NRW Kultur App Download v1.4 [New Apk] Free For Android

Get a huge collection of sculptures right on your Android phone. Download the latest NRW Kultur App on your phone and enjoy different kinds of arts and designs from different places in the country.

In this review, I am going to share an as well as its features that are only designed for sculpture lovers. I am sure that you are going to love this amazing application and will appreciate the art.

Art is one of the best sources of portraying desired things and ideas. So, this software is that kind of platform for many other art lovers. You can download the latest version of the app from this page.

What is NRW Kultur App?

NRW Kultur App is a new platform where you can find thousands of sculptures from Germany. Not only that country but there is a huge list of places, arts, and different items available in the app. So, this application is not limited to one country only. But the language is difficult to understand.

Because it is available in the German language. However, you can have different kinds of tools that allow you to translate the text into English or in other languages. So, there is no issue at all. But the data it offers for the fans is quite amazing and admirable. I am sure that you are also going to love that.

NRW Kultur For Android is offering more than Seven hundred NRW works. It offers you to enjoy those arts that are made in the public spaces like on streets, cities, and so on. It does not only attracts art lovers but also tourists are also get attracted by those items. Basically, it is a free portal for the people.

This is not an app that allows you to watch the pictures only, but it gives you details. So, basically, it is a portal for tourists and other people. It provides each and every detail about the place, sculpture, and the city or street. So, that makes it easy for you to go for a ride and enjoy all those appealing things.

The country is quite huge and there are lots of things that you might have missed. So, why don’t you check out what you have missed? But of course, for that, you need to download the latest version of the app and install it on your phone. Use the link given at the end of this page.

App Details

NameNRW Kultur
Size8.70 MB
DeveloperKultursekretariat NRW Gütersloh
Package Namenet.nrwskulptur.nrw_skulptur_app
CategoryArt & Design
Required Android4.1 and Above

How to Use the App?

In order to use the NRW Kultur App, you need to download it on your phone and then install it. As I have shared the latest version of the app right here on this page. You can use the link given right at the end of this page. So, tap on that link to grab the package file for your Androids.

There you don’t need to go for any complex process. So, simply launch the software on your phones, and then there you will get different kinds of options. If you like any sculpture, then you can simply add that to your favorite list. It even allows you to save the pictures to your list.

However, you need to check out a tool on the internet that could translate the App’s language. Because it is available in German so if you are not a native and don’t understand that, then you are going to face issues. Therefore, it is important for you to try out any translator app on your phone.

Screenshots of the App

Key Features

As I have already mentioned some of its important features with you right in the above paragraphs. So, here I just want to add some more points with you guys. So, you need to check out the following points.

  • It is free to download and use.
  • There you can check out and enjoy all the sculptures and arts.
  • It gives you all the possible details that you are looking for.
  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • There is no need for registration or Sign-Up.
  • And many more you can explore there in the software.


If you are interested in arts and want to experience it deeply then you should try the NRW Kultur App. Here below is the link for you that you can use to get the application.

Download Link

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