please if you can Share Royal Pass Modder Apk then it will be good for us Pleaseeeeeee.

  2. I think NetSnkae Virtual Apk is really good for Samsung Galaxy devices as well as for Smart Tv like Firestick or Amazon Smart Tv. but overall I like this app I have Gaming Channel on YouTube. I have heard about this app then I used it, trust me it has brought so much improvement in my gaming.
    I recommend this to all PUBG fans. But to be honestly I am not sure whether it works in same way for other games or not.. :\

  3. Net snake virtual app is really great app… I have tried the app with VPN host and hack script and it’s working really fine. Thanks for the share.

  4. It is really interesting thing to try. If you can help us to find Royal Pass Modder Apk then it will be good for us. Thanks

  5. This virtual is not working Android 10 q please make a Android 10 q virtual PUBG all virsion supported please help me my device name OnePlus 7t pro

  6. Please answer me . it doesn’t work on my phone, my android is 10 , please help me thanks .my id telegram is MAHDI02345

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