Virtual PUBG Apk Download [Full Mod 2022] For Android

You can get tons of hacking tools or apps for PUBG Mobile. However, Virtual PUBG Apk is quite effective for those kinds of activities. Therefore, I recommend you guys get this amazing application on your Android phones if you are looking for the best hacking tool.

Though it is not a legal application still you can use it to apply various kinds of cheats or hacks in the game. So, it is available on the internet for free of cost and there are no hidden charges.

We have already written an article on another virtual space app, so you can also get the app from the given link
Netsnake virtual

If you are interested in avail its Apk package file then you can get it from this post. I have provided the 100% working and the latest version of the app right on this page. So, interested readers can get it from the given direct download link.

But before moving towards the app I recommend you guys to give a read this article. Because there are some good as well as bad aspects of this tool which you must know.

About Virtual PUBG

PUBG Mobile is an action-based game that is developed for mobile phone devices. So, the Virtual PUBG Apk is a hacking tool that allows you to use cheats in that mobile game. However, it is quite difficult and based on a long and complicated process.

Therefore, very few of the users can use such tactics to exploit the bugs in that mega gaming platform. Further, this application allows users to hack other kinds of mega gaming platforms on Android. 

Basically, this application provides a virtual space on Android mobile phones. So, that is a kind of parallel space for the users to clone apps. To create clones of various apps you need to click on add option for that app. It seems like a complicated process but actually, it is not.

Because you only need to download and install the app. So, after launching the application on your phones it automatically creates a virtual space where you can add the PUBG mobile and add new accounts there. 

The purpose of this tool is to protect your original accounts from being banned by game officials. Because the usage of cheats or hacks that gives you an edge in the game is strictly prohibited.

Therefore, the over usage of such tactics can be easily detected by the security filters of the game. So, you get yourself banned for years. So, rather you can use guest accounts or create new private accounts to use such tactics.

Apk Details

NameVirtual PUBG
Size9.67 MB
DeveloperClays Virtual
Required Android4.0.3 and Up

How to Use The App?

If you do not know how to use Virtual PUBG Apk then follow these instructions and guidelines. Basically, this application creates a separate space on your phones.

So, through this tool, you can parallel apps or cloned ones. This allows you to use multiple accounts at the same time on some devices. Further, this application can protect you from being detected by random apps and games.

There is no complex procedure to use this app on your phone. So, download the Apk package from this post and install it on your phone. Thereafter, launch the tool and add desired games to that space.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download Virtual PUBG Apk for Android?

It is an illegal app to use and you may get your accounts banned permanently for using it. However, if you are still interested to install this application, then you will have to download it from this post.

We have provided the Apk package right on this page. So, scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will get a direct download link. Click on that link and install it on your phone.


This does not offer you the hacking scripts or other cheating stuff with itself. Therefore, you will have to get them separately. But if you are looking to download Virtual PUBG Apk for Android then get it from this post.

Direct Download Link

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