Task Mate Apk Download [New 2022] Free For Android

Google has currently launched an app for Indian users. It is Task Mate Apk that you can download and use on your Android smartphones if you are living in India. You can also get the app from the below link.

Task Mate Google Play is a new idea that will not only help Indian users to earn some money. But through that Google will achieve some of its own objectives. So, it is beneficial for both users and authorities.

I am sure some of you may are not aware of the TaskMate Google Apk. Because it has been almost 3 to 4 days since its launch. So, in this article, you will be able to know more about the Google Task App.

What is Task Mate Apk?

We have witnessed some new developments from Google in the shape of Task Mate Apk. Recently they have launched the Google Task Mate App. This is something new that will allow the users to earn some cash. There will be different tasks for you to complete, so as a reward, you get paid.

They are offering an Indian rupee rather than paying you in dollars. So, you are going to do some tasks like completing surveys, translating, and so on. The tasks are mostly based on the functions, and ecosystem of the Google App. Well, you might have done a few surveys previously for free but now you get paid for that.

This is called an Opinion Reward App internationally. It is available in many western countries and European countries. But now they have launched it with a different name that is Task Mate App. It is also paying you in Indian currency. However, that is going to be so beneficial for Android users.

Google is actually trying to get the opinion of the users to further improve its services. This will not only help them to develop and improve their services but also they seem to work on AI technology. The machine learning system helps businesses to multiply their monthly yearly profit.

However, that is not only benefiting the company but also it is providing a platform for the people to earn some cash. But to run the app you need to have Task Mate Referral Code India. If you have received Task Mate Invitation Code, then you can simply enter that to use that app.

App Details

NameTask Mate
Size14.56 MB
Package Namecom.google.android.apps.nbu.tinytask
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Required Android5.0 and Up

How To Get Task Mate Referral Code?

Task Mate Apk is a Beta App or version for India. To use that you need to have a referral code that is also known as Google Task Referral Code. If you have not received that Google Task Mate Referral Code, then you cannot use the app on your phone. But if you have, then you are lucky.

I am sure that there are so many of you who have got that invitation code. But if not then you cannot use the application. Because there are so many scams going viral on various YouTube channels and third-party websites. So, there is no kind of reality. You will have to wait for the code.

You will get the code through Email, or your mobile number. Once you will get that, then you need to download the app and then enter that Referral and start earning. So, it is an official process and there are no such codes exist on the internet. Because every user gets a special and unique code.

Screenshots of the App

How to Earn from Task Mate Apk?

It is simple to use Google Task Mate Apk. You just need to wait for the referral code. Once you will get that from the official sources, then you can do that.

You just need to download and install the app on your Android smartphones and tablets. Then you can have some special tasks that is mentioned here below.

  • Go to the location pointed by Google and capture a photo of the shopfront.
  • You need to record Spoken Sentences.
  • Transcribe Sentences.
  • You should also check Shop Details.
  • There you will get surveys to fill out and answer all the questions.
  • There you will get tasks to translate English sentences into your own Local language.
How to Withdraw Cash From Google Task Mate App?

That is quite simple as it is paying you in Indian currency. So, there is no such issue at all. You just need to use any kind of E-Wallet source there. Once you will be ready to withdraw your cash, you can simply add E-Wallet. Then the amount will be transferred to your wallet. Then you can simply withdraw it.

Final Words

That is all from today’s review. I hope you have got your own referral codes. I once again warn you that you should not get yourself trapped in scams. Just download Task Mate Apk, once you will get an invitation from Google.

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