PUBG Mod Tool Apk Download Free For Android [Latest Update]

Let’s be honest and accept that PUBG Mobile is not easy to master. But there are apps like PUBG Mod Tool for Android mobile phone that makes it simple to play. It gives you the upper hand on your enemies.

That is why it becomes quite easier for you to survive until the and make a Chicken Dinner. However, PUBG Hack Tool is an application that allows you to bring some modifications in the game.

PUBG Hack Tool App is the latest version of the app that is compatible with the new latest update of PUBGM. So, if you are using an old version of this tool, then you should get the updated one from this page.

What is PUBG Hack Tool?

PUBG Mod Tool is a new tool developed for the official PUBG Mobile gaming platform. So, basically, it is used for cheats and ESP in the game. There are multiple kinds of cheats that you can easily apply or enable in the app. The best part of the app is that it is free to download and use on Android phones.

It has been launched recently for Android phones. So, it is only compatible with smartphones and tablets. But you cannot use or install the application on emulators. However, it is specially optimized for mobile phones. Therefore, you don’t need to have high-end smartphones or tablets.

Usually, people need to use multiple kinds of script files in order to apply more than one hack. Therefore, that is quite a time consuming and you get fewer results. That is the reason why most of the people prefer to use Android ESP tools and PUBG Mod Menu apps. So, we have tons of such apps here on Apkshelf.

Aiming or targeting and recoil are some of the difficult tasks to do in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. That is the reason why most of the people prefer to use apps like PUBG Hack Tool. However, there is no doubt that these are helpful, but they are quite risky for gamers and their accounts.

Because it is against the policy of the game to use manipulation tools in the game. Further, you cannot use such apps that are directly or indirectly gives you an edge over other opponents. So, the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds authorities punish such accounts that violate those principles or rules.

App Details

NamePUBG Mod Tool
Size8.58 MB
Required Android4.1 and Up

Major Features

There are so many exciting options in the PUBG Mod Tool. So, you will come to know about those once you will download and install it on your phones. But for your convenience, we have shared some of the basic features right here on this page. So, you can check out those right here below.

  • It provides the RAM customization option where you can change the capacity of RAM as there you have 2GB to 6GB.
  • It allows you to enable the option of less recoil to target your enemies easily.
  • You can get the magic bullet hack that will make you fire lots of bullets.
  • It gives you Auto Head Shot so you can easily eliminate or give bigger damage to your opponents.
  • There you can also enable the option of Aim Assist to aim and target enemies easily.
  • It provides FPS settings where you can change the FPS while there you have 30 FPS, 40FPS, 60FPS, and 90FPS.
  • There you can enable the Fast RESPON and Fast RENDERING.
  • Another feature has been added where you can unlock the Ultra Sound.

Screenshots of the App

How to Use PUBG Mod Tool Apk?

Let’s come to the usage process of the PUBG Hack Tool. Basically, it is not that much difficult. You just need to download the latest updated application from this page. The older versions are no more working and they are outdated. Therefore, you need to get the newer version of the app.

Once you will download and install the app, simply launch it on your phones where the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game is installed. Then simply enter a password that we have shared with you right below in this paragraph. Now you can enable those ESP or cheats.

  • Password: Mod_Data

People are also looking for these similar apps for the game.

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Final Words

I just want to conclude the article while recommending you to go through legal and safe channels to play the game. However, if you still want to give it a try to PUBG Mod Tool, then here below is the download link for that.

Download Link

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