Inat Box Apk Download v13 Free For Android [Latest]

Do you want to have some fun while watching live TV channels, web series, and movies? If so, then you are in the right place as you can now download the latest version of Inat Box Apk which offers all those programs on your Androids.

It is a new update that you are going to download from this page. Previous editions are no longer working. So, you must install the latest version of the app.

TV is a source of entertainment and Android smartphones can be also used as mini Television devices. But you need to install apps like Inat Box.

What is Inat Box Apk?

Inat Box Apk is a live TV streaming app where you can find thousands of programs. It supports the Turkish language as it is designed especially for the audience of Turkey. So, you are going to have only those programs that are produced or dubbed in that language.

We have shared so many apps that share programs in multiple languages. If you are facing any issues, then you can also give them a try on those apps. But currently, you should try this app. Because the number of channels is huge you are going to love them a lot.

Because there are multiple sports events happening across the world soccer is one of them. You can have tens of channels right in the app. You just need to tap on any station and watch live Euro and other mega sports events without even paying a single penny.

Moreover, you can have separate entertainment programs. You can click on the category of entertainment and then you will see the list of those channels where you can find movies from Hollywood. Even you can have items from many other entertainment industries.

It is offering a huge package of entertainment that you may not have before. So, therefore, I really recommend this app. Because it is safe and only designed for enjoyment purposes. You can check out the app details right here below in the table.

App Details

NameInat Box
Size12 MB
DeveloperInat Box
Required Android4.2 and Up

Key Features inat Box App

At the current time, it is quite easy to enjoy live TV on Android phones. It has become possible due to apps like Inat Box Apk. So, here I am going to share the major highlights of the app. You can check out those key features right here below.

  • It is a free app where you enjoy your favorite channels.
  • There are thousands of channels based on different categories.
  • You can switch and see desired channels easily.
  • There is a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • There are hundreds of web series to stream.
  • You can have a separate category of movies and Episodes.
  • There are hundreds of sports channels.
  • It is a third-party application.
  • There are no third-party ads.
  • You can use it easily.
  • Inat Box Android is safe to use.
  • You can explore this incredible app by yourself as well.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Use Inat Box Apk on Android Phones?

Basically, Inat Box App is a third-party app. It is not authorized to share or broadcast channels. So, therefore, it is not a legal app. But still safe to download and use. You can read the key features above to learn more about the app as well.

Because it is designed for entertainment purposes. Secondly, developers have made the app to generate revenue through the app. So, you get a chance to enjoy your favorite programs while the owners get income from them.

How to Activate Adult Programs in the Application?

If you are interested in having some fun while streaming your favorite adult movies, series, and other shows, then you are going to get the promo code right here as well. So, apart from the package file, you are also going to get a promo code for adult series or films here.

You do not need to visit the website or go for a download link share option. Rather use the below code. You just need to copy and paste the passcode that is mentioned below and have some fun.

Inat TV Adult Promo Code

Adult Code: 123

Download Inat TV Pro Apk

Now we have shared the new Inat TV Pro Apk with you right on this page. If you are interested in using the new pro or premium edition of the Inat Box, then you can get that from this page as well.

But if you want to enjoy the older edition, then you can also have the old version. You can use the links given on this page to grab the apps.

Alternatives to Inat Box Apk

Here are so many interesting apps that you can use to stream live TV on an Android mobile phone. Most of the live TV streaming apps are absolutely free to download and use. So, here on this website, I have shared so many such apps with you.

If you are interested and willing to use these third-party apps, then you can download them for free of cost. Although there are so many of them. But you can currently try Dopebox and Sarhan TV.

In order to use any of the apps, you must tap on any of them and visit the pages. There you will find the download link. But first, I would recommend you to download and try Inat Box Indir which is given at the bottom of this page. There is one more link at the beginning of the page.


Is the Inat Box Apk file Safe to Download and Use?

Yes, the Inat Box APK file is absolutely safe because it does not contain any kind of malicious file or any virus there.

How to get Inat Box Indir For iOS devices?

There is no such option for Inat Box Indir iOS for you. Because this app is only available for Android mobile phones free of cost.

How to use Inat Box Apk on an Android Device?

If you want to use the app for free on your smartphone or tablet device live TV or movies, then you must install the latest version of the app from this page. Then install that on your smartphone. Then launch the app and grant the permissions to make it work on your phone.

Is Inat Box Legal App?

Although the Inat Box APK file is absolutely safe to download as far as the package file or setup file is concerned. But when it comes to the content, then I must tell you that it is not authorized to share these kinds of programs. So, it is not a legal app.

How to watch Web Series on Android for Free?

There are so many apps that you can use to stream not only web series but also movies, TV, and other kinds of categories.

How to watch Live TV on Android

Get the latest version of Inat Box and you will get a chance to enjoy hundreds of live TV channels on your Android.

Can I watch IPL 2023 Live on this app?

Yes, you can watch all types of sports events including the IPL 2023 live-streaming option.


I have tried to share each and every point of the app. To know more about the latest version of Inat Box Apk, you should download and try it on your phone. Enjoy all your favorite movies, shows, episodes, sports, live Tv, and more.

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