Fahrezone G Vortex Apk Download Free for Android [New]

Do you want to optimize your device to perform better when you are playing any game? If so, then Fahrezone G Vortex is the app that lets you adjust various features on your phone to enhance your gaming experience. So, you can adjust the resolution, graphics, resources, and others.

It aims to provide a smooth, seamless, and convenient gaming experience to gamers. However, it is only available for Android users. To learn more about the app in detail, stick to this page and read the article.

What is Fahrezone G Vortex all About?

Fahrezone G Vortex is a free game booster for Android smartphones and tablets. It optimizes Android devices to make them able to run high-end games smoothly. Users can adjust various settings on their devices to run both online and offline games smoothly.

There are so many game booster tools available on the internet. However, I pick tools that work in real and offer quality features. Thus, I have reviewed several other apps that help you to play games seamlessly, such as Sec Booster Apk and Xiaomi Game Turbo. Also, they are free to download and use.

How Does the App Work?

Like any other game booster, you are supposed to adjust a few settings required for any game to run smoothly. It lets you adjust the resolution, clears useless processes, improves aiming in shooting games, enhances network speed, and a few other adjustments you can make with this tool.

This tool is perfectly designed for online games. But still, it can be helpful for offline games as well. It can help you play PUBG smoothly, improve aiming by adjusting the Aim Symbol on your phone’s screen, and so on. Furthermore, you can use it for Free Fire, COD, and others.

App Details

NameFahreZone G Vortex
Size4.8 MB
Versionv3.2 Patch 10
Package Namecom.rezone.gvortex
DeveloperFahre Zone
Required Android7.0 and Up

Major Features of the App

There are dozens of features available for gamers in Fahrezone G Vortex. But I will highlight and let you know about a few key features right here below.

RAM and CPU Optimization

In RAM and CPU optimization, it scans your device and provides you the information about the useless process in the background. If there is any process running in the background that has no use for you, then select that process and clear it manually. Also, you clear all processes at once using the Clear all option.

Game Filters

Add and create a list of your favorite games. This will help you to filter games and apply the adjustments you have made to your phone. So you can be able to pick the games easily from a single place.

FPS Optimizer

If you want the tool to fix the FPS automatically, then enable the FPS optimizer option. It will force adjust the FPS to improve your gaming experience.

Aim Assistant

Aim Assistant is another option that helps players to aim their targets accurately in the game. It improves the quality of crosshair that allows gamers to easily aim at the enemies.

Other Features

other features include Battery Optimization, Ping optimizer, fast launcher, and several others.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install Fahrezone G Vortex Apk on Android Devices?

  • Tap on the download link available on the page right at the end.
  • Then open the File Manager app once the downloading process is complete.
  • Then open the Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the FahreZone G Vortex Apk file.
  • Select the install option.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Now open the app.
  • Grant all the permissions.
  • Enjoy its features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fahrezone G Vortex free to download and use?

Yes, it is free to download and use. But it also offers premium features that users can upgrade within the same app.

Is it safe to use this tool with PUBG and other online games?

Yes, it is an official and legal tool. So it is safe to use with any game you want to.

Is it available for the iOS phones?

No, it is available for Android phones.


FahreZone G Vortex is a go-to app for those gamers who are facing high ping issues and choppy gameplay. It helps you to clear and close unnecessary processes, improves FPS, optimizes battery, assists in aiming, and optimizes your phone to decrease high ping.

Download the latest version of the app to access its stunning features and enjoy smooth gameplay.

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