Wifi Warden Pro Apk Download [Latest] For Android

Nowadays the internet is the main source of information through which people share their stuff like mobile numbers, pictures, personal data, etc. It means that it’s very risky and sensitive to share personal stuff over wifi internet. To analyze your Wifi internet security please install Wifi Warden Pro.

In the current situation, it is not possible to survive and compete with the modern world without the internet. And even multinational companies are entirely based on the internet. This means if you eliminate the internet from their businesses then such companies will bankrupt in a very short time.

Not only do a few companies depend on the internet but in the modern world, every single person depends on the internet. Over the internet different sensitive material moves from one place to another and if such data is infiltrated by a hacker then it may cause huge damage.

Damages that will never be recovered by investing millions of dollars. Every single institute around the world is connected over the internet. This includes Banking Sector, Financial Institutes, Educational Institutes, Space Technology, and more.

Not only institutes but also people are interconnected over the internet through Social Media Platforms. Where people upload personal information and credentials. This means if someone is successful to infiltrate your wifi router then he/she can access your content.

Such as what kind of stuff you are sharing and what kind of personal information are hiding inside lockers. From here you can understand how important and sensitive your data is over wifi internet. To check and analyze your wifi security please install Wifi Warden Pro from here.

What is Wifi Warden Pro Apk

It is an android application developed by EliyanPro for those mobile users who are very sensitive regarding their data infiltration. The tool will enable the user to analyze the Wifi Router Security Protocols and suggest to the user improving security layers.

The tool will evaluate your router configuration using the network signal. To scan your network first the user needs to install the tool inside their android device. After installing the tool, scan the nearby networks and connect with one using the WPS button.

The WPS button will allow your android mobile to connect with wifi router without any extra permission. Once you are successful in establishing a connection.

Launch the app and it will automatically access wifi router configuration including BSSID, Channel Bandwidth, SSID, Distance, and Encryption.

Details of APK

NameWifi Warden Pro
Size17 MB
Package Namecom.xti.wifiwarden
Required Android4.1 and Plus

After analyzing the network setting it will automatically show these warnings and improvements. Through this, a user can improve the router security.

Such as using pin codes instead of auto-generated passwords. Because hacking tools know about the algorithms which are used to generate auto passwords.

So if you believe your internet is getting slow after encrypting the router. Then we recommend you download and install the updated version of the tool from our website. Which may help you determine the loopholes inside your internet modulator.

Key Features of The App

  • The app is free to download and easy to operate.
  • The user interface of the app is mobile-friendly.
  • The tool will automatically fully analyze your network.
  • To show the hidden password you need to root your device.
  • Even to get the serial number of the access point you also need to root your device.
  • For WPS connection, smartphones have Android operating system 5.0 and do not require rooting their devices.
  • Those android mobiles whose operating system is 4.4 and less require to root their devices.

Screenshots of The App

How to Download And Use App

Though you may find different similar tools out there offering the same features. But till now Wifi Warden Pro Apk is the Best Tool for analyzing wifi security protocols. We can assure you that the tool will never gonna disappoint mobile users.

To download the latest version of the Apk File please click on the download link provided inside the article. Once you push the download link button, your downloading will start automatically. After downloading the file go to the mobile storage section and initiate the installation process.

After installing the tool, visit the mobile menu and launch the app. Click on the agreed button to agree with app policies and start scanning the network. The mobile screen will show the nearby all wifi networks.


Our policy believes in user assistance means we provide a platform from which users can download the needed Apk File in one click. Even if any user encounter any problem while downloading and utilization of the app.

Do not feel shy to contact us and our expert team will get back to you as soon as we receive your query.  

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