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In today’s article, you are going to get an amazing application for your Android smartphones and tablets. So, this post is about the Wolf Room Apk which is compatible with all kinds of Android mobile phones. If you are interested to have it on your phone then download it from this article. I have provided the latest version of the application in this article just for you guys. 

Further, I have tried to share some features of this app with you guys to let you know what it is offering. Further, I will share its basic details that how it works and what kind of requirements you need to operate it on your phones. Therefore, it will be great for you to read this article which is very simple and precise. 

I am hopeful that you will appreciate my work by sharing it with your friends and family members. Further, it will be better if you can share the app as it is really entertaining and informative. 

What is Wolf Room

Wolf Room Apk is a Live TV streaming application that has thousands of movies, shows, and Series. It is one of the most famous sources for Android devices to watch films and other kinds of videos contents without paying a single penny.

Although there are thousands of such applications in the market those which provide quality and legal content are paid. That is people always try to reach such a source where they can get quality content but without any kind of charges. 

If you are interested to watch without any interruption or disturbance then you must have a faster and more stable internet connection. If you are using a WiFi network then it must provide you stable connection otherwise 3G and 4G are preferable for this application. 

The best thing about this app is that you can have a download option where you are allowed to save movies in various kinds of formats. So, if you want to save the file in small size or with medium quality video then you can do that within minutes on 3G internet. 

Most people prefer to download offline because it is not possible to have an internet connection everywhere. Further, mobile Networks are costly for online streaming. Therefore, in that case, Wolfroom is a better choice for you guys. 

There is one problem for those people who do not understand the Turkish language as it is only available in that one language. However, there is one trick through which you can get benefit from the app. I am talking about the thumbnails and movie names that are available in English. 

Wolf Room (Apk) Details

NameWolf Room
Size6.04 MB
Package Namewolf.room
Required Android5.0 and Up

Is Wolf Room Apk Legal?

Some of you may know that such free sources are usually illegal as they do not have a license to issue movie content on their platforms. However, to display films or other video stuff they need permission from the respective owner or production houses.

Therefore, this tool or app is not a legal one to have some fun with. But there are millions of people from all over the who are using it without any problem. Although I am not urging someone to use such illegal sources this is available publicly for free.

However, this application is not my own but I am sharing it as a third-party source. We always share Android apps and games as a third-party provider.

Turkish Channels

As it is a Turkish application that is why it mostly broadcast channels that are from Turkey. Here you can have the option to play Turkish drama serials, movies, shows, current affairs programs, news, live sports broadcasting, and much more.

However, to do that you will need to download the latest Wolf Room Apk for your Android mobile phones and install it on your devices. 

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Kacak TV

Basic Features

I did not mention very important features of this app in the above paragraphs that it offers verities in its programs. It lets you stream news, live sports, expert opinions, drama serials, and many other programs are Tv channels.

However, in this paragraph, I am going to share all the key or basic features one by one in points. So, it will help you to find out what kind of features it actually offers to its valuable viewers. 

  • People love to have free sources that is why it is absolutely free to download and use.
  • It is offering you to have a simple user-friendly interface.
  • It helps you to get your desired stuff through its navigation button or box.
  • There is an option to play the latest trailers of films.
  • Get news about everything that you want to know.
  • It offers you global content or channels.
  • Get a chance to stream mixed content in various languages (Although the app has only Turkish language). 
  • You may see the ads that are placed by the developers.
  • You are going to get HD video quality.
  • There are more amazing features available in Wolf Room Apk for its fans.
Key Requirements

There are no such important or high-end requirements for the app but you need to have Android 4.1 or up version devices. Further, you need to have a stable internet connection and a smartphone of course to run the app or to install it on it. 


At last, I just want to say that let’s enjoy your life have fun and make all the people in your surroundings happy. If you want to have real entertainment then download Wolf Room Apk for Android from this article. I have provided the download button below from where you can get the Apk and install it on your phone.

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