Danganronpa Apk Download [New 2022] For Android

Do you want to be Makoto Naegi on your mobile phone? If your answer is a definite yes, we are here to make your wish come true with the Danganronpa APK for you.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc was released for mobile phones in 2012 after two years of its first publishing for PlayStation.

It has been ten long years of happy playing and on the tenth anniversary, it ought to be something special. That is why we are here with Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition, the special edition just to celebrate the years that have given the fans and followers of this game a company like a good friend.

The game is available for your Android smartphones and devices that you can enjoy as it has been launched with an enhanced gameplay system and new gallery features.

About Danganronpa APK

This famous adventure game is one of the famous across various gaming platforms and is now available for you to play on your android device.

The visual novel adventure game has a story. It takes place in an upscale government-run academy in Japan known as Hop Peak. The academy is not for all, but only the students with extraordinary talents in various fields can be part of it.

But, anyhow, Makoto Naegi, a not very extraordinary student, the hero of the game gets acceptance at the academy. This average lad gets the chance because luckily his name appears in the lottery arranged for all the ordinary students wishing to attend the academy to become the “Ultimate Lucky Student.

Makoto loses consciousness on the very first day too at the front of the entrance halls and comes to senses apparently in the interior of the academy completely cordoned off place from the outside world.

Do not let yourself be carried away by the name “Hope Peak Academy”because the ambiance here is dreary, to say the least. Iron barred windows, dingy corridors in the buildings, and an atmosphere of fright gives a prison-like outlook to the academy. Why so much contrast? Something must be wrong. This game of Danganronpa APK is a real adventure.

A stuffed bear calling itself the headmaster of the academy tells the students at the gathering in the entrance hall, that they will live in the limits of the school till their last breath on earth and the only escape for them is to kill someone.

There are now 15 students from all over the world including Makoto, tricked into this trap of gloom and death contrastingly called Hope peak

As time goes by, one terrible event after another diminishes their hope. Trust shaking incidents, a sadist headmaster, and a mysterious mastermind, what is happening and why who is doing this all, and what is their motive?

This is the story of a battle with an enemy who is a shadow in the dark to say the best.

Lets see what happens.

APK Details

Size42.54 MB, and 2.7GB Obb
Package Namejp.co.spike_chunsoft.DR1
Required Android7.0 and Above

Features of Danganronpa APK

The most interesting features of the game that make it sell like a hot cake are many and long. But some are summarized here for you.

Deductive Action Using High Speed

The game enables the player to go after truth hunting of each incident to investigate and for testimony and proof gathering. Here you are tested for your ability to shoot down the statements posted by the opponent, skills learned in high-speed class would be very beneficial.

Motion Graphics (2.5D)

The 2D illustrations of the Danganronpa APK environment including objects and characters in a 3D ambiance make the experience unique that is planar yet stereoscopic.

These enigmatic 2.5D motion graphics have specifically been developed for the game using camera work and motion techniques ingeniously.

Smartphone Optimized Controls

User interface and 3D map movements in the game have been refurbished for mobile phones. This, among other things, includes map jumping enhancement, this has given the gameplay an even better and smoother look than the previous versions.

Intimacy Gallery

In the latest version the intimacy events are compiled in a gallery form for the players. Now replaying your favorite characters and happenings from the game is easier than ever. Replay whatever and whenever you want.

Character Gallery

The inclusion of the character gallery in this latest version enables the players to view character sprites and lines in a single gallery. Find and relive the voice and sayings, as many times as you want.

Ultimate Gallery

This is a gallery rife with character sheets and promotional illustrations right from the official art book.

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How to install Danganronpa APK

Here we will explain the method to download and install the application for the users. First, you must go to the Download APK file option in the form of a button at the bottom of this article.

  •  Tap/Click on the button (this will initiate the download automatically).
  •  Tap/Click on the APK file that is now on your mobile directory
  •  Tap on the app and enable Unknown Sources option to allow the installation
  •  Tap next to install the APK on your device.

There you are. Get the things rolling as the surreal land of Hope Peak Academy waits for you.


Danganronpa APK is a splendid game released by the game makers especially on the occasion of ten full years of success. Based on a fictional thrilling story the game engulfs the mind of the player to solve the riddles and events, as the game proceeds.

Download the latest APK of the app to enjoy this one enigmatic game by clicking/tapping the link given below.

Download Link

48 thoughts on “Danganronpa Apk Download [New 2022] For Android

    1. While it did not work for my Xperia phone (running Android 8), it worked for another (Samsung Galaxy A70)

  1. if you have black screen problem,you must download apk+OBB file,when you done download them,install the apk first,then you zip the OBB file,move it to Android files > “Obb”>”jp.co.spike_chunsoft.DR1″ folder,and you could play the game

    1. The only thing I would like to add: if you get black screen, you need to put the OBB files into a folder in your external memory, NOT SD Card.
      Everything else is as in Maimaiuu’s comment, except you need to find the Android/Obb folder in your external memory. Hope it helps others! I’ve wasted two hours looking for solution all over the net lmfao.

  2. Did someone try only the apk and didn’t had any black screen problems? I’m just curious to know because I know apk + OBB works

    1. No Need to Zip, Simply Un Zip the Obb, and then Make a Folder With the Same name as of the Obb File, in Obb Folder. After that simply Move the Extracted Obb to that folder.

  3. Hi, um so i do what people say to run the game, but i still have the blackscreen. What should i do ?

  4. Hi, I downloaded the Obb and the apk. I put the unzip file one the obb folder and still black screen. Pls help.

  5. How do I resolve the black screen? I followed the instruction. Installed the apk first then unzip the obb zip on the android’s obb folder. What did I do wrong?

  6. I try to download the OBB but it downloads as 0 bytes large, and the file claims its corrupted…also why does it require an OBB, and not just an apk.

  7. Just to make it clear to some folks: check on Google Play to see if your device is compatible. I just wasted 2 hours only to find out I can’t play it on my device. If it says your device is incompatible on Google Play, you can’t play it.

  8. The app just prompted “Spike Chunsoft” then after that its just black. I put the 2 obb file inside android>obb. Why am I still getting black screen?

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