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Do you remember the Mercado Pago Falso? Furtive is another app that is pretty much identical to that app. It is designed by an unknown developer to generate fake payment details and prank people. If you want to try this app, then you should be careful while using it.

Understanding why this application has been released and how it works is quite simple. However, if you want to know whether it is safe or not, you must read the article till the end. I will thoroughly explain its working process and functions.

What is Furtive?

Furtive is a new third-party app like Marcado that was designed to scam people. As many of you know Marcado is a huge marketplace and they own an online payment or digital wallet application. However, some fake versions are released against this platform and used for looting you.

Mainly, these apps are available on Android phones and have identical interfaces, options, and other attributes. These attributes can easily trape you by manipulating and compelling you to provide information, such as account details. Thus, you get scammed.

However, another purpose of this app is to generate fake transaction details. It is like creating e-statements that you generate and show people that you have transferred cash. Moreover, if you have any real information on the app, potentially, it can be used for illegal activating.

The purpose of sharing this app and the overview is to educate you about the scam. Furthermore, the app is available on the same page you can download it on your phone to check out what it looks like. So you can avoid installing such apps again on your phone.

App Details

Size62.53 MB
Package Namecom.lapija32.cliente
Required4.4 and Up

Key Functions

Furtive is designed to perform different tasks, mainly for scammers. As mentioned earlier in the above paragraphs, it is another version of the Mercado Fake App. So it works in the same way and offers similar kind of functions to its users. Below are a few of those functions for which the app is designed.

Fake Transaction Statements

Transaction statements can be used to prank people or scam them by showing them fake transactions. So the app enables users to put fake details, such as name, amount, account number, and others to generate any e-statment.

Extract Account Details

If someone confuses this scam app with the official and logs in with their original accounts, then it steals their accounts. Hence, it can be risky for you if you use your original accounts to sign in to the app and real wallet details. Thus, you should always try the app from its official website or the Play Store.

Pranking Friends

Though the primary function of the app is to scam people, some Android users are still using the app to prank their friends. However, it can be risky for those users as well. Also, avoid using the app and its other versions as well.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install Furtive Apk on Android?

I am not recommending you download and use the app, but rather, you should install it, check its interface, and then identify the scam. So below are the steps you need to follow and install the app. However, you must not use your original details to sign up.

  • The download link is available at the bottom of this page, so tap on it and get the APK.
  • Wait for a while and let the downloading process complete.
  • Then open the File Manager app.
  • Go to the Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the file you have downloaded from this page.
  • Then select the install option.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Launch the app.
  • Then use the fake details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Furtive Apk Scam?

Yes, it is a scamming app.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free.

What are its functions?

It is designed to generate fake transaction details and statements.

Final Words

Furtive App is a scam and one must not try it for registering with their original wallet login details. Moreover, granting all the permissions after installing the app can be risky for you. However, I have reviewed this third-party app and shared its Apk for educational purposes. Also, I don’t recommend you install and use the app.

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