Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Latest Version For Android

If you are getting bored and want to have some fun, then you should try Friday Night Funkin Apk. This is a new musical as well as an action-based game for Androids that you can download from the below link.

It is a free exciting game for Android smartphones and tablets. It is free to download and play. But there are tons of premium or paid items in there to upgrade and enjoy maximum features.

Moreover, there are some other gaming options that I will share with you. But before that, you should try this new gaming app on your Android mobile phone that I have shared with you.

What is Friday Night Funkin Apk?

Friday Night Funkin Apk is a gaming app based on Music. But there is a lot of action. If you missed a beat then get ready for a punch or a shot. The main theme of the game is to impress a girl or a woman and then take her on a date. Moreover, there are tons of amazing features or options to have fun.

This is an exciting gaming app for Android mobile phones and tablets. But this is mostly based on a date and romance with girls. So, it is only designed for the Adult or above 18 users. Therefore, if you are under age then you cannot get access to the app. Even if it is strictly prohibited for kids.

If you are an adult then there are multiple options, first select teenage girl, seconds milf, or mature woman. Then simply dance to the beats that and you will have to show some better moves to that girl. Then she will be inspired by you. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of the arena or home of that girl.

Moreover, there will be a father of the girl who will assign you some tasks. So, if you miss any of those tasks, then you will be fired. The father will punch you in your face to eliminate. But you don’t need to worry about that. Just try again and again to get a nice and lovely date with your dream milf.

That all can be possible if you succeed to impress. But before that, you will have to download the latest version of the game on your Android mobile phone. So, I have shared the direct download link right at the end of this page. Tap on that link and get the package file for your phone.

App Details

NameFriday Night Funkin
Size226 MB
Versionv0.2.8 build 1
Package Namecom.ninjamuffin99.funkin
Required Android4.1 and Up

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Friday Night Funkin Apk is quite simple and easy. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about that. Just download the latest updated Friday Night Funkin Mobile Apk on your phones. After that install it on your phones. Then launch it and select the main options like gender and so on.

This game is all about romance and dating. It is a virtual game where you are supposed to select a girl or woman. Then you will have to dance to the beats or a song sung by her father or any other relative. If you do that completely and successfully, then you will be able to take her on a date.

If you failed, then you will be eliminated. But that does not mean that the game will stop there. You can do romance and a lot more that I cannot mention in this article. But you will get to know more about the game once you will download and play it on your Android.

So, it comes up with good graphics that are well-optimized and you are not going to face any kind of lag.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download Friday Night Funkin Apk?

If you want to enjoy it then you will have to go for the Friday Night Funkin Mobile Download. Then you will be able to install it on your devices. For that, you just need to tap on the direct download link given right at the bottom of this page. Then wait for a few seconds to start the process.

How to Play Friday Night Funkin Online?

Some of you may know that there are so many websites and apps where you can play online games. So, there you can also have the option to play this amazing Musical game online. You can Play Friday Night Funkin Online on several websites that now I am going to share with you right here below.

I am actually going to share three top websites where you can Play Friday Night Funkin Online. Basically, they are offering you to play the official version of the Friday Night Funkin. Along with that, they provide all the mod versions of the game to play on any browser online.

Snokido Friday Night Funkin

Snokido Friday Night Funkin is the main term that you can simply online in any browser. You can do that on your Android phones as well as on your PCs. That is totally up to you whether you want to go with Android or PC but the Snokido is available for both devices.

Snokido Friday Night Funkin

Snokido is not only offering you this single game but there are tons of other gaming apps that you can play online. There you can find games in multiple categories. Those include Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Girls, Multiplayer, and many more. However, the official name of the website is Snokido.

You can simply search the name of that website and you will get the official website. So, visit that site and search for the game name and start playing it.

KBH Games Friday Night Funkin

The official name of this second website is KBHGames. You can also play the game online by simply searching the term KBH Games Friday Night Funkin. Or you can also have a search box on the official website of KBHGames where you can simply enter the name of game and play it.

KBH Games Friday Night Funkin

However, the best part of this website is again you have multiple kinds of gaming platforms that you can play online. You can find games in multiple categories such as Action, Sports, Shooting, Racing, Puzzle, RPG, Retro, and many more.

The best part of this site is that you can get all the Tops Mods of Friday Night Funkin. Therefore, I would really suggest you give a try this website if you are looking for the mod versions of the game.

Arcade Spot Friday Night Funkin

The last but one of the best options that I would really like to suggest for the fans is Arcade Spot Friday Night Funkin. Basically, the official name of the site is ArcadeSpot. You just need to search the term mentioned and then you will get the link for the site.

Arcade Spot Friday Night Funkin

The reason why I prefer it is because they are offering you all the Mod versions of the game. However, you can also have many other games on that same website. If you want to try some other games you can find those there.

You can have puzzles, Multiplayer, sports, RPG, Shooting, Adventure, Action, Mobile, Strategy, and many more. I would suggest all three sites Play Friday Night Funkin Online. But the 2nd and 3rd are the best options for you.

Tops Mods of Friday Night Funkin

As I have mentioned in the above paragraphs you can find the Modded or unlocked editions of the game and can play them online. So, here you are going to know about those modified editions of the Friday Night Funkin Apk. You can also download those on your Android and play them offline.

So, these below are the Tops Mods of Friday Night Funkin that you can either get on Android or only on the Online websites. I have mentioned the website that also offers all these below-mentioned mods of Friday Night Funkin Apk.

Whitty Friday Night Funkin Mod

Whitty Friday Night Funkin Mod offers you an additional option to replay the records. Once you will play the music, it records that automatically. So, once you will finish the map then it will save that for you. After that, you can replay that.

You will be able to access those saved files in the menu. Then there you will see an option for replays. So, click on that and play all those saved or recorded files.

Hex Mod Friday Night Funkin

Hex Mod Friday Night Funkin is a kind of scenario. So, there is a guy called Hex that comes to you and challenges you near Basketball. The interesting part of this mod is that there is your girlfriend along with you who is observing your battle.

So, it is also called Vs Hex Mod Friday Funkin Apk. It is based on a rap battle with that fella Hex at the Basketball Court.

Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod

Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod is a new modified edition of the game. This exciting mod offers the Madness Combat series. In the Tricky Mod, Sheriff hires an Assassin. It further offers some new songs to battle.

This is also about time, reaction, rhythm, music, and skill. It is designed and developed by Banbuds, Rozebud, Kade Developer, and Cval.

Friday Night Funkin Minus Mod

Friday Night Funkin Minus Mod is another mod that you can play online on the sites that I have mentioned in the above paragraphs. So, it is about a new and totally modified game. It offers new skins, and changed characters, with some custom-written songs.

Friday Night Funkin Neo Mod

Here in Friday Night Funkin Neo Mod, everything is changed or revolutionized. So, there you are going to have totally different characters, colors, icons, backgrounds, and even songs that have been overhauled.

There are some new songs added to the game that are custom written. Along with that, you can have a new SFX and visuals. So, therefore the name Neo MOD is given to this edition of the game.

Friday Night Funkin Sky Mod

Friday Night Funkin Sky Mod is the modified edition of the official game. In the mod, you can battle with the Sky where you can have 3 songs in a whole week. Those songs include the following.

  • Wife Forever
  • Manifest
  • Sky

All the credit goes to the bbpanzu. You can find further details if you search their name on Google.

Lucky Dog 7 Funkin Apk Android Download Free

Lucky Dog 7 Funkin Android is something that you are actually using now on Android mobile phones. Because all the other editions are either for PC or you can play them online on the KBG, Snokido, and more.

However, here I am going to share that link that you can use to download Lucky Dog 7 Funkin Apk file. Although some of you may have already downloaded the game, this one is new and you must get the update one from this page.

Lucky Dog 7 Funkin Android

Lucky Dog 7 FNF is the mod version of the game designed for Android mobile phones. This is developed by LuckyDog 7. Therefore, the name Lucky Dog 7 Friday Night Funkin is given to the game.

I am sure that if you are a huge fan of the game then you are familiar with that name. It has been more than 2 weeks since they released the recent update for the app. It was not available for Android mobile phones previously.

But now you are going to have that gaming app on your Android smartphones and tablets. So, therefore, I am going to share the new update of the app right here on this page.

You cannot only download the game for free, but also you can have most of its features free of cost. However, most of the top mods are not available for Androids.

There are multiple game modes in there for the players. So, these include rap battles, freestyles, story mode, and many more.

Lucky Dog 7 Funkin Mod

The app that I am going to share here is also known as Lucky Dog 7 Funkin Mod. So, it is not an official version of the game at all. But this is going to be one of the best experiences for you. It is safe to download and use on your phone.

Here is the download link to get the Apk and install that on your phones. You can use the below link to download it and enjoy the addictive game mechanic.

Lucky Dog 7 Funkin Android


Can I download Friday Night Funkin from Google Play Store?

You are not going to find the Friday Night Funkin in the Play Store. But there are some other edtions that are available for Android users.

How to install the Apk file?

In order to install the APK or package file, you must download it from the above link. Then enable the option of unknown sources from the Android settings. Then simply tap on the downloaded file to install that on your phone.

Who is the main character in the game?

You are the main role in the game where you are playing the role of a cool guy trying to impress your girlfriend’s father. Basically, her father is a former rock star. So, it is quite hard to impress him.

Final Words

This is the end of today’s review. Now you can simply download the latest version of the Friday Night Funkin Apk for your Android mobile phones. I have not only shared the game for Android mobile phones but also mentioned some sites where you can Play Friday Night Funkin Online.

Download Link

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