Venum PUBG APK Download [PUBG Hack 2022] For Android

In this article, we will be talking about a PUBG game hacking app that is known by the name Venum PUBG. The online market is rife with game cheats and hacking applications that are used by sports enthusiasts to get to the top of the players’ lists.

If you are an online sports player, you must be well aware of what it feels like to be the winner, to be the last one standing, to be the hero. If you want to be one and feel what it is like to be the last standing soldier in the arena.

We have brought you the review of an amazing application. By using the application, you are the winner and chicken dinner is definitely for you.

PUBG for mobile phones has taken smartphone users by storm. The fame has almost turned into notoriety for the game due to addiction by the players. This shooting game is based on the principle of play until death, which means your life in the arena is limited.

Not all players are pros, thus comes the motivation to cheat in the game, at this point hacking apps come in handy.

If you want the app for your mobile phone, bear with us. By using this application you can be the boss in this shooting sport. Awe your friends and impress your opponents by using Venum hack APK. With this app, the game is in your lap.

Description of Venum PUBG

This application is a PUBG hack for the shooting game PUGB on mobile phones. It has been introduced by the makers to assist the players who are not good at playing the fairway or are hell-bent on impressing their friends and colleagues. What the application does is basically help you in many ways by giving you extra power in playing the match.

The installation of Venom PUBG APK on your phone will enable you to use the cheats available in the app options to subdue your opponents in no time. With options like antiban, aimbot, and player antenna, there is no chance for your opponents to give you trouble. 

APK Details

NameVenum PUBG
Size21.87 MB
DeveloperVenom Hacks
Package Namecom.Riven.King.EN
Required Android5.0 and Up

List of Hack

The application comes with some cheat features for you to use in the match that is listed hereunder which can assist you in playing the game.

  • Antiban
  • No Recoll
  • Anti-shake
  • Small crosshair
  • Aimbot
  • Player antenna

Is Venum PUBG safe

Using the app on your device directly might put you in hot waters. The PUBGM-making company has put a lot of effort into preventing the users from employing cheats and hacking on their platform. If caught, the only thing that awaits is trouble for you.

But wait, do not be disappointed we have a way out for you, which can be used to avoid the capture by the company, and even if caught, you will not lose much.

To help you use this application with the low risk we bring you another app called Mr. Shooter. Yet, here the best way is to enter the game as a guest or as a new user to prevent any misshape and to be on the safe side.

Hope you will love this PUBG hack app, So if you want to try some more apps then You can try the one given
Walter Black PUBG

ScreenShots of the App

How to install Venum Hack APK on Android

Go to the download Venum PUBG hack APK at the bottom of this article and download the APK file. After installing the app you will have to clone your mobile phone by using any cloning platform such as Mr. Shooter.

The application creates a clone of your mobile IMEI and gives you a different identity to use applications safely. Then add the PUBGM and Venum PUBG to the cloning application.

Follow the steps as under to get the app to work after installation on your phone:

  2. Launch Game
  3. After entering the lobby wait for 20 seconds.
  4. Tap Antiban. If the game does not force close then succeed.
  5. Now apply the hack. If wh or ch not working for you then use your script. You can use any hack and kill as many opponents as you want.

Do not kill injectors (keep it open).

Final Words

Venum APK is a PUBG hacking application that helps the user implement some cheats making the game easier for the players. Using the Venum PUBG app you can easily run over your opponents and have the chicken dinner with the least effort.

Yet, we do not recommend using the app or any cheats or hacks for any sport. Still, the option is here, and it is up to the user to opt or let go of the option available. 


Venum APK is not our own and using it directly can put your phone identity at risk, which may include getting banned from the PUBG platform forever. Therefore we do not recommend it to be used directly on the mobile phone. The use of the app is the sole discretion of the user.

You can download the APK file for the application by clicking on the download button.

Download Link

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  1. Dont use account wil be banned in 20 minutes…my 2 accounts banned ….i installed it as they said but accounts banned….so dont use in main account…it is not even near to walter black antiban…

      1. It doesnt matter i will use which account it will be banned in 20 minutes….means you cant play with this hack more than 20 minutes

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