How to Use Widget Smith Apk on Android?

As you know that we are living in an advanced technological era and everything is possible to do. So, you can also run iOS Apps on Android phones too. But for that, you don’t need to have Widget Smith Apk.

Even you can get the iOS version of Widget Smith For Android. Because it is easy and there are so many tools for that. You don’t need to put lots of effort into finding those tools. Because we are going to mention all those tools here on this page.

Further, I will let you know how it works and how you can use that tool for other iOS apps apart from the Widget smith Android Apk. If you want to know about those tools and further processes, then you should read this post till the end.

How to Use iOS Apps on Android?

Before going to discuss how to use Widget Smith Apk on Android, you must know whether it is possible to do that or not. So, the answer is yes it is definitely possible to do. But there are some apps or programs that you need to use on those Android phones or tablets where you want to use iOS apps.

So, in this article, I am going to discuss those programs and their functioning process. As some of you may know that on PCs you can run Android apps and games. Not only on PCs but also on Laptops with Windows Operating Systems. That is possible just because of Emulators.

These are basically programs that allow you to run different kinds of OS apps. Similarly, there are emulators for Android mobile phones and tablets to run iOS or iPhone apps. There is a huge list of such tools that allows you to use those kinds of applications.

WidgetSmith Apk is not available as it is an app for iPhone products. So, it is not possible to run on Android phones. Therefore, I am going to let you know about the process through which you can use it on Android phones. You need to install iOS Emulator on your phones to run that.

How to Run Widget Smith on Android?

Now I am going to tell you how you can do that. So, first of all, download an emulator. Those are specially designed for Android phones. So, you need to download the package file of any emulator that you want and then install it. Now that will provide a simulated environment for the iOS app.

After installing that emulator you will be able to use almost every iPhone or Apple application on your Android phones. So, here below I have shared some of those best emulators that you can use on your phones.



This is the best ever emulator that I usually recommend for the users. Remember that this is designed for Android so you are supposed to install the Apk file of this app. Follow the steps below to use the tool.

How to Use IEMU?
  • Downloads the Apk and install it on your phones.
  • Now launch that app and there you will see an app with the name OS Market.
  • Now open that app and there you will see all the list of apps and games that are not for Android but for iOS.
  • Now you can install those on your Android phone.
  • You can also download the IPA file of Widget Smith Apk instead.
  • Then install it through the emulator.

This is another light-weighted program to run the same apps on your phones. If you are interested then you can easily get it on the internet. So, download the app from the internet and enjoy the services.

The usage process of this application is the same and you only need to download and install the app. Once you will be done with that, you should launch it and there you will see the app store or you can simply download the IPA file of the desired software and then install it through that program.


Here in this article, I have shared the Widget Smith’s download link. But that is not for Android. But you can use the mentioned emulators in this article to run that or install that IPA file.

Once you will be done with the install of the emulator then you will be able to install that any IPA file that you want.

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