Mr Shooter PUBG APK Download [Latest Version]

In this article, we are going to talk about Mr Shooter PUBG. Using a single phone to manage multiple accounts to accomplish many tasks has become a norm and need in the present time.

That need has been fulfilled by the introduction of cloning apps for the android user that allow making multiple accounts for various applications and tasks easy and doable.

Well, folks, we are here with Mr Shooter PUBG APK app, which you can use to install PUBG cheats without getting detected by the snooping eyes of game authorities.

What is Mr Shooter PUBG?

Mr Shooter for PUBG is an android application that is made to clone smartphones. The application creates an additional copy of your phone by creating an identity that differs from the original identity of the mobile phone.

Thus allowing the user to create multiple accounts for an application or game without having to use an additional phone.

Mr Shooter APK is specifically created to create additional profiles for playing PUBGM game on a single mobile phone. The application allows the user to add another account which could be a guest or an additional account, that too on the same android phone device.

Some are more general and some strictly cater to a given app or a cohort of android apps. But this is one such application that comes handy while using the PUBG cheats on the android mobile device.

There are many such apps, built to perform the task of cloning such as virtual space, clone app, etc. If you are a game geek, that too of PUBGM you must have been looking for some cloning app that enables you to use cheats or hacks on the gaming platform.

APK Details

NameMr Shooter PUBG
Package Namecom.tencent.mobileqqkr
Required Android5.2 and Up

How to install Mr Shooter APK

Installing the Mr Shooter APK is very easy. You will find the app on your mobile screen after following a few basic steps. Just download the APK format of the Mr Shooter for android to your device and click on the install option after tapping the APK file in the mobile download directory.

After going through a few steps the application will be available for you to use right away for the cloning purpose.

Screenshots of the App

How to use Mr Shooter for PUBG

Once the Mr Shooter PUBG APK is installed on your device the next steps are easy to follow to get your favorite shooting game going, that too with an additional account.

Tap on the Mr Shooter to run on the device. Once its interface is displayed on the smartphone screen you will see the “Create Clone” option. Just follow the give steps to get the game going.

  • Find the area under Hot Cloned title and add PUBG Mobile to the list and later add Venum hack Apk to the list.
  • Drag the application to “Clone With” button
  • There you are the cloning has begun.

Now to use the Venum hacks follow the given steps:

  • Launch Game
  • After entering the lobby wait for 20 seconds.
  • Tap Antiban. If the game doesn’t force close then succeed.
  • Now apply the hacks. If wh or ch not working for you then use your script. You can use any hack and kill as many opponents as you want.
  • Don’t kill injectors (keep it open).

You can also use some alternative apps for similar purposes such are,
Virtual PUBG Apk
NetSnake Virtual Apk

Final Words

The Mr. Shooter app is an android app to play PUBG on your mobile by creating an additional identity for your phone. In this way, your original identity would be protected in case of detection by the platform authorities.

It allows a safe way to employ cheats and hacks to the game to achieve an easy win for you, minimizing the risk of getting banned for life.

Though not the safest way to achieve anonymity, the use of cheats and hacks is strictly panelized by the gaming platforms, and using them may bring unwanted risks to the players, which is not as well recommend by us and this article is strictly for information and review purposes.

Despite the warning, if you are still interested in getting and employing hacks and cheats. Mr. Shooter APK is provided for you hereunder to download for your mobile phone. Just click the download button to get the application.

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