Gene Brawl Apk Download Latest v40.180 Free for Android OS

Your favorite brawl is now available in the Gene Brawl Apk file. If you are looking for this new edition of the game, then you can now have it from the below link. Tap the button and grab the package file right now.

The Brawl Stars is a battle arena game that is a famous third-person shooter gameplay that is all about attack power and tactics to subdue your enemy in a short time. Fight for glory fight for survival in a large area.

Due to its fame around the globe, it has many spin-offs or game modes as we call them. Some of these are quite famous on various platforms. When it comes to Android Operating System, the Gene Brawl is the talk of the town.

It is one of the new and best updates from the game that is served to the users without ads. So, finally, the wait is over and now Android users can download and give Gene_Update.Apk a try.

All About Gene Brawl

Gene Brawl is a private server of the Brawl Stars official, which is an Action game. So, the gameplay is the same but there are some new features added to this latest version. So hit your enemies close range or in distance with ease now.

Gamers will be able to avail of those features with the install the new version. Gene is considered a mythic brawler. This character or brawler has some extra features or powers such as moderate health and damage rate.

These are some of the reasons why this amazing character is famous among the fans of this gaming app. It has abilities to drag the enemies to its own place through which it can easily eliminate them. There are so many other things that you will find in the game.

However, you don’t need to worry about the safety of this game because it is absolutely safe to play. If you were previously unable to create an account here, it is now possible with the latest release.

Why this Gene Brawl is special?

The official Brawl Stars game is all about exciting gameplay with unlimited options for battles and fight scenes. But many items here are premium and not free to use or deploy.

But with Gene Brawl the gamers have the option to get gems, money, and unlimited fight action. With different game modes, the gamer has total freedom.

As it is the norm, the gamers have to pick a team of three to overcome the enemy and other challenges. Meanwhile, don’t forget to collect treasures along the way, so that you can unlock other characters with more combat capabilities.

You just need to download the working and safe Gene Update Apk. You will find the link on this page where I have shared the official and safe version of the app. You can just use that link or the download button to grab the package file for your Android mobile phone.

App Details

NameGene Brawl
Package Namecom.geneland.brawlstars
CategoryGames / Action
Required Android4.3 and Up

Major Highlights

As we mentioned a personal server for Brawl Stars has your favorite features and fighters that are otherwise premium. But here the users have unlimited diamonds to get anything they want.

So here is the short list of features that you will find.

Real-time 3v3 battle

You don’t have to join strangers anymore. Here you get a chance to create six-member warzones with your acquaintances.

Here each team has three members who have the same aim. Fight against the opponents and get their abilities and damage them for good.

Meanwhile, gather more and more coins and gems. Use these resources to climb up in skills and abilities.

Gems and Diamonds Unlimited

The game is full of fun when we have the option to upgrade. But in the real game, it requires money.

So diamonds and gems are a limiting factor anymore. You will get an unlimited wealth of diamonds and other currency to spend wherever you want.

Multiplayer Games

The Gene Brawl has many multiplayer and campaign modes. Using this, you can fight with players from around the world.

Are you ready to take on opponents from around the world? It is time to check your abilities.

It will not be all useless, as the players can collect diamonds, gems, and other coins or currency for use.

More Highlights

  • It is free to download and play.
  • Get the Gene Mythic Brawler free of cost. that is slightly reworked
  • You can have multiple kinds of powers including star power.
  • Increasing gene’s attack damage, at least by 300, and supercharge it for 1000 when enemies hit by it. This si beyond the normal range.
  • Enjoy homing missile, magical smoke, Fires multiple projectiles, Spirit slap, and more.
  • This character has the ability to shoot a magical smoke ball.
  • Deal damage with attack power and star powers to neutralize opponents.
  • Use Gadgets lamp blowout and see enemies instantly pushed back.
  • The magic hand allows you to launch a magical and from the lamp of Gene.
  • Magic Puffs allows you to heal yourself faster.
  • Spirit slap power.
  • Pin voice lines balance changes.
  • Best for checking bushes and using second star power for free.
  • Gamers can enjoy skins visual effects including Brawl O Ween Skin on different devices.
  • Swamp Star power free with First Gadget and hand hits.
  • The lamp blowout gadget heals Gene when the opponent brawl hits back.
  • 300 damage with his attack when the gene is fully charged star power.
  • Shoots missiles that can damage up to 1000 that also vary on the distance. These long range ammo are always available.
  • If you get close to the enemy they will push back automatically.
  • Same gameplay and there is nothing changed.
  • And many more.


The Gene in the game has a magic lamp blowout option to shoot a splitting projectile toward the enemy brawler. Use the vengeful spirits gene shoots at the enemy brawler and deal with them for good.

His superpower is a magical hand that can entangle and pull enemies close range back to gene’s location. The smoke blast gene shoots a ball of magic smoke from the lamp this is a solid ball and can damage heavily. This lamp blowout damages enemies easily.

The vengeful spirits Gene can throw homing missiles at visible enemies in a large zone. There is a swamp gene skin is added along with Gene’s lamp blowout gadget. With a magic hand gene launches a hand from the lamp that pulls enemies close.

The magic puffs gene has the ability to heal all the friendly brawlers and companions around for 400 health per second star powers.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install Gene Brawl Apk?

Let’s come to our main topic in which most of the users get stuck. Most of the time, when they install apps and games from third-party sources, they need to go through some important steps.

First of all, you need to allow third-party installation from the security settings. Even you will get that option if you download and tap on the file to install it on your phone when it is not coming from Google Play Store.

So, in order to download the app, you need to use the link given at the bottom of this page. Then wait for a while because the size of file is quite huge and it will take some time complete.

Once the downloading process is complete, you need to tap on the file and select the install option. Now you are supposed to wait for the completion of installation. Then you can simply launch, grant permissions, and enjoy the game.

Gene Brawl Alternatives

Brawl Stars has become a successful franchise over time. That is why it has many modified versions. So, if you want to play gene brawl-type games then don’t worry.

Here we have some great options for you. As always, we share the latest and working Apk files with our users. The same is the case this time.

In case you are interested to play some other editions then there are tons of them. On this website, you can get Nulls Brawl Meg and Nulls Brawl Ash. Check them out and comment your experience.


What is Gene Brawl Apk?

It is a private server for the Brawl Stars game with unlimited resources.

Can I download it from Google Play Store?

No, it is a modified version and thus not available on any official app store.

Is this Gene Brawl app safe?

Yes, it is totally safe to install and play the game. Hit and attack your opponents in close and long range without ads interrupting you.

Final Verdict

I hope this review will help you to understand the basic features of the app. If you want to explore them by yourself, then you can download Gene Brawl using the given link below.

Download Link

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