YouTube Pink Apk Download For Android [YT Pink Mod]

YouTube is providing the same, and the only theme for its users. That is why it is a kind of boring thing for the users. So, we have brought an app for our readers which is known as YouTube Pink Apk for Android mobile phones.

It is one of the leading video streaming applications which provides almost millions of content over there. You can get every kind of video including movies, shows, channels, and every kind of stuff. So, grab the Apk file and install it on your phone.

It is a better platform for entertainment, information, and streaming games. You are going to get the mod version of the app which offers extra features apart from the official ones. We will mention all those extra features right in this post.

What is YouTube Pink Apk?

YouTube Pink Apk is a modified version of the official application where you can get some modded options. As the name indicates that it is offering a pink-colored theme and text. It is a YouTube Mod that you can use for restrictionless usage.

Therefore, some more options are available in the same color. Basically, the original app comes up with only one theme which is in red color. Furthermore, it is free to download and use on your phone.

It is quite boring to see the same and repeated theme on any application. That is why people go for modded apps specially designed to provide a variety of themes.

So, you are going to get rid of that old and outdated interface of your application. But for that, you need to install the package file that we have shared with you right on this page.

Additional Information

There are many more features you can enjoy in the app which are not available in the official one. It is offering you to stream videos in the background while there are further options within that feature.

So, you can keep that option open while you are using the headphones. But if you keep that on without headphones, then you can also select that within the same settings. Even the best part of the app that I love most is its dark mode.

That allows you to enjoy the videos while protecting your eyesight. So, you must use dark mode if you use to watch music video files at night. There are thousands of music videos that you can watch and enjoy in your leisure time.

The best thing for you is that you can get all the options that are available in the original app apart from the modded ones. It also allows you to run your own channels from the same application. If you are interested to create a list of music videos then you can have a playlist option.

It allows you to go live on your channel or upload from the gallery. Moreover, you can use YouTube Studio to customize various kinds of stuff in your content. It is a third-party app that is modified by an unauthorized person.

That is why it is not legal to use it on your phones. But no one is going to sue you or take legal action against you. Because the developer of this application is only responsible for any kind of legal issue.

Apk Details

NameYouTube Pink
Size64 MB
DeveloperGoogle LLC
CategoryApps / Video Players & Editors
Required Android4.2 and Up

How to Use the Mod Version?

I have clearly mentioned that this is a modified version of the app. Therefore, you need to keep some points in your mind while installing YouTube Pink Apk’s latest version on your phone. Because this is unauthorized software that you are going to install on your Android devices.

So, first of all, get the Apk file from this post and install it on your phone. However, you can keep the official YouTube on your phone. Because there is no need to uninstall that one as the Mod also works along with that one.

However, I do not recommend you to get Sign-In into your accounts because it is a third-party illegal app. So, it cannot be trusted at all to enter your login details. Especially, if you have a better-performing channel registered on it.

ScreenShots of the App

How to Download YouTube Pink Apk?

This is an illegal and restricted software that is not allowed to share in the Play Store. Therefore, you are not going to get this app there in the official Go. So, if you want to enjoy YouTube Pink videos without ads on your phone, then you must try it.

But you do not need to worry about that because we have provided the Apk file here. So, click on the direct download link given at the end and wait for a few seconds to let the process begin. It is not the official YouTube, rather it is the Pink YouTube that is the mod version.

You are going to get the latest version of the app right from this page. It is all free and there are no such charges that you are supposed to pay. Even such apps are mostly paid, but there are some premium Youtube videos that you can also watch for free.

Main Features

Let me walk you through some of the best features of the YouTube Pink Apk here in this section of the review. I am sure so many of you are well aware of them. That is the reason why you are here. But some of you may have only heard about the name and a few of its features. So, have a look at the following features of Pink YouTube.

  • It is a free app to watch videos and enjoy your free time.
  • There are hundreds of Youtube videos that you can watch.
  • There are so much music video contents that you can stream on YouTube Pink.
  • You can also have the option to download videos.
  • All the premium features of YouTube are available for free.
  • There are no video ads to interrupt your fun.
  • It is far better than the original YouTube App.
  • Enjoy the best music videos on repeat.
  • Play videos in even background mode.
  • It also offers dark mode without annoying ads.
  • Pink Youtube is the best alternative to try out.
  • Customizable Screen brightness.
  • Pink color theme.

Is YouTube Pink Safe Download and Use?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to download and use on your phone. Even though it is a third-party app that is a modified version of the official video streaming app. But still, it is safe and there is no such issue. Therefore, you can simply download the app on your phone and enjoy its amazing features.

Is it Free?

It is the best and most free modified version of the app. Because you can play the videos even without ads. So, it is offering a built-in ad blocker for the users. Now you don’t need to get a YouTube Adblocker on your phones. Because you are going to get that option within the app.

YouTube Pink Apk Alternatives

I am sure you will love this Pink version of YouTube, so I want to share some other apps that are quite similar and share more features.

So, those apps include YouTube Red Apk and YouTube Blue Apk. There are some other similar apps that you can get within each post.


How to watch YouTube Videos without ads?

It is quite an easy task to do so. You just need to download and install the Pink Venom app on your Android and use it on your Android to watch Youtube videos without ads.

How to Play Music Video in Background on YoutTube?

You just select any song while using the Pink Venom mod on your Android. Then select the background mode option. Then you will be able to enjoy music in the background.

Why it is called PInk YouTube?

Because it has a pink-colored theme that is why this name is given to the app.

Final Words

There are tons of sources to watch your favorite videos on your mobile phone. But the latest version of YouTube Pink Apk is providing you with a free platform with millions of videos.

There you can get all the contents available on the original platform. So, without wasting a moment just download the Apk and install it on your phone.

Direct Download Link

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