Viptools Apk Download v2.0 [Latest 2022] Free For Android

If you want to get famous and have a huge fan following on TikTok then you can use the “Viptools” Apk on your Android mobile phones and tablets. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab the Apk file from this post and install it on your phone. Because it is absolutely free and there are no hidden charges at all. 

So many people are getting famous and becoming social media sensations. You can also become one of those by joining this mega social platform. The app which we have shared is quite different but it can help you to get what you are looking for on that platform. 

However, I will let you what kind of app it is and how it works. So, you can also get benefits from its instant services. But first, you will have to download and install the Apk file on your phone. We have provided the latest version of the application right in this post.

What is Viptools?

Viptools Apk is an Android application that is designed to provide TikTok Auto Hearts, Followers, Likes, Shares, and Auto comments. Furthermore, you can also give views on your videos through this app. So, if you are looking for these free services, then I recommend you to join this app. 

This application is quite helpful for those who want to get views on live stream videos. Because this helps you to boost viewers and shows a good reputation for your profiles.

Even if you have a huge fan following, then people start focusing on your profile and give it importance. Therefore, a huge friend list or followers attracts the attention of more people. Further, they trust such kinds of profiles. 

This is the official product of Viptools and we are sharing it as a third-party source. Furthermore, there are hundreds of thousand of people registered on this mega platform. It is absolutely safe and secure to use on your Android mobile phone. 

Such kinds of platforms are mostly dedicated to specific countries. But there you are not going to have such an issue. Because it is available for all countries. Basically, it is a website where you get all those services.

But to assist the Android users they have launched their official product. So, now you can use their services right on your smartphones and tablets.

Apk Details

NameViptools Apk
Size9.59 MB
Package Namecom.themysteryman8308.VipTools
CategoryApps / Tools
Required Android4.1 and Up

How to Use the App?

As I have mentioned that Viptools Apk has its own official website from which you can get free unlimited likes, followers, Shares, views, comments, and many more services for TikTok.

So, it depends on you what source you prefer or feel is easy to use. However, in this paragraph, we will discuss the usage of the application that they offer to you. But the process is quite the same for the web tool users. 

Initially, you need to download the Apk package file from this post and install it on your phone. So, after that launch the app and select any service.

Thereafter, it will ask you to provide or enter the username. Then enter your username and select the option of sent followers or whatever service you want.

Screenshots of the App

Is Viptool ES TikTok Free?

As you know that it has been almost more than 2 to 3 years since Tool es is offering its services for the TikTok fans. However, the best thing for the fans is that it is free and I have already mentioned that in the above paragraphs. However, such apps are mostly paid and do not provide free options.

How To Grow TikTok Fans?


There are so many existing features that you can have right in the app. There are multiple names used for the same application. So, here we have previously discussed some of the basic and prominent features of the app. Therefore, I would recommend you to please give a read to those features.

Super fast

Some of such mobile apps take lots of time to execute actions or services. But this one is super fast and sends likes, views, comments, and hearts within mini seconds. That is the beauty of this mobile app that offers instant services.


There are majorly two security aspects about which users are always concerned. First of all the safety of privacy and secondly the safety of accounts.

Some apps ask you to provide or get a login with your accounts to get such services where there is a huge risk for your data and account privacy.

While secondly social media platforms are mostly strict and they don’t allow you to manipulate the user experience or its algorithms. Therefore, they punish such users who try to use auto liker apps like VipTools. So, therefore, this application gives safety assurance for both sides.


I am repeatedly mentioning that this mobile application or Auto liker is absolutely free. Why I am mentioning this again & again? Because this is a premium tool that you cannot get for free in most of the apps.

Free Unlimited Likes

You can get likes where there is no limit at all. So, simply download and install it on your phone. Later launch that app and there you need to provide the username. Then send the likes that you want to. Repeat the process and get unlimited likes.

Unlimited Free Tik Tok Followers or Fans

The app is specially designed for the TikTok platform and there you can use Instagram and some of the social sites. However, it offers hearts, comments, followers, fans, and likes for Tiktok.

Free Tik Tok Hearts

As I have already mentioned that it also offers free unlimited TikTok Hearts.

Views and Comments

There are other services of views and comments that you can get for TikTok videos. Become famous by getting free likes and followers.

What’s New?

The tool is the same for Android mobile phones. So, it offers all the services as it is. But the tool has been upgraded to provide security for the accounts. So, it is Anti-ban.

However, if you are looking for the official website, then you must know that it has been renamed. So, now it is no more Instead, it has been named So, you can also visit the site for more exciting features.

How to Download Viptools Apk for Android?

If you do not know how to download Apk for your Android mobile phones, then follow the instructions given in this paragraph. It is available on our website right in this post so, you can get it from here.

So, go to the end of this page where you will get a direct download link, then click on that and wait for a few seconds. However, the downloader will take some time to start the process therefore, you must wait patiently.

Try some other similar apps on your phones to get likes and other services. Freer Pro Apk and Insta Up Apk are the top-rated tools for the same purpose. I am sure that you have heard about these apps previously. So, you should also try those on your phones.


This is a third-party tool or app that you can use on your phones free of cost. Furthermore, we do not have any kind of affiliation with this app by any means. If you are still interested in this app then you can download the latest version of Viptools Apk for your Android mobile phones.

Direct Download Link

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