How to Increase or Decrease Game Speed With x8 Speeder [Speed Hack]

Few months back a new android hacking tool was developed with the name of X8 Speeder Apk. The main objective of developing this tool was to offer an auto-clicking feature. Recently the developers add this extra option inside called X8 Speeder Speed.

Though this tool was developed focusing those android users who are experiencing difficulty regarding clicking. There are plenty of multiple games reachable online that require regular clicking. Thus without regular clicking, it’s not possible to win such games.

Apart from different games, there are multiple applications also reachable. That requires regular clicking continuously to make their goals precise. Thus in real, it seems impossible to continue clicking in same position for the long run.

Therefore considering the clicking problem, the developers integrate this advanced clicking option. So enabling this feature will allow all android users to hack and integrate this auto-clicking option. That will do clicking automatically.

Additionally, the developers integrate this latest feature inside the tool called Game Speed Hack. Hence now enabling this option will modify the game setting. And make the process of gameplay faster by changing the key settings accordingly.

Why would someone need a speedy hack if they can easily play and enjoy normal speed? Usually beginners like the slow speedy games and pro players who are familiar with the play love speed. Such custom fast and slow portability is not accessible.

Hence focusing the game personalization and customization. The developers integrate this Speed Hack inside tool. Now enabling this option will allow the gamers to adjust and customize game speed. For quick and speedy response.

What is X8 Speeder Speed

As we elaborate earlier that it a new hacking feature added inside X8 Speeder hacking tool. The main purpose of adding this option was to provide an advanced customization option. That will allow the gamers to increase and decrease game speed accordingly.

Remember the players can Increase Game Speed With X8 Speeder. Thus without the hacking tool, it is not possible to customize the game speed. Therefore to access the speed hack, gamer must install the X8 Speeder Hacking tool.

When we talk about accessibility and integration of a tool for controlling game speed. Then it is a tricky process but don’t worry because below here. We gonna explain the details including process of speed hack.

How To Hack Game Speed

To start with the speed hack, user must download the X8 Speeder App from our website. Both the older and newest version are reachable here. Once the downloading completes, click on Apk file and initiate the installation process.

Once the installation completes, go to mobile menu and launch the X8Speeder. Over homepage, users may saw multiple apps and games.

Now Select the particular gameplay that you want to hack and press Activate X8 button. Now select the Patch mode and Hack mode accordingly and press install X8 Apk. Once the process of installation complete.

Push on down button that is visible on top right corner of app. Select Activate X8 button, it will uninstall and install the gaming app to make certain modification. Once uninstall and installation process completes.

Now go to mobile menu and launch the gameplay. Remember once the gameplay will be launched successfully. Users may see this floating icon over the main mobile page. Click on that icon and select the Speed Hack option.

Increase or decrease the game speed by pushing the arrow button and it’s done. Remember the process is legal and till now no banning issue was registered by the gamers.

Thus you been searching for this great opportunity where the banning problems are permanently eradicated. Then we recommend those android users install X8 Speeder Apk from our site.


Among out there reachable online hacking tools for speed hack, we suggest android users utilize X8 Speeder Speed. For making the gameplay fast or slow without any detection or banning. Screenshots are added considering user assistance. Plus if any user encounters a problem feel free to contact us.

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