Virtual Sim Story Dream Life Apk Download v7.6 for Android

Live the dream life in a virtual world with the Virtual Sim Story Dream Life APK, where the only limit is your imagination.

Humans live in two parallel worlds. One is the real world and the other is the one created by the mind with the aid of imagination. Sometimes we get the thing we wish for and other times we do not this is how life is. But in the world of imagination, you are the master of your fate.

What if someone helps you create this world of imagination in the virtual world? Will not that be awesome? Indeed that would be and here this application is designed to just do that for you. To create a world where you can choose from the house to live in, the car you want to drive, and that pet whose owner is nobody just you.

You can become a star in this world, do whatever you want, wear the fanciest of dresses, and drive the most expensive cars.

About Virtual Sim Story Dream Life APK

This is the imaginary world of Clearbell Island. A place where you can meet friends, construct a home, pursue your passion, and become a star. It is a world where style and fashion reign.

This is an online multiplayer sim full of shops selling the latest fashion, exotic cafes, and lovely animals. This is a place where mystical powers can give you the cutest of pets to stroke their heads. This is a place where the most famous showbiz and music stars on the planet live, a life without worries, a serene second life just for you.

But here is the twist!

A series of unexplainable events and mysterious appearances have been observed on the fringes of the island paradise. Would you dare to go there and investigate the activities to clear the mystery of this beautiful island?

APK Details

NameVirtual Sim Story: Dream Life
DeveloperFoxie Ventures
Size73 MB
Package Namecom.foxieventures.virtualworldlifesim
Required Android5.0 and Above

Features of the App

The app gives you the freedom to create a new life in this virtual world, allowing you to choose the clothes you want to wear the hobbies you want to groom, to the pet you want to keep, all is your choice.

Want fame and wish the world to follow you? Dress as the hottest star and be the trend of the town, options are open for you in the Virtual Sim Story Dream Life APK android app.

A home you Always Dreamt of

Begin with a modest house to live in, and chase your way to building the house you wish for, chose from many of the home designs to create and decorate, with pets frolicking in the yard of your house.

Explore the Island

Explore the exotic world of the Clearbell Island, bustling with people, animals, beaches, parks, and shops. You can go from one point to another either on foot, in your car, in a bota, or use an air balloon for an aerial view. Then there are secret places for role play with the new online multiplayer friends.

The career of Your Dreams

Virtual Sim Story Dream Life APK gives you the option to choose and start your own career life. It is up to you what you want to do want to be the superstar of the Island, pet rescuer, or just move around and role play. You have the option to choose from a restaurant owner to a photographer, to a social media model, and countless more.

Customization Option

What do you want to be in here, a teenage girl or a boy, it is up to you. You can customize your avatar with countless 3D clothing choices, stylish hairstyles, layered clothing, makeup and beauty option, skin and eye color, and flats and heels, create a unique sense of style to impress the fellow islanders. 

Play with Online Friends

Share the world you have created with your friends from around the world. Its a place to socialize and chat, this is possible with the built-in messenger. Become friends and show off your latest trendy outfit to become the talk of the town together in this multiplayer simulation.

Coolest Gear

You have the option to buy the coolest gear on the spot. choose from clothes, sports cars, luxury air balloons, and VIP boats.

How to Download Virtual Sim Story Dream Life APK

In this section, we have explained the method to download and install the Virtual Sim Story Dream Life APK app for the users. First, you must go to the Download APK file option in the form of a button at the bottom of this article, and follow the steps given below.

  • Tap/Click on the button (this will initiate the download automatically).
  • Tap/Click on the APK file
  • Tap on the app and enable the Unknown Sources option
  • Tap next to install the APK on your device.

Now you can enter the world of imagination, a dream life is waiting for you.


The Virtual Sim Story Dream Life APK is a role play game built with immense choices and options to choose from. This enables the player to create a totally customizable life, where there is an option for everything you do, from the clothes you wear, to the house you live in, to the career you pursue, and the pets you own. Everything is here. You can download the app from the link given below.

Download Link

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