Stray Apk Download Free Android Mobile Game [Full Unlock]

If you love cats and want to play a game related to them, then download Stray Apk. It is one of the best games that you can download from the link for Android mobile phones. Grab the Android Apk file right here.

Get into the role of a stray yellow cat in this new action simulation game and find out where you are. Strive for a safe return from this alien place as the dwellers here won’t welcome you for too long.

The world loves cats and so must you. Enjoy your leisure time while playing one of the best RPG games on your Android mobile phone with your favorite animal as the protagonist. You can learn about the gameplay and other features of the app here in this review.

All About Stray Apk

Stray Apk is an RPG game for Android mobile phones and tablets. There you are going to have a cat that you are supposed to control and feed her. This is an exciting game for any Android device.

It comes up with well-optimized animations and graphics so you can play it only on Android. Getting out of the traditional game style here you will find much deviance from the normal gameplay.

There are so many such games that are virtual simulations of stray dogs and cats. But this one is offering you a virtual stray cat that you can control and collect different kinds of items.

You will find different gaming modes and options right in the app that you can try for free in this fully unlocked version of Stray Mobile Apk. Solve puzzles as you play as a cat in the simulation.

Is Stray Mobile Apk File engaging?

There is no need for you to download and install the mod version of the game. Because the game is already unlocked and you can access all the features and options in the game.

So, you do not need to pay anything for that. Just download and install the latest Apk and explore the city teaming with robot insects. The cinematic scenes in this fantasy city doated with neon-lit streets are what give the Stray’s gameplay a unique look.

If you do not have the latest version of the game, then you surely are going to miss so many features. Therefore, I must recommend you download and install the latest version of the game on your Android.

Do I have to solve Puzzles as a stray cat in this game?

This game is a quest of a cat for its return to the normal world. The game opens up in a world of weird reality. A neon city of ruined buildings with a nameless orange cat as the latest passenger.

The cat roaming in an unknown place after an unfortunate leap is surprised to see the eerie city’s narrow alleyways. It finds weird creatures called zurks and other dangerous insects in every nook and corner.

As you follow along to discover secret spots the game combines puzzle exploration with this experience. This means countless puzzles are waiting for you. The game boasts an epic environment. Find the link for the Apk file on this page and discover the fantasy open world.

However, the review is not going to end here. Rather you need to learn about the gameplay that how you are supposed to play it. This is not a typical platform game. Though it is a free app but it gives such a splendid experience.

App Details

Size78 MB
CategoryRole Playing
Required Android5.0 and Up

The Gameplay

The best RPG is now available for Android mobile phones in the form of Stray Mod Apk. If you are a pet lover and particularly if you love to keep a cat as a pet, then Stray mobile game is the default choice for you.

As the lonely cat traverse through a street escaping the enemies and solving puzzles, this title is offering nice gameplay where you are supposed to control and feed your pet. You won’t get the full premium unlocked on Google Play Store, so pick the Android phone version from here.

The Stray Apk app has multiple game modes that you can pick and start the gameplay. If you want to try the game then you must learn about the gameplay first. There is a nameless orange cat that you are supposed to run or control.

There are controls to move your cat forward, left, right, backward, and so on. You have to jump over obstacles, avoid enemies, collect coins, and meet other cats too. This is an adventure game in a city where all the behaviors of the resident are abnormal.

The human dwellers in this place of Stray Apk mod are missing and it has some fearsome genetically modified creatures walking freely. The main character is an orange cat Cheeto going through a diverse puzzle system. So before you disappear completely just like humans, you have to find a way.

As this stealth game world is a dead city, the world populated here by these creatures makes it a not-too-friendly environment. The video game has an interesting puzzle system that keeps the cat curious.

The game environment appears to be pulled out of other stealth games and modified for cat lovers. Play as a cat experience when you download Stray Apk file. Figure out the puzzles and move up the ladder or let your cat roam the streets escaping the hostile creatures.

Among the game controls, you have a jump option that you can use to jump and collect the items. There are different items that you can collect as a reward. At the end of the level, you will find a burger that you must collect.

However, there will be guards or robots that will catch you and your game will end. An impressive gameplay, especially cat lovers are going to enjoy it from start to end. The best thing is curiosity remains intact at every level.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install Stray Apk on Android Mobiles?

In case, if you have not downloaded and tried the Stray Android Apk Game before, then you need to install it right now. You just need to scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will find the link for download. Just tap on that link.

This will start the process. Now go to the Security settings and allow unknown sources. This way you can install Apk files on your Android device that are coming from other resources just like this new action simulation game of Stray mobile.

Now go to the File Manager and locate the downloaded file. Tap on it and press install. This will ask for some permissions. Grant the required permission and press next. This will install the Stray Mobile game on your smartphone.

Now you can go to the mobile phone screen and locate the Stray Apk cat game and ready yourself for some puzzled-filled experience. Meet other cats and avoid detection by robotic creatures.

Alternative Gaming Apps for Android Devices

Play Stray Mobile Apk, an action simulation game Stray is about a real cat. With puzzles and a unique sequence of events at every turn, you will love to play this thrill-filled game. With the Android free download, you get all of it for free.

But it is okay to feel a little bored and look for something different. If you are interested in games that have nontraditional gameplay, then don’t worry. Here at Apkshelf, we have all types of apps.

As the best apk files provider, we make sure you have something different and up-to-date on your mobile phone. So here are some other similar games that I want to recommend to you. These include Zombie Retreat and Dragon Quest Builders.

Check these out by downloading Apk files for free from our website. At the same time, we would like to hear from you about the experience of playing these apps. Our comments section is always open for you.


What is Stray Apk?

It is an RPG game for Android devices.

Is Stray Apk safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to download and install this app.

Is this the free version of Stray Apk?

We have provided you with the fully unlocked version here.

Can I download Stray Apk from Play Store?

No, the Apk file is only available on our website.

What is the latest version of Stray Apk?

The latest release is v1.0 for Android mobile phones and tablets.

Final Words

Stray Apk is a role-playing game for Andorid mobile phones and tablets. You need to download the latest package file right from the below link and install on your Android.

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