Rethink App Download v3.3 [Apk 2022] Free For Android

Rethink before the damage is done, is the motto of Trisha. Download the Rethink App for your Android phones and be part of that campaign that is started by Trisha Prabhu who is a teenager.

However, this is an educational app that will help you to avoid abusive language or chats. How it works and why you need that are the most important questions that you all need to know.

So, to know more about the app as well as the campaign, you should read this review. After that, I would also suggest you download this app for your Android mobile phones and tablets.

What is Rethink App?

Rethink App is a keyboard for Android phones that helps you to avoid the usage of abusive words or terms. This application is developed by Trisha Prabhu and her team. So, it has a huge cause and wishes they will succeed in their great cause. Download the app and you must try it on your phone.

This keyboard is designed for teenagers and immature users particularly. As you know Cyberbullying is one of the biggest issues in many countries. In the USA, dozens of teenagers, as well as adults, attempt suicide due to cyberbullying. However, that is quite difficult to stop bullying.

But there can be so many things that you can do to control and overcome the ratio of suicides. Trisha Prabhu is a young girl pursuing education at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, USA. She has gone through cyberbullying. So, rather than losing her self-esteem, she has started to fight against it.

Therefore, she developed a product that could help the users or mostly youngsters to avoid such things. Basically, this makes the user rethink before using any wrong words in their chats or comments. The best thing is that it has worked and almost 93% of the youth have decided not to post offensive words.

You cannot eliminate any issue totally, but there can be so many options for you to control that. That is what Trisha and her team are doing so far. So, I also wish them the best of luck. Because human life is the most precious thing and we must respect everyone and their self-respect.

App Details

Size27 MB
DeveloperTrisha Prabhu
Required Android2.3 and Up

How Does it Work?

As I have already mentioned that Rethink App is a keyboard and works just like other apps. If you are using third-party keyboards, then you will come to know that there are so many features except the ReThink feature. But this application is built in such a way as it scans and filters every word for you.

It is not only beneficial for the youth but also for mature people. Because they alert them before using any kind of offensive word or even sentence. But the other features are quite the same and you can have multiple kinds of languages to apply and type while in your chats or typing.

However, before that, you need to download and install the app on your phone. After that, you must disable the built-in keypad application of your phone. Then you can simply install and enable the new board. Then you will be able to use all the amazing features of this simple mobile software.

Screenshots of the App

Key Features of Rethink App

There you are going to have almost every feature you can have in all the other top keyboard apps. However, here I have shared the list of all those prominent points that you are going to have in the app.

  • It is free to download and use.
  • It scans every word that you type and then alerts you about the offensive words.
  • Add words to the dictionary.
  • It auto-suggests names that are available in your phone’s contact.
  • Add email addresses in the dictionary.
  • And a few more.

Final Words

There are so many things that you are going to have in the application. You will be able to explore all of those, once you will install and use them on your phones. Download Rethink App for your Android phones.

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