Is Jazz Bike App Scam or Real?

There are so many sources of earning through the internet and Android mobile phones. So, in today’s article, we are going to discuss Jazz Bike App whether it is real or fake. Because lots of users are asking about this forum that also has a website.

I hope this article will help you to know whether this is just a scam or it offers an earning opportunity in reality. So, you must not download or sign up on the app before reading this article. Even you must not invest your hard earn money in any such app without any kind of research.

What is Jazz Bike App?

Jazz Bike App is a platform for Android mobile phones and tablets. As per the claims, it is offering a forum to make money. However, there are so many sources online that are claiming that it is fake and not a real platform. It is further operates in India.

It is an Indian application that is limited to that specific country. So, you cannot use it or register an account there if you don’t have an Indian registered mobile number. However, there are no other details available on their official website.

Even there is no further information in the app as well. So, it cannot be trusted at all. However, many people have tried the app and share negative reviews on YouTube as well as on many other platforms. Therefore, I do not recommend anyone to try this app.

Although we all need to earn in order to fulfill our needs, however, there are tons of such apps that are real. I would rather recommend you to join betting and casino apps that are more reliable than these unknown apps that don’t have any kind of background information.

Here are so many apps that I have shared on this website Apkshelf. You can download and try them on your Android mobile phone. But I would really suggest you skip this app and do not sign up or provide your details. It might be risky for your privacy and data.

Why Jazz Bike Apk Is Fake?

Well, if you are declaring any app fake or scam, then you must have strong arguments to prove it. So, basically, these are the assumptions that prove Jazz Bike App is fake. If you want to know why I am declaring it fake, then you must read the following points below.

  • It is a website with a single page where you don’t have any kind of information regarding developers, sponsers, partners, or owners.
  • Single page that seems doubtful as there is no contact addres, privacy policy, or other important pages.
  • There are so many negative reviews on various platforms particularly on YouTube.
  • There are no social media handles to visit and get more details or report issues.
  • No any guide or about page available neither in the app nor on website.
  • There are so many complains about the forum and there is no reponse.


I have explained whether Jazz Bike App is Real or Fake. So, it is now up to you that you want to download it or not. But honestly speaking I am not recommending this app.

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