Ruok FF Auto Headshot Apk Download [Latest] For Android

Garena Free Fire is an amazing gaming platform for Android phones. If you want to have a better gaming experience then you should download Ruok FF Auto Headshot for the game and try it once.

Sensitivitas FF Auto Headshot is an alternative sensitivity tool for the Game Free Fire. Basically, that is the alternative name used for the same tool. So, you don’t need to get confused between names.

Once you download the Cheat FF Auto Headshot on your phone, simply install it. I have shared the process of installation too. So, you can also get help from there.

What is Ruok FF Auto Headshot?

Ruok FF Auto Headshot is a quiet tool for the Garena Free Fire sensitivity. Basically, there are multiple names given to the same tool. So, you can call it any name but its functions are the same and it is really an amazing tool. So, that is the reason why I have shared a precise review of this app with the users.

Not only the review but also I have shared the Apk file here on this page. If you are interested then you can simply download it on your phone right from this page. Basically, there are two major functions of this app first to set the sensitivity of the whole gameplay, and second, you can do that for a specific item.

So, when I say an item then it means a weapon that you use in the game. So, for each weapon you can have a sensitivity customization option. Well, some of you may think that it this gonna be difficult to figure out the best settings for that. But that is not true as you can do that according to your choice.

You can simply set a sensitivity level and then try the game, once you think it is working smoothly, then simply apply that. Once you will do that launch the game and start playing it. The best thing about this application is that it has more sensitivity customization options than the official Garena Free Fire.

As you know the game is not that smooth and you can not move even the player easily or quickly. That is why it becomes boring and players feel difficult while shooting. Therefore, it is a nice cheat for the fans to move quickly and act smoothly as compared to random gameplay.

App Details

NameRuok FF Auto Headshot
Size16 MB
DeveloperHead Marco
Required Android5.0 and Up

How To Use Cit Ruok FF?

As I have already mentioned Ruok FF Auto Headshot Apk has multiple names. So, you can also call it CIT Ruok FF. Once you will download the Apk, you need to install it on your phone. So, for that, you just need to enable the option of Unknown Sources from the security settings.

In some devices that option is available right in the Accessibility settings. So, there you can also checkmark or enable that. Later you will be able to install Apk on your phones. Thereafter, it will also ask for some permissions that you need to grant. You should install the tool on the device where the game is installed.

Then simply launch the app and there you will get all the settings. So, now fix the sensitivity for each weapon and the whole gameplay according to your convenience. That is all. Now you need to close the menu and simply play the game. I am sure it will make the game smoother for you.

It is not designed for specific weapons. Even you will find all of them so you just need to go to the weapon’s settings and then customize settings. However, it is not a kind of hacking tool. So, to some extent, it is quite safe for you to use.

Screenshots of the App

Is Ruok FF Auto Headshot Apk Safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to download and use. Basically, it does not manipulate the whole gameplay but provides smoother controls and allows you to move your player smoothly.

So, you can simply enjoy its amazing features without any kind of hesitation. Enjoy the best features of this amazing FF Mod Menu.

There are a few other similar apps that you can use to enhance weapon sensitivity or decrease it according to your convenience. So, these include Sensibilidade FF Pro Apk and SensiLag 2 Apk. These tools give you access to the sensitivity settings of all the weapons.


Is it legal to use sensitivity customization tools?

Yes, if you are using them only for customization sensitivity.

Can I use this app for other shooter games?

No, this is only designed for Garena Free Fire players so they can have better weapon handling.

How to enhance weapon sensitivity?

You need to install the tool on your Android and then select a weapon and then set sensitivity according to your convenience.

Can I have an Auto Headshot feature in the tool?

No, there is no such option for you. But there are some other tools on this website where you can have that option for the Free Fire game.

Final Words

That is all from today’s review. Now you can simply download the Ruok FF Auto Headshot Apk for your Android phones. The link is given right here below.

Download Link

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