Sodar Apk Download For Android [Social Distance By Google]

We are back with another update for our Android users. Recently Google has launched an app to help people maintain Social distance. I am talking about Sodar Apk for Android smartphones and tablets. It works via augmented reality where you need some extra tools.

However, you don’t need to download those other tools in order to run the Sodar App. Because in most phones those are already installed by the manufacturers. Here I am referring to Google Chrome. Basically, this tool does not have its official app yet.

But you can easily run their tool through the official web browser of the chrome. It follows the guidelines of social distancing and helps the user to maintain that distance while facing people. So, it is a really cool tool which I have also tried on my device.

What is Sodar App?

Sodar Apk is a tool that is designed by Google to help users to maintain social distancing prescribed by WHO. Moreover, it guides the people about how that works and where you should stop.

It is a very helpful tool that is developed to help people in this pandemic situation. Basically, it is not a separate app as you need to install the Chrome browser which that tool supports.

As you know that in this pandemic situation people are locked in their homes for almost 4 to 5 months. So, it cannot be possible to keep them lock further due to various reasons.

However, the financial crisis is one of the major reasons to finish lockdown and allow people to go out and engage in their routine lives. So, governments need to take precautionary steps rather locking people.

That is why this Sodar For Social Distancing is one of the best developments currently. Because this will assist the person to visualize the social distancing guidelines without any effort.

Through this tool, people can go outside while keeping themselves safe from the virus. COVID-19 is still spreading throughout the world and almost 200 countries are affected by the virus.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died due to this infectious disease. So, there is no cure for it yet. Therefore, governments have no choices except allowing their people to go and perform routine tasks while following SOPs. So, Sodar By Google is one of those initiatives that can provide ease to people in this pandemic situation.

How to Use Sodar For Social Distancing App?

Sodar Apk works via AR or Augmented Reality technology. The real objects generated virtually through perceptual information received from the real world.

Moreover, there is no Apk or application separately for Android phones. Because Sodar App works with the help of Chrome where your device must have a camera and capability to Scan QR Code.

Simply click on the link that we have shared in this article to get access to the official site. There you will see an option of launch so click on that. Now your phone’s camera will open and you will see the guidelines right on your screen.

Moreover, you will also be able to figure out the distance. Apart from that, you will get to know how much distance is required to stay safe.

Screenshots of the App

Is Sodar Apk Free?

Sodar Apk is a simple tool that offers one main feature that I have already discussed in the above paragraphs. So, it is a free app that you can download and use on your Android smartphones and tablets.

We have shared the link here on this page so visit the mobile site through that link to use their app.


Stay safe with the help of Sodar Apk. There is no extra application or Apk that you need to download. However, I am not sure whether they will launch the official app in the future or not. So, you must visit this page to get future updates.

Official Tool Link

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