YouTube Blue Apk Download [Latest 2023] Free For Android OS

If you are facing issues while watching videos on YouTube Mod, then you should try an alternative. I am actually talking about the YouTube Blue Apk here. You can download the app right from the below link.

Basically, YouTube Blue 2022 Android is one of the most advanced and modified shapes of the official one. So, it is giving you some exceptions over the features that are banned or restricted in the official application.

However, you will come to know about the app once you will use the YouTube Blue Download link and install Apk on your phone. You should download the latest version of the app for better results.

All About YouTube Blue Apk

YouTube Blue Apk is a mod version of the famous YouTube app that you use to watch videos. It means that it is a modified version of the official video streaming platform with some unique features.

You can have some extra features or options that are actually restricted in the main app. So, if you are interested to get some more amazing options, then try this for watching videos.

As it is a modified form of the famous YouTube, therefore, it cannot be considered a legal application to play videos on your Android phone. But still, it is safe and there are no such issues for your phone or account.

Just download the YouTube Blue Apk and install it on your devices to enjoy maximum freedom. Once you will use it, then you will come to know about it more.

Even if you get the premium version of the application from the Google play store or use the default one, it comes with restricted features.

Though it brings us the latest content from across the globe for free, if you are not using the version with premium features, yet it leaves the users wanting more. This is why people look for a modified version of this semi-social media medium.

As you know that on some devices you cannot run the songs or videos in the background. But by using this app, you can simply have that background play feature right on your Android device.

Along with that it also allows you to have a new and clean interface. It is giving you a blue layout or interface that is totally different and lets you enjoy options like dark mode and many features that are absent on the official version.

That is the major reason why the app has been given that name. There are further different options in the Playback section. However, there are more interesting things in the app such as it is smooth and works faster.

The original YouTube app is quite huge and captures more space in your phone’s storage on your Android devices.

Sometimes if you are not logged in, it does not show restricted videos and you need a proper internet connection all the time.

Contrarily, YouTube Blue App is a very light-weighted that you can try on all kinds of Android phones. So, it is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, it is the latest version that I have shared with you here. So, download the Apk and install it on your Android mobile phone from this page.

Then enjoy the features of YouTube blue including video watching and as well as download videos that you want.

Why should you use it?

Google Play store brings us the best free tools. But like any other free tool, these have limitations in the form of limited features and options for the users. Some might feel that the user experience is not at par with other applications.

The Android community is diverse and Blue YouTube is an example that, this community is always striving to bring for the platform users what is the best. This activity of non-stop effort makes the operating system viable and up to date with competition in the market.

Whether we use the YouTube application on Google Chrome, or Android mobile phone or open it in any other Window style gadget, we always get a limited experience.

But today we bring you an amazing app that will give you a full array of options that you always looked for in the YouTube settings. It is known as YouTube Blue Apk.

This android version of Blue YouTube Apk comes with added features such as options to pick from different video quality choices, an easy-to-access dark theme button, multiple themes, high dynamic range, and more missing features in the official application.

Tinker with the video screen or watch downloaded videos in HDR mode, or get a video playback in night mode, the latest YouTube Blue version comes with all the features. These added features make it a preferred choice for all.

App Details

NameYouTube Blue
Size97 MB
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Required Android5.0 and Up

Main Features of YouTube Blue

There are so many points that you might have not heard before in YouTube Blue Apk 2022. So, I am going to share all those points with you right in this paragraph.

If you are interested and have some free time, then you should give a read to the following points that I have shared with you here. Just install the YouTube Blue Apk file here and enjoy more than what is there on the official Youtube app.

  • It is a free app that you can download and use to watch YouTube videos and download them to your phone.
  • It allows you to run all the music and videos in the background. This means you can open other apps while playing a video anytime.
  • A built-in ad blocker lets you enjoy ad-free videos without interruption by getting rid of the pop-up ads in any YouTube video.
  • It has an amazing interface that comes up with a unique blue color.
  • You can also sign up with your Google account to use or run your channel.
  • YouTube Blue Apk also provides multiple options in the Playback section.
  • There you can also run videos with Full HD quality.
  • Repeat videos as many times as you want with the Adblocker on, you will always get an Ad-free videos playback option.
  • All the features are free and there are no ads.
  • Connect to the internet and use the online mode or enjoy downloaded video watching from the file manager in this new version.
  • These and many more options wait for your exploration once you install the application from our website.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download YouTube Blue Apk?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page or to the top and you will get the app download links for free.

There you will get a one-click direct download link which is not available on the Play Store. Just tap on that link and soon the process will start.

So, there you will have to wait for a while to let the process complete. This depends on the internet connectivity on your Android device. Once the process is complete locate the Apk file in the file manager on your device.

Then you can install that package file on your Android mobile phone or tablet with a few taps. But before that don’t forget to change the security settings to allow for third-party app installation.

New Update of YouTube Blue Apk 2022

Here in this article, I have shared the latest 2022 version of the app. So, there are some important modifications brought to the app.

Enjoy unlimited entertainment clips and other videos without annoying YouTube ads in HDR mode or any other format.

There were some bugs and errors that are now totally fixed. Therefore, it is now working perfectly and you are going to have a totally refreshing and liberating video-watching experience.

YouTube Blue App Alternatives

If you have tried the app and want to get more interesting features, then try some alternative apps too. They come with added features that you don’t get in the Youtube settings on google’s version.

There is a long list of similar apps I would currently recommend you to try YouTube Red ApkYouTube Vanced No Root, and YT Pink Apk. There are more you can try on this website Apkshelf.

What’s New?

The new update is now available for the fans. So, you can download the new update of the Youtube Blue Apk from this page.

By including the older version we have made sure, if you don’t like the latest release, simply try the older one. Both are working on the Android devices we have tested it on.

But in the new update, there are some modifications brought by the developers. So, now the performance has much improved and additional features and options are working perfectly.


Can I watch all Youtube Videos using YouTube Blue app?

Yes, you can get access to all the videos on the platform including the ones with an age-restriction tag.

Can I run a channel using YoTube Blue Apk?

Yes, just log in with your email credentials and start uploading videos without any restrictions. Interact with your followers and watchers without any problems.

Is it safe to use the app on my Android mobile phone?

We have checked the file on multiple devices and it is safe to say, it is free from bugs and viruses. So it is safe to use it on any device using the Android operating system.

What makes it different from the official YouTube app?

Here with the YouTube Blue app, you get additional features that are not provided by the official app. Either they are for premium users or not introduced officially, but here you get them all in one place.

Do I have to pay to use the extra features here?

No, it is a modded version and free for users who want to use all the features.

Can I watch videos unlimited on this application?

Watch videos as many as you want in an ad free environment in dark mode or any other theme of your choice. There is plenty of room for modification here.

What is the latest version of the YouTube Blue Apk file?

Version v14.21.54 is the latest stable release from the official developers that you can enjoy on your mobile phone now.

Final Words

That is all from today’s review on YouTube Blue Apk. Now you can simply download and install it on your phones to try it by yourself. Let us know about your experience in the comments down below.

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