Relx Cash Apk Free Download For Android [Earn Money]

Are you looking to make money online on your Android? If so, then Relx Cash is an app for you that is offering that opportunity. If you want to try it then download its Apk from here below.

It is a free platform where you can find multiple kinds of earning options. That is not the only app rather there are tons of them. But I will discuss about this app in today’s review.

What is Relx Cash?

Relx Cash is an app basically falls in the category of shopping apps for Android mobile phones. However, this platform is offering you earning options as well. There will be different tasks that you are supposed to complete in order to earn coins that can be redeemed with real cash later.

However, you will find the app quite interesting and enjoyable as well. Because there is a task in which you are supposed to watch ads or videos. These videos are based on different promotions that include both products as well as services. So, you can also find some valuable things in them.

Nevertheless, the major feature of the app is that you can make real cash. That is what most of you are here for. The best part of the app is that you can make money even by playing some mini-games the app. There are mutliple games that you can pick and play in order to earn more coins.

You will get the payment withdrawal option in the app. You can withdraw your cash or redeem coins and get paid through PayPal, VISA, or PayTm. There are three main sources of withdrawal and you can pick the one that you want or available in your region or country.

But if you have decided to use the app, then you must do your own research as well. Because it is a third-party app that I am reviewing here on the basis of data that is available on the internet. Nevertheless, if you are interested to try more such apps, then get Hivesis Apk and World Trip Apk.

App Details

NameRelx Cash
Size31.2 MB
Required Android4.0 and Up

How to Earn Money?

This is the main question that is important to address here for the people who are interested to make money. But I again emphasize that you must do your own research before installing or using the app on your phone. It is better not to invest money in any unknown or third-party app.

First of all, you need to download and install Relx Cash Apk on your Android phone. You will find the file right here on this page. Once you will be done with the installation process, then you need to launch that application on your Android phone. Then tap on any of the signup options.

You can use email, mobile number, and some other details that are required in the app. Once you will be done with the registration process, you need to pick a task and there are so many of them. You can have videos, mini-games, referrals, and more.

It will reward you some coins if you successfully complete the tasks. Then you can redeem those coins with real money. There you have PayPal, Paytm, and VISA. You can use any of them to get your cash.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install Relx Cash Apk on Android Mobile Phones?

In order to start earning from Relx Cash App, you must install the latest update of the app. You will get the Apk right here on this page. It is all free and there is no need to pay anything for that. You just need to tap on the link that is given at the beginning of this page.

However, there is another link available right at the bottom of this page. You can use that link as an alternative. But both of them contain the same file and you can install it and enjoy the features that it is offering you. Tap on the link, get the Apk and then tap on that file to install it on your phone.

Final Verdict

Here below is the alternative link for Relx Cash App. You can use that to download the app and get a chance to make some real money from your Android.

Download Link

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