Z Legends 2 Apk Download v1.3.3 Free For Android [Hack]

Retro games are quite popular where you can play battle action. Z Legends 2 Apk is one such app that you can download and play on your Android mobile phone. Enjoy this fighting game by downloading the latest version of Apk file here.

If you love all the characters of Dragon Ball Z and Fighter Z mix effects here is your chance to enjoy the combo of two in one single application. This final version for Android Operating System is the ultimate gameplay system this year.

It is the new and updated edition of the game. You can even have a hack here in the gameplay. So, to know more about that, you must read the review. Experience the world of Anime attacks with this free MOD version now.

All About Z Legends 2 Apk

The anime-based action games are the ultimate flex in today’s gaming world. Taking the rich tradition of action and graphics, this is a great source of inspiration for so many gamers and game developers equally.

Z Legends 2 Apk is a new modified edition of DB Legends and Fighter Z games. With Z Legends Apk you are going to participate in different retro battles. It comes up with multiple gaming modes for the fans.

Now you can download the latest version of the game from this page. It is absolutely free to download and play. Get an unlock characters list in advance without going to Google Play Store right here.

Here the gamers will find various anime characters from DB Legends and with the Z Legends 2 MOD, the anime skills are unrestricted. Yet, you can participate in game tournament mode and become part of the fights.

Tackle old enemies as well as combat against new warriors in the latest version. This free app lets you collect coins that can be later used to go shopping. This means getting new warriors and customizing them is not an expensive feat anymore.

What is new in this Dragon Ball Legends spin-off?

Home to dragon ball super warriors and Dragon ball super movie characters this is an amazing app to enjoy a fighting game with all epic legends from the anime world. Fend off the anime attacks and launch offense with the loaded skills.

The battles of Dragon Ball Z Goku Ultra instinct and Dragon ball super series are all in a single application for your Android device. If you have mastered ultra instinct you can be the owner of the destruction ball with the MOD version Apk file of Z Legends 2 Apk.

In the gameplay, there are different stages and battles in which you are supposed to join. You will have some amazing anime characters from which you can select your own hero.

It is one of the best platforms to try out your childhood cartoon heroes and eliminate your opponents easily. If you are totally new, try the training mode. All you need is the right Android phone to install the Apk file.

Why opt for Z Legends 2 game?

Here we have the modified edition of the game. So, it is offering unlimited money for the players. You can now easily unlock all the stages and premium items for free.

Become an invincible dragon ball fighter. Even you do not need to pay a single penny for the game resources. Because everything is already unlocked here in Z Legends 2 Apk.

Pick any hero including the Dragon Ball GT characters in this Z Legends title. Choose Android free download and it is time to immerse in legends style characters.

This application is based on lots of action and you are probably going to love it. You will come to know about the features once you install this application on your phone. Moreover, you are going to have one of the best companions in your leisure to spend your time with.

App Details

NameZ Legends 2
Size73.71 MB
DeveloperZ Legends 2
Package Namecom.fangame.zlegends2d
Required Android5.0 and Up

Key Features

When you download this application for your Android devices, features better than the official video games giving pixel characters are available for exploits. Connect your Android phone to the internet and it is time to enjoy.

When you install this Dragon Ball Z and Fighter mix, the following are the features that every user gets.

  • Get DBZ Goku with a Dragon Ball Z Super Spirit Boom from Cyan Saga, and a twenty times Kyoken Kamehameha. This will enable you to explore Vegeta with Ozaru attack and a Gaelic weapon.
  • Here you get a Revenge Final Flash and Revenge Death ball attacks, this is the most suitable for GT.
  • Use moves like Ui Sign and Kamemeha as the ultra instinct of Goku.
  • The Gogeta of Z Legends 2 Apk Dragon Ball Super movie supersciences. Attack options are Meteor Blast, Ultimate Kamemeha, and Soul punisher.
  • See the revealing of Vegeta Ultra Ego with Hakai and rush attack.
Other Highlights

Other major features of this Dragon Ball Z Legends 2 Apk are as follows.

  • No third-party ads.
  • No risk of a ban.
  • easy to install and use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular updates
  • Offline playing option
  • Unlimited coins for gamers
  • All characters are unlocked.

The Gameplay

To entertain you, Z Legends 2 Apk is offering multiple game modes. That makes the gameplay more interesting and enjoyable for the players. These modes include 1v1 and 2v2, Training, and Tournament. You can select any of them and play the game.

But you will have to select your player or hero from the list. These characters are taken from anime series and movies. You are going to get a chance to unlock some of your favorite heroes.

They all have their own specialties and moves so you can also check their stats in the game. You can use different kinds of moves such as kicks, punches, and so on. Apart from that, there are multiple magical powers of each and every hero.

So, you can also use these powers to eliminate your opponents. Use skills like death ball attack or super kamehameha attack, and make the gameplay interesting. This is the ultimate gaming application for your leisure time.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install Z Legends 2 Apk?

If you are interested to enjoy your free time, then games are the best sources. Z Legends 2 Hack is one of those games that you can play on your phone. It even works on low-end smartphones and tablets.

You do not need to have high-end smartphones to play it. You will find the direct download link on this page. You just need to use that link and get the package file of Z Legends 2 Apk.

Tap on the link and wait for the completion of the download process. So, when it is done, you need to install that Apk file by simply tapping on it.

Alternatives to Z Legends 2 Apk

Anime fighting game pixel graphics do not demand high-end specs and fat resources and the latest hardware. This is the reason Android device users love such applications. It is also obvious from the fame of Z Legends Apk as well.

However, people always look for better options. So if you have utilized the Dragon Ball Super Anime too much and want something new, you are in the right place. On our website, we have hundreds of action games on this website.

If you want to try more such options then you can get them here Although there are so many of them. But currently, I would recommend you download and give a try to Mech Arena and PUBG Mobile India Apk files. Do try them and tell us about your gaming experience.

Final Words

If you like to play action or fight games, then Z Legends 2 Apk can be the best choice. Because its graphics are optimized and it can be played on lower-end phones as well. You can download it from the below link.

Download Link

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