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In today’s article, I am going to review an application that is quite helpful for you in this pandemic. So, without wasting any further moment, I just recommend you to download Traze Apk. It is free and you can get that from this page.

There are so many apps that allow you to keep yourself safe from COVI-19. However, some of those are functional while some are useless and do work properly. But Traze For Android is an official tool that is launched by Government.

So, you can easily trust this Traze Contact Tracing App. If you are traveling in this pandemic situation, you really need this tool. Otherwise, it is not safe for you to go out and come home without contact with the infected person.

What is Traze Apk?

Traze Apk is an application for Android users from Philippine to trace contacts. It allows you to trace all those contacts you have gone through in a day. That actually allows you to find out whom you meet and whether that person was infected or not.

In case if you are infected and unintentionally, you meet some people, then in that case it becomes easier for authorities to separate those contacted people easily.

The process is quite tricky and the Traze App does that all for you. So, you don’t need to worry about that. It is just a tool but its functions are extraordinary.

There are so many agencies or organizations that are connected to this application. So, they find all the information through this application.

This is launched in all the areas of the Philippine. It majorly designed for the Filipinos to keep themselves safe from the virus. So, it is not for your inconvenience therefore, you should use the app for your own safety as well as for others’. I am sure though that you will escape this pandemic.

The best thing about the app is that it is safe and they do not use your personal data. It works according to the Data Privacy Act RA 10173 Compliant. So, it neither uses Bluetooth nor GPS. It traces places and people through QR scanning that you have been contacted.

If you have not registered yourself and you don’t have any phone, then you can do that through Barangays or family members. There is an option for you to ask any elder or a person with a phone in your family to get yourself registered on that. Then they will do that for you.

App Details

Size8.68 MB
DeveloperCosmotech Philippines, Inc.
Package Namecom.traze.contacttraze
Required Android4.4 and Plus

How Does It Work?

It is a simple tool that works in a very professional way. So, first of all, you need to download Traze Apk on your devices and then install it. Then later you are supposed to open that application or launch it. There you will get multiple kinds of instructions for the usage process.

Now you need to scan all the transportation that you have used to travel. So, while traveling you need to scan those through the QR scanner on the app. Along with that you also need to scan shops, buildings, and many other things that you have been visited or traveled to.

Apart from that you also need to scan that person whom you have contacted or visited. It further allows you to scan the delivery man. It includes all of your family members and strangers, places, vehicles, and so on.

Screenshots of the App

Major Benefits of Traze Apk

There are so many interesting things that you can go through while using the Traze Contact Tracing App. So, here below is the list of the following benefits that you are going to avail of in the app. Read the following points below to know about the benefits.

  • It is safe and secure that works under the DPA Act RA 10173 Compliant.
  • It works without using GPS or Bluetooth.
  • It works by using the QR Scanner that is the built-in feature of the app.
  • You can register yourself with the help of your family member or barangays if you don’t have a phone.
  • It traces all the contacts.
  • The app works on an even slower internet connection.
  • And a few more.


That is all from this review. Stay safe and follow the instructions and guidelines issued by the health authorities to keep yourself safe from COVID-19. Download Traze Apk latest update for your Android phones. The link is given right below.

Download Link

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