What Is A Lucky Crate Free Fire [ Free FF Skins and Emotes]

There are plenty of different outsource websites reachable online that offer free FF items for fans. But in reality, such websites are offering fake and corrupted files. Thus considering the current trend, a new platform is gaining the attention of Garena FF players called Lucky Crate Free Fire.

Basically, a new website was launched offering an original FF theme. That offers unlimited different pro items for Garena Free Fire Players. Though few gamers do aware of the platform. And everyone is recommending gamers to visit the website.

As visiting and spinning the board will offer different pro items like Skins and Effects for free. Why would someone choose such third-party websites, if gamers can easily unlock those items from the inside game? Although the pro items including Skins and Emoji are reachable inside FF.

However, all of those pro items are categorized in the premium section. Thus to unlock those items requires thousands of diamonds. Without diamonds, it seems impossible to unlock those pro items from inside the gaming store.

The legal way of earning those diamonds is to either win every match or invest real money. For average gamers, both sides are unacceptable. Because it is not possible to win every match with limited resources. And the cost of purchasing diamonds is also expensive.

Therefore considering the free opportunities, gamers mostly try to access third-party platforms. Where multiple pro-free items are offered. When we peek into reality then many gamers have already taken full advantage of their chances.

Moreover many gaming accounts including devices are blacklisted permanently due to the illegal embedding of such items through third-party sources. Thus considering all these concerns a new platform was launched for FF gamers and I will discuss that in this blog.

What is a Lucky Crate in Free Fire?

It is an online third party platform developed focusing FreeFire Players. The main purpose behind developing this website was to offer an alternative channel. Through which the gamers can easily inject unlimited Skins and Emoji for free.

Though such pro items are reachable inside gameplay. But due to expensive prices, gamers avoid such items from accessing. When briefly explore this new platform online. Then we found the outlook quite similar to the original website.

Furthermore, the options and categories seems official. As per website, the players must visit this website and try their luck by spinning the wheel. The position on which the wheel stops will automatically be deposited to gamer account.

Due to recent publication, some of the players may not see this website on Google. According to the official website, they express this problem is an internal bug. So try to search writing Browser Web FF. We hope writing this keyword will resolve your problem.

Is It Safe To Use Lucky Crate In Free Fire

Though according to the official channel of Garena FreeFire. They never support third party sources for the injection of different items such as Skins and Emoji. Garena International only support the gaming store for such items.

Many gamers claim to avail free Diamonds, Costumes and Weapon Skins through Lucky Crate Free Fire. But in reality, Garena International never support this platform. Even claimed that if any user caught using any third-party channels for injection of items.

Their account including device will be banned permanently. Thus in such scenario, we cannot assure any guarantee regarding the platform. As the best alternative, we recommend FF Game Players to explore this new incredible app called Nicoo Free Fire for free Skins and Effects.

How To Get Free Lucky Crate In Free Fire

As we already discussed the process and source for Free Lucky Crate. Thus those who are willing to judge their luck must access their online website by typing the mentioned keyword. Once the gamer inserts this keyword, the search engine will offer a website link.

Now access the main website and try to earn a free spin. Over spinning the wheel speedily, it will offer different products. Remember to deposit earned products, gamer has to embed different credentials including Account ID.


In the above review, we expressed and try to explain the details that we learned after visiting multiple sources. There are number of concerns showed by gamers. It’s up to the gamer either he/she willing to explore and earn new items for free or not. If you are interested then follow Lucky Crate Free Fire.

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