Umma Apk Download v3.0.5 For Android [2022]

If you are a true Muslim, then you need to follow its basic principles. But it is not possible if you do not know about those principles. So, download the app known as Umma Apk for information about Islam and Muslim practices and issues.

We all are not perfect there is some misinformation regarding everything in our lives. Therefore, it is really important to know the exact information and correct our mistakes. But you need to have authentic sources like this application.

So, this application is dedicated to training and guiding our faithful brothers and sisters who are misguided. Therefore, I recommend you download and install this app and reconsider some of the actions and practices that you do in your daily life.

About Umma App

Umma Apk is an application designed to provide basic information about Islamic practices. This provides all the details and guidance given in the Quran, Hadith, and other religious books.

This has multiple kinds of tools and contents to guide users regarding various kinds of daily activities. There are so many fruitful features that will lighten your lives.

This is specially designed for users who are interested to learn the basic principles and rules. Moreover, this application is very helpful for the kids to get educated about how to live a life according to Islamic preaching.

So, if you are looking for an app like this one, then download it for your Android mobile phone and install it.

There are tons of such applications available on the internet but you are going to get classified data here in this one. Furthermore, this makes it easier for users to get access to the desired content.

So, overall, it is a convenient application where you can get all the basic details and educational content regarding your religion. If you are interested then you can grab its Apk from here.

This is absolutely safe and legal platform and provides universally accepted and approved content. Therefore, you can trust this app and use it on your phone.

However, if you have any kind of question or suggestion, then you can use their support. For that just use the contact option given in the app or go to Google Play Store and mention your review there.

Apk Details

Size64 MB
Required Android4.4 and Up

Key Features

There are so many helpful features that you love to have in any such application. That is why we have shared the major features of Umma Apk right in this paragraph.

I hope you will like this app and it will help you to increase your knowledge. Moreover, this will help you to remove some misconceptions and misinformation from your minds.

  • It gives you a Quran to read with translation.
  • There you can get prayer timings according to your own country.
  • You can get notifications of Adhan if you are far away from mosques.
  • It gives you the right Qibla Direction.
  • You can read Islamic Articles.
  • You can also get Ramadhan features right on your Android mobile phones.
  • It helps you to become a better and more practicing Muslim.

ScreenShots of the App

How to Use Umma Apk on Android

Umma Apk is developed to educate about the Muslim Community’s lifestyle. So, if you are really interested to get Islamic education and basic details of their practices, then download this application.

Then install the Apk file and launch it on your phone. That is all, you do not need to get sign up or register any kind of account there.

It is all free and you can simply select the options that you want to use. It has multiple features that I have already mentioned in the above paragraph. So, simply go through all those to become a good person.

Final Words

It is really necessary to implement what you believe. But more than that you must be aware of the exact and actual belief of your religion. Therefore, you need to download Umma Apk latest version for your Android mobile phones.

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