Minecraft Launcher Apk Download for Android OS [Updated 2022]

Every game enthusiast knows about this awesome game known as Minecraft. We all are well aware it is not free to play. But we are here with an option called Minecraft Launcher APK that makes it possible for you. All you need is this Apk file. Download it now.

All cool games have one common feature. We have to pay for them in some way or another. The game under consideration is one of them. So if you are looking for an alternative, that lets you play it for free, options could be explored.

So that is what we do for you. Here is the application, which you can use to start playing your favorite game for free. With this installed on your mobile, you don’t need an alternative.

How about downloading the most recent version of this awesome patch for your Android mobile phone or tablet? You can do that from our site for free. Install the latest version and you are good to go.

All About Minecraft Launcher APK

Minecraft Launcher Apk is an alternate app for playing the Minecraft game for free. In addition to letting you enjoy the game for free. It brings other perks too.

These include skin personalization with various mode options which include survival, hardcore, and creativity. On the internet, you will find a dime a dozen options that claim to give you access to this amazing video game.

Even with the MOD version on the market, we believe this one can take you to the ultimate adventure that you want with the Minecraft game for free. Even on the Google Play Store, there won’t be a better alternative.

The problem with other methods is that most of them do not give the required dexterity that is needed for a smooth gameplay experience. The MOD versions if caught might lead to a permanent banning of your gaming identity and phone ID from the platform.

Why risk all this? When mobile users can actually find safe and easy ways. And the best among them is Minecraft Launcher APK, which provides Android users with all the necessary access for free.

Why use this Minecraft Launcher?

If you have recently installed the application. Here you will be able to create everything from scratch, including new worlds with the help of various modes. With a totally user friendly interface that is not a big deal on Android devices.

For instance, if you want to create a world, where you think you should give a hard time to your opponents, here is the way for that. Select the hardcore option and let your foes see what it is like to tackle you.

Or if you think you are good at keeping low-key and can prove better than others at survival, how about getting the Survival mode and checking out whether your skills and abilities come in handy?

With the Minecraft Launcher APK, we think that you can create the world of your choice for free and with ease. For that, all you need to do is find the download link below and download the most recent version of the game on your mobile devices.

APK Details

NameMinecraft Launcher
Size34.45 MB
Developer KDT
Package Namenet.minecraft.kdt
Required Android4.2 and Up

Features of Minecraft Launcher APK

The cool features of this awesome app are highlighted for you in these bullet points. Go through them and compare this amazing Minecraft app with other options in the market.

Decide which one suits your demands and nature. This way selecting an appropriate game application for your Android device will be easier. Even with the Bedrock Edition, you can play it on your PC as well.

  • Option to customize the skins, create and implement any of the skins according to your wish.
  • Multiple modes and options to choose from. You can pick any, it is all about your choice.
  • Minecraft Launcher Apk comes with a nice and easy-to-use dashboard, with simple graphics that gives you an easy way to select the options.
  • With a totally mobile-friendly user interface, you will find the display as good as that of the premium app.
  • No subscription or registration charges. All of the content is free to use and implement on the platform.

App Screenshots

How to Download Minecraft Launcher APK?

The process of downloading the app to your Android mobile phone is very simple. Here we will explain in plain language for you to get the APK file and installation procedure.

Follow the steps according to the number given and you will be able to play this Minecraft modification sooner than you think. There are various versions circulating in the market but we suggest you get the latest version that is provided here.

  1. The initial step is to download the APK for that you will have to click on the button below.
  2. This will start the downloading process within a 10-second duration.
  3. Once the process is finished, locate the APK file and tap on it.
  4. Here you might be prompted to enable the Unknown Sources option from security settings.
  5. Next, press the install button and the app will prompt for permission. Allow all or what is necessary, then tap a few more times, and you will be at the end of the procedure for installation.

Now you can locate the Minecraft Launcher Apk icon on the smartphone screen and find out what it is like by pressing on it to launch. This Launcher will give you the best gaming experience.

How to use Minecraft Launcher

Minecraft Launcher APK after the installation will be ready for use immediately. After you find the app icon on the screen tap it to open. This will open the interface and will take you to the registration option.

Here you can register a new account or put in the information for an account that you own already. This will create or restore a world according to the registration pathway you chose. Now go to the settings section and change the modes, skins, and theme according to your way and choice.

Alternative Apps to Minecraft Launcher Apk

When it comes to Minecraft mod versions the list is extensive. However, the working and user-friendly options are far and few between. The users will get the idea when they download and install such apps.

Apkshelf only provides the best games and other applications for Android-operated devices. In the case of a launcher for the Minecraft game, there are not many promising options out there.

However, Minecraft PE Beta Apk and Minecraft Java Edition are the best available options for free download. Give this app a try or you can explore more apps by downloading Apk files from the home page of this website.


Minecraft Launcher APK is a file that enables you to play the game with its namesake for free. Many times better than the alternatives available out there. This application gives you the freedom to choose and select options free of cost. If you want to join the action. Grab the file given below.

Download Link

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