Stopp Corona Apk Download [2022] For Android [Austria]

Stopp Corona Apk is an app for Android to stop the spread of this deadliest virus. Although it has already spread throughout the world, however, the main purpose is to avoid further spread and destruction. So, be part of the noble cause and install it on your phones.

A few months ago, it has started from the city of Wuhan in China while killing thousands of people there. Now it has approached more than 200 countries and thousands of people have died. Further, one million people are affected.

So, this application will help you to stay safe from that lethal coronavirus. If you want to contain its further blowout, then you must download and install it on your phones. Because you are going to get all the details and precautions here.

About Stopp Corona

Stopp Corona Apk is an Android application to alert you about the infected people you contact. Moreover, it also notifies you when you go nearer to someone who is infected or ill.

That is how it helps you to stay safe or keep others safe. Because it also allows you to notify the government authorities if you are ill. So, it collects the data and alerts everyone around you.

This data goes to the Austrian Red Cross ORK and they process this. Further, they take major initiatives to access to the victim. That is why this is not only helpful for the infected but also for healthy people.

There is no harm in allowing other people to know that you are ill. So, they can avoid any kind of contact with you to stop its further spread.

This is a pandemic and no one is going to be safe from this until and unless you do not follow the guidelines of medical and government authorities.

This allows the authorities to get data such as your ID and mobile number. Later they provide or assigned a unique ID number or code to every user of this app.

Moreover, they also collect the health data if anyone has reported his/her medical conditions. That is how they send the report or notifications to the people who come in the range affected.

This is a great initiative from the authorities to contain the deadliest coronavirus. It is not a joke because it has killed thousands of people across the globe.

So, take this seriously and cooperate with the government and medical experts. However, this is an official application approved by the ORK (Austrian Red Cross).

So, you can trust this application and install it on your phone. But I recommend you avoid fake and unauthorized information and treatments regarding coronavirus.

Apk Details

NameStopp Corona
Size9 MB
Developersterreichisches Rotes Kreuz
Package Nameat.roteskreuz.stopcorona
CategoryHealth & Fitness
Required Android6.0 and Up

Key Features

It is really important to know about the basic features of Stopp Corona Apk. So, you get to know for what purposes you can use it and how it works. We have shared the basic points or highlights you can use in the Stop Corona Apk. let’s check out the features right here below.

  • It helps to contain further spread of the Coronavirus.
  • It provides a digital handshake tool to anonymously save your encounters.
  • You get notifications when you encounter an ill person or an affected one.
  • It also notifies the others when you encounter others while you are infected.
  • Get medical support through various contacts.

ScreenShots of the App

How to Use Stopp Corona Apk?

The usage process is already available in the app. But still, you are facing issues and do not know how to use it. Then follow the instructions given here in this article. First of all, download the Apk and install it on your phones.

Lacuna the application and click on the option or button of Start Digital Handshake. Then it will automatically start finding smartphones near to you. You can also install it on the family members’ mobile phones.

When it will find the devices, then click on the Save button. Now you are done. So, whenever you encounter any person it will send notifications.

Final Words

Be part of this noble cause to stop the spread of coronavirus. Because it is so deadliest and there is no cure for it. So, download Stopp Corona Apk latest version for your Android mobiles and install it. For more suggestions and feedback please use the comments section below.


Share this article as well as the app with your friends and family members too. So, this can be a great help in fighting against this virus.

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