KidsGuard Apk Download v4.3 Parental Control App for Android

The Internet has positive as well as negative impacts on children. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor their kids. So, KidsGuard Apk is developed for parents to keep an eye on their kids. Grab the Apk file here.

Even you can download KidsGuard Premium for your Android phones but that is paid. Therefore, you need to pay an amount of money to avail yourself of that premium tool for your Android mobile phones and tablets.

However, the free one is also a better option for the elders to use. So, we have shared the latest version of the free official app here on this page. If you are interested, then you can simply download it for your Android models.

Children spending time on screen is a norm now. It is not possible for a mother or father to monitor what their child is doing on the mobile or tablet. What if you relegate this task to an application with easy to use features?

All About KidsGuard Apk

KidsGuard Apk is a parenting app to monitor kids’ activities on their smartphones. This application is compatible with every Android operating System and works perfectly everywhere in the world. Now your kid’s device is in your access.

This helps you to keep your children safe from harmful activities and cyberbullying online. Gain access to the device and get an instant screenshot of your child’s phone anytime you want.

With it you can control children’s phone activities and get device usage report. Maybe your children are facing cyberbullying or any other issue online. But that is the responsibility of the father and mother to check out about such stuff.

Because the internet has so many negative impacts. There are so many harmful sites and people out there who always try to misguide your kids. Further, accessing inappropriate websites and other harmful online contents of all types is easier than ever.

How to Control Kid’s Device?

Due to the advancement of technology kids are becoming more vulnerable to social evils. They might be involved in drugs or unhealthy activities, or maybe someone is trying to harm them. But with KidsGuard Apk you can finally rest assure and manage screen time for your kids.

Therefore, it is necessary to check out what your kid is doing on his/her phone and with whom he/she is connected. KidsGuard Pro Apk allows you to control the cellphone of your child and also gives you access to the SMS service.

This further allows you to lock and check out the call logs of that phone. It is really helpful to monitor all the activities that have been done on that phone. It is a really helpful app for adults.

If you are really concerned about your child and want to keep him/her safe, then you should download the KidsGuard Pro Apk. Otherwise, I would recommend you go with the free one. As Premium or Pro editions are paid and you need to pay some money to use or download it.

App Details

Size3.70 MB
Package Namepro.kidsgaurd
Required Android4.2 and Up

Key Features

Let’s see what else you can do through a single and simple mobile app known as KidsGuard Apk. These are the basic features in simple words.

So, here is a process through which you can enjoy or avail yourself of the services of the app. I will let you know how it works and you can use it.

  • A device usage report delivers a complete overview of what your kids are up to on the devices.
  • Lock screen instantly or take a screenshot remotely on kid’s device. Manually unlock or relock the phone as you want.
  • Block apps and websites or put the corresponding function module from the dashboard.
  • It lets you control the SMS or messages of your child on his/her phone.
  • Manage screen time with KidsGuard Apk download easily. Now control screen time for any application.
  • Using geofencing get an alert immediately if the object enters or leaves a particular place.
  • Tracking real time location is just a tap away for you.
  • Blocking apps and other inappropriate websites for Android users is not a big deal with this application.
  • Taking a remote screenshot of kids phone or target device, finding their browser history, and limiting their screen time is all available on this app with other daily basic features as well.
  • Managing screen time is easy and get devices day to day usage report on your own device.
  • It allows you to remove, send, and check out the sender’s details.
  • You can cancel or delete call logs and contacts from that phone.
  • Control your child’s bad screen time habits with a device lock and Tiktok time limiter option.
  • A real time location tracker helps you track your kid’s location instantly.
  • You can find what kinds of apps are installed on that phone and how those are used.
  • It gives you access to your kid’s phone to lock it without letting him/her know about that.
  • Block or delete apps and games from that phone without letting them know.
  • You can easily trace the location of that person.
  • It allows you to record the voice of the surrounding environment of your kid.
  • It gives you the option to capture photos of the surrounding environment of your child.
  • It will function properly on major mobiles and other Android models.
  • With this app installed on your device, you don’t need to worry about overwhelming online contents of all type.
  • Consider it the best TikTok time limiter with ground breaking techniques for total control.
  • It has a simple user interface and anyone can use the app flexibly.
  • You can update the blocked website list easily compared to similar apps.
  • You can get more privileges in the Pro and Premium version of the KidsGuard Apk.

Screenshots of the App

How to Use KidsGuard Apk?

No matter you are using the free version of the app or KidsGuard Pro Apk or the premium one the process of usage is the same. So, first of all, you need to download and install the latest version of the app on your phone.

Then simply launch that app on your phone. There you will be asked to register a new account. However, if you already have an account then you can simply log in by using the login details.

To create a new account you need to enter your name, number, and password. That is all, now you can start monitoring your child.


What is KidsGuard Apk?

It is a screen monitoring tool for parents.

Can I download the KidsGuard Apk file from Google Play Store?

The apk version is only available on our website only.

Is it safe to use this KidsGuard Apk?

We have tested it on multiple Android devices and found no issues. Thus it is safe to use this tool.

Final Words

KidsGuard Apk is developed and intended for parents only. So, it is legal and safe until and unless you are using it for your kids. But you cannot use it for illegal and unethical purposes. If you are interested, then you can download the app right from the below link.

Download Link

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